How to Get Candy in Pokémon Go


Do you need more candy treats for your Pokémon? If you want to level some up or have them evolve, then you’ll need candy. So, how do you get more candy in Pokémon Go?

Besides being awarded three pieces of candy related to the specific Pokémon you’ve caught each time, there are a couple of other ways to get more candy.

Transfer Pokémon

The first and easiest tip for getting candy for your Pokémon is to transfer the duplicate Pokémon you have to the Professor. You don’t even have to GO anywhere. Here’s how to do that:

  • From the Pokémon Go map screen, tap on the Pokeball in the bottom middle of your screen.  Pokeball
  • Next, tap on the Pokémon circle icon and look for duplicate Pokémon in your collection.                        Duplicate Pokemon Pidgey
  • Select one of your duplicate Pokémon and swipe upward to the “Transfer” button.      Transfer Pokemon
  • Tap “Transfer” and then tap on “Yes.” Once you transfer a Pokémon to the Professor, you can’t get it back—so be sure of your choice.                                                                                                                                         Transfer Pokemon
  • After you tap “Yes,” tap the small “X” in the bottom of the screen and you’ll then get a message that the transfer was successful and you’ve received a piece of candy from the Professor.                                                Spearow

More Ways to Get Candy


One of the things that Pokestops give out is candy. So, go to one if you see one nearby, give the touchpad a spin, and see what items you can collect. Tap on items that appear and they will be added to your inventory.

Hatching Eggs

Got some Pokémon eggs? Stick them in an incubator and do what is requested to get them to hatch. Once you get a Pokémon egg to hatch, you’ll also get candy. We heard through the grapevine that hatched Pokémon give you more candy than when you catch a wild Pokémon (where you receive three pieces of candy).

Why is Candy Vital to Pokémon Go?

Unless you want your Pokémon to stay at the same level—which, we’re going to tell you right now, you don’t—candy is necessary to make them level up and evolve them to their next form level. For example: Say I want to power up Eevee—only one Eevee candy is required to do it. To make Eevee evolve, we’d need twenty-five Eevee candies. All candy is unique to its Pokémon; you can’t use Pidgey candy for Eevee, and vice versa.

Now you know how to gather candy for your Pokémon for leveling up and evolving—so go get it! Catch some Pokémon, visit local Pokestops, and incubate some eggs. Oh, and maybe give some of your duplicate Pokémon to the Professor for good measure. Have we covered all the ways to collect and get candy rewards in Pokémon Go? Let us know if you’ve got any other tips for us.

Posted by Heather on July 13, 2016

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