How to Get PicsArt Premium for Free on the iPhone

PicsArt is one of the more detailed video and impressive photo editing apps. Users tap into its many features to exercise their creativity and then share it on social media.

But even though PicsArt has a free version, it also has a paid Premium or Gold plan that offers even more editing perks and fun effects.

But for many, the Premium plan’s price tag is too expensive. So, is there any way to get the PicsArt Gold membership for free on your iPhone?

How Much Is the Gold Subscription Anyway?

With over half a million installs and millions of active users every day, PicsArt is clearly a favorite among users. But they mostly stick to the free version of the app, even though the Gold subscription was a direct result of users asking for more features.

The monthly fee for the PicsArt Gold subscription is $8, but if you opt for an annual fee, it will be close to $50, which would make it a little over $4 per month.

Plus, PicsArt offers a seven-day free trial you can use to test all the benefits of using the paid version of the app. However, if you do like the free version and your seven days of roaming free within the app are done, what can you do?

Get PicsArt Premium for Free on iPhone

You Can Try the Modified Version of PicsArt App

Modified or MOD iOS files have always existed, and many people use them to gain more elaborate access to their favorite apps.

If you want to try the PicsArt MOD iOS file for your iPhone, you’ll likely be able to find it online without any issues. The download of such files isn’t illegal for users, and the most popular apps that have Premium features also have the MOD iOS and APK version available.

In the case of PicsArt, downloading the modified version of the app will have some benefits and a few drawbacks. While you’re definitely able to use some features the free version of PicsArt doesn’t have, you’ll by no means have all of them.

You’ll get to use multiple layers, adding text, creating masks, and sketching, for example. You’ll also have additional filters and more editing tools and photo importation.

On the other hand, this isn’t the original PicsArt app, and you can’t expect the user interface on the iPhone to be the same as the original.

The homepage might seem a little all over the place. And the modified PicsArt app won’t allow sharing on more than one social media platform at a time.

Get PicsArt Premium for Free on the iPhone

But Should You Download the PicsArt MOD iOS?

Even though the PicsArt MOD iOS doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone, you should probably consider it if it’s the best idea.

Sure, some wonderful PicsArt premium features for free on your phone would be great, but is it worth the risk. Whenever you’re downloading a modified version of the app, your iPhone might not tolerate it as well it would the original app.

You can experience problems such as lower battery life and other disruptions in how your smartphone is working. Some PicsArt users find that risk worth the potential issues, but the choice is ultimately yours.

PicsArt Editing Tips for iPhone

While having all the PicsArt Gold features for free on your iPhone, the free version of the app is pretty amazing too.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you can only be creative if you have all the features available. But perhaps we all just need a little reminding what the free app can do.

Multiple Effects

All video and photo editing apps have effects, that’s their main feature. But most of them allow only one or two effects per image or video. If that’s not enough for your needs, remember that PicsArt allows you to apply as many effects as you want on a single image.

Editing Stickers

Again, stickers aren’t a novelty on photo editing apps. But did you know that you can use PicsArt to edit the stickers as well?

All you need to do is add stickers to the image you’re editing, and you’ll automatically see a plethora of editing features. You can also choose the crop shape and create completely unique stickers.

Change the Image Background

How many times have you captured the perfect moment of the perfect selfie, and it was ruined by something in the background? You don’t need to fire up Photoshop to take care of it. You can simply use the PicsArt app on your iPhone.

Use the free crop tool to cut out the unwanted element in the background first. Then you need to create a custom sticker that will fill in that space. Finally, all you have to do is use some blending modes, and the picture is just the way you need it to be.

How to Get PicsArt Premium for Free on iPhone

Create Fantastic Images Using PicsArt

If you have your heart set on having the Premium version of PicsArt for free on your iPhone, you can try the modified version of the app. Chances are it’s going to work decently, but you should keep in mind that you’re leaving your phone open to certain risks.

And before doing anything, exhaust the free seven-day trial and see if you’re truly missing something important. More often than not, the free PicsArt version does the job just fine.

How often do you use PicsArt to edit photos? Let us know in the comments section below.

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