Ultimate 4K Gaming System Pushes 1.5B Pixels Per Second at 60fps

Posted by Jim Tanous on July 26, 2013
CrossFire 4K Gaming

Microsoft’s Extreme Windows Blog published a post Thursday showcasing a truly extreme gaming PC with three 4K monitors configured for Eyefinity and powered by AMD GPUs. And you can have it now…for the low, low price of around $18,000.

Microsoft’s Gavin Gear used three 32-inch Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra HD monitors, which currently retail for about $5,000 each. These displays support both 30Hz input via HDMI or standard DisplayPort, and 60Hz using Multi Stream Transport (MST), a new standard available on some GPUs and monitors that allows two independent video signals to be transported simultaneously via a single DisplayPort cable.

4K CrossFire Gaming

These three displays together result in a total resolution of 11,520-by-2160, equivalent to twelve 1080p monitors. To push the nearly 25 million pixels, Mr. Gear used a single ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II edition GPU, which retails for just over $400. This GPU was chosen due to its unique port layout, which provides four full-sized DisplayPort connections.

With just a single HD 7970, Mr. Gear was able to play DirectX 11 games, such as Dirt3, across all three displays at acceptable frame rates (about 35fps) at medium quality settings.

Settling on medium to high overall settings I was able to hold an average frame rate of about 35fps. Because I was not dropping frames with this setup the overall gameplay experience was awesome, and the sheer quantity of pixels was truly like nothing I’ve experienced before!

Testing at 60Hz was more difficult, and required the addition of a second, and then third, HD 7970. With all three GPUs and some as-yet-unreleased beta drivers from AMD, Mr. Gear was able to hit over 60fps at 60Hz on all three displays, a truly impressive result for 4K gaming. In the 60Hz configuration, at its peak frame rates, the system was rendering nearly 1.5 billion pixels per second.

The blog unfortunately does not detail the specifications of the rest of the system with the exception of identifying the operating system as Windows 8. So the CPU manufacturer and model, motherboard, and RAM details are unknown and our requests for additional information have gone unanswered at this time.

For the full story and additional pictures of this groundbreaking 4K setup, check out the Extreme Windows Blog.

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