Google Keyboard – Gboard – Why You Should Use It

Google keyboard

Google Keyboard or Gboard as it’s now called since it’s version 6 update is awesome.  Also, you can use it on an iPhone or it’s available for your Android smartphone too.  At first, Gboard was made and put out in the Apple App Store for iPhone users.  The thought was to give iPhone users features they would love using on their iPhone but use Google as their primary search source.

Gboard is one of the most intuitive and accurate keyboard applications I’ve used to date.  It also comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones these days.  Using it on my iPhone is just as much of a pleasure as using it on my Android phone.  I’d have to say I prefer it over its predecessor the Swype keyboard.

Now that we’ve gotten the basics about Google Keyboard out of the way, we’ll tell you the reasons you should use Gboard.  So, let’s move on.

Reasons to Use Gboard

The thing is, it turns out that the Google keyboard application, Gboard is more than just a keyboard.  There are many reasons why you should use it. Also, it’s not just usable for one smartphone company and manufacturer; you can use it on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

You can use glide typing instead of having to tap each letter individually.  That means you’ll be able to type texts faster and with ease.  Its accuracy is spot on.

Gboard glide type

Oh, and not only does glide typing work in your texting application, but it also operates in any app that you can use the type function in and allows the use of Gboard as your keyboard app.

Do a Google search right from Gboard without having to open a separate browser application.  This requires you turn on full access in the Gboard app settings.  Then, you can also search for animated gifs, weather and anything else you’d find with the Google search engine.

The clever part about that is you’ll see the results right below the search area of Gboard.  Click on the link and add it to a text message or if, you want to add an animated gif you do it all right there from Gboard.  You could also search for a particular emoji to use at the moment.

When you tap on the emoji smiley face next to the space bar in Gboard, all the emojis available appear.  Emoji search

Then, if you type a particular emoji name in the search bar, you’ll see all the ones with what you’ve specified shown to you.  all fish emoji

Another great thing about the Gboard application is that it also includes voice input along with all the other great things we’ve already introduced to you.  If you can’t stop to type, you’ll have the ability to dictate your words through the Gboard keyboard app.

If customizing your keyboard is your thing then, you’ll love the themes option for the Gboard application.  Make your own custom design for your keyboard or use the light or dark default.  Perhaps you’d like another option?  Then, choose one of the landscapes themes.

So, can you see any reason not to use the Google Keyboard, Gboard?  It’s pretty fantastic, just wait until you use it.  You can do a Google search, find gifs, links, weather, news or use a particular emoji and customize your keyboard the way you like it.  This all in one keyboard application works without any hiccups and the best part; it’s free.

2 thoughts on “Google Keyboard – Gboard – Why You Should Use It”

Avatar CathyT says:
Gboard is using over a gig of data per month when all other usage is under 3 gigs. Why is it using this much data? And how can I either reduce it’s data usage or turn it off?
Avatar Anonymous says:
How about reasons not to use it? Apple added Swype, and Google owns Android ergo both Gswype and your native keyboard, do by using it you’re just giving Google full permissions access to your data.

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