How to Download GIFs on Gfycat

Posted by Arch on August 8, 2019
gfycat how to download gifs

GIFs (short for Graphical Interchange Format) are files that are used for light video sharing. Although they have been around for decades, mostly inhabiting forum threads, GIFs have seen a huge comeback thanks to social media, particularly Instagram. The Instagram Stories feature has become the new home of GIFs, as they are fun, lightweight, and easy to use.

However, using GIFs outside the typical Facebook Messenger and Instagram Stories environments is a completely different thing. Gfycat is one of the most popular GIF services that lets you browse interesting GIFs, as well as upload, create, and share your own files.

Video vs GIF

In the age of streaming services, we aren’t used to being able to directly download a video file. YouTube Premium, for instance, offers this but otherwise, unless you use a third-party video downloader, you won’t be able to save any video. The same goes for other streaming services, but with Gfycat, not only can you download any video you want, you can do it in three clicks or – literally as you would save an image – right-click -> Save video as -> Save.

Although this will successfully save the desired video to your PC and allow you to play it with your preferred media player, GIFs are much more convenient forms of short videos for many reasons. For one, they are much smaller in size, which means that uploading GIFs won’t take too much – very convenient for sharing via chat. Additionally, GIF files can be used in MS Word documents, just like photos. It is that simple. When it comes to short videos, GIFs definitely take the cake.

Video vs GIF

Downloading GIFs from Gfycat

Although, technically, you can download a video from Gfycat and then use a third-party program to convert it to GIF, there is a way to directly download a short video as a GIF from the site. Although Gfycat is primarily intended for GIFs, the video file download is pretty straightforward.

Sharing Options

Once you’ve opened the video that you want to download as a GIF file, navigate to the panel to the far right of the screen. In this panel, you’ll see several icons: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Copy, Embed, and More Share Options. Click the first icon from the right. The screen that appears on top of the video features more sharing options and a link to the video in question.

Sharing Options

You can share the GIF automatically on one of the featured sharing options, by simply clicking the corresponding icon. For instance, if you click the Facebook icon, a window will pop up, prompting you to directly and instantly post the video as a GIF file on your Facebook feed. Downloading the GIF file, however, is a different story.

Downloading the GIF File

In the Share window that you’ve opened on top of the video in question, there are two other options: Embed and GIFS. Click the GIFS button. In the new GIFs window, you’ll see two links: Small GIF (<2MB) and Large GIF. The first option features a link to a small version of the GIF, best used for online articles and chats, while the large option is the best for viewing purposes, offering better video quality.

Copy either of the two links and paste it into your browser’s address bar. In the link that opens, you’ll see your GIF that you can now save. Right-click -> Save image as -> Save. You now have a GIF file in the location you’ve chosen and can use it as a regular photo file.

Using the GIF File

As mentioned, if you want to use the GIF file for your website, for instance, you’re best off going with the Small GIF (<2MB) choice. This is where Gfycat truly shines, as many other GIF websites will likely have you compress the GIF file by using third-party software, or online converters.

The World of GIFs

With so many GIF websites out there, you really have a lot to choose from. If you’re looking for a GIF file that weighs less than 2MB, Gfycat is the right place to come to. Additionally, most GIF websites don’t feature short video files, which is another thing Gfycat excels at.

Where do you download your GIFs from? Have you tried Gfycat? How long did it take you to learn how to download a GIF file at first? Share your thoughts, advice, and ideas in the comment section below.

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