Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Posted by Andrew on November 20, 2018

Pregnancy can be stressful. Well, it is stressful in the majority of cases, it’s a fact — if you haven’t thought about it yet, just trust us on this.
There are many things you can do if you want to reduce this stress. Buying a cool gift is one of them — all women love receiving gifts, and pregnant women aren’t an exception. Whether it’s your wife, mother, sister, friend or daughter; whether it’s Christmas, birthday or anything else; in all these cases a good gift would work perfectly.
However, you’ll need to be extremely careful when choosing a gift for an expecting mom. The problem is: these gifts are not like all the other gifts. Many gift ideas just don’t work well when it comes to pregnant women — forget about perfumes, makeup sets, coffee, alcohol and some other usual gifts. It’s time to think wider.
So, what to get a pregnant woman?
Here we’ve collected 12 of the best gifts for pregnant women. Some of them would work well for all women in general, the others are, like, unique gifts that you can give to a very close person of yours.
If you are interested in what to get a pregnant woman, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Let’s go.

Total body pillows — top 1 among mom to be gifts

Total body pillows
All pillows are here:
Let’s talk about a total body pillow — it may sound quite obvious, but we’ve noticed that people often forget about such pillows. Why?
We don’t know and we bet you don’t know either. However, the only thing you have to know about such pillows is that they are 100% perfect for all pregnant women and that they would work well as a gift, even if she already has one. Moms-to-be act weird sometimes, and lying on two total body pillows is not the weirdest thing. What if she’s tired from lying on her pillow, or what if she doesn’t like the color or, like, the smell of it? Sounds odd? Then you’ve never met with pregnant women we guess!
So, even if she already has such a pillow, another one would be nice, too. Such pillows support a woman’s body, they can help manage stress (and future moms are often stressed), they are extremely comfortable and they are perfect for all trimesters.
We’ve chosen the Queen Rose pillow, and it’s the best according to the tests, reviews and feedbacks, so you can just make a purchase and don’t worry about it. The pillow for you!

Bump boxes — really the best pregnancy gifts for sister!

Bump boxes
Choose the best bump box here:
If you are looking for a gift for your pregnant sister, well, we have something for you, too. What about a bump box?
Pregnant women have lots of problems and they need lots of things to cope with these problems. The problems differ from trimester to trimester — during the first one, nausea and fatigue are the biggest troubles; during the third trimester the moms-to-be can suffer from swollen legs and extra-weight… But here is the solution.
Bump boxes are the boxes that contain the best things for 1, 2, 3 and 4 trimester moms — they were designed by the specialists who know what do future mothers need most.
This First Trimester Bump Box, for example, contains a cool water bottle, bath bombs, no-nausea-band, pop drops and Fizz Elixir (it reduces nausea, too) — but they also have the solutions for all other trimesters. Buy here!

Heartbeat baby monitors — really good gifts for pregnant wife

Heartbeat baby monitors
All monitors are available here:
When your wife’s pregnant, you have to be very careful, you have to support her and you have to make some cool gifts, of course — and here is another one.
We recommend to pay attention to these great womb heartbeat baby monitors. Yes, they work exactly as they are called — with them, you will be able to hear the sounds your baby makes! They are perfect for listening to the child’s pulse and they allow to record these sounds — just imagine that!
It’s a very meaningful, useful and really cute gift for your pregnant wife.
This Wusic monitor allows listening to the sounds together with your wife and recording them, too — what can be better than this? Buy it right now!

T-shirts for pregnant — best gifts for expecting mothers

Tshirts for pregnant
Choose a t-shirt here:
Well, it’s time for some classic gifts. If you don’t know what kind of gift to buy, it’s time for a cool t-shirt — but it shouldn’t be something regular and usual, of course.
Luckily for you, there are literally hundreds of great t-shirts for pregnant women. Some of them have fun pictures, the others are printed with amazing quotes — but all of them are really cool.
We’ve chosen a t-shirt that is made of pre-shrunk cotton. Its quality is high, its design is quite cool and it looks like a great gift, so don’t miss it. Check price!

Pregnancy vitamins — the best gifts for pregnant women

Pregnancy vitamins
All the pregnancy vitamins:
They usually contain vitamins, zinc, probiotics, etc. — because every pregnant woman wants her child to be the healthiest child in the world, right? Vitamins help to achieve this goal.
The thing is, pregnant women do need all those vitamins and elements. Zinc is important for cell growth (that’s exactly what happens when you are pregnant) and for supporting the immune system, vitamins are necessary for healthy growth — exactly what a pregnant woman and her child need.
What we offer here is a Garden of Life vitamin capsules. This product contains vitamins (C, E, B and folate), zinc, and probiotics, and according to the reviews, it’s the best option you can find. Check it out!

Christmas compression socks — cool Christmas gifts for pregnant wife!

Christmas compression socks
Choose the socks:
Compression socks would work perfectly! The thing is, pregnant women often suffer from leg health problems and venous disorders (such as a deep vein thrombosis).
To prevent such problems, we recommend to buy compression socks — they help promote the circulation of the blood thus reduce the chances for a woman to have venous disorders and prevent swollen feet (and it’s a huge problem, too).
However, here we are talking about Christmas gifts. Christmas, socks… See a connection?
Exactly. We’ve found the best compression socks designed for Christmas specially — and that’s probably the best gift you can give to a pregnant woman who suffers from varicose/swollen legs. And, well, it’s quite a fun gift, too. Choose your color here!

Pregnancy journals — best gifts for newly pregnant friend

Pregnancy journals
Check all the journals out here:
We all have blogs and online journals, but a paper book is a completely another level. It’s a traditional gift for a pregnant woman, and it works its best if this woman is newly pregnant — well, because she’ll be able to start writing her thoughts from the very beginning!
With this journal, your friend will be able to write everything she wants down — the experience has shown that the majority of moms write their ideas and thoughts about (and to) their children. Well, that makes sense.
Take a look at the Expecting You journal by Amelia Riedler — it’s not too expensive, it’s cute and it’s perfect if your friend is a writer. Here it is.

Belly painting kit — a birthday gift for pregnant wife

Belly painting kit
Belly painting kits&stickers:
We understand that choosing a gift for your wife differs from choosing a gift to anyone else. That’s why it’s high time for something special, intimate and cute gift. Agree?
If you’ve answered “yes”, pay attention to these cool belly painting gifts. They are really great — all you have to do is to buy one, to paint everything you want, to take photos and to have fun!
Of course, we are talking about pregnant women, so the paints must be FDA approved and safe. Water-based paints are the best for such cases, and that’s why we’ve chosen the product by ProudBody — it’s truly the best and the safest painting kit that would give you lots of fun! Check the price.

Support belts — perfect first maternity gifts for lady

Support belts
Maternity belts:
It’s a traditional gift for pregnant women, and all of them need such belts. The thing is, all the pregnant women feel discomfort during the 2nd and the 3rd trimesters — and (just like the name) such belts support and relief the pelvic and back pain.
We’ve chosen the best product, and it’s an AZMED belt. It has the best rating and thousands of positive reviews, so it’s a good gift for a pregnant woman, 100%. Check it out!

Condom bowls — best gifts for pregnant daughter!

Condom bowls
All the condom bowls:
Well well, your daughter is pregnant now — our congratulations! But, well, if you want to drop a hint, we recommend to buy a condom bowl — you know, sometimes you just want to say “enough” and it’s a great way to do it. And it’s just funny, you can’t deny it.
144 high quality condoms from the best manufacturer in the world would make their work, we are sure. Buy the bowl now!

Birthing balls — cool gifts for newly pregnant couple

Birthing balls
Birthing balls:
Well, if you are looking for something more conservative, you can always choose a good birthing ball. Such a ball would be a great classic and useful gift — and if you’re interested, here is the best product of this type. Different sizes and colors are available, too. Make your choice!

Robot vacuum cleaners — useful gifts for soon to be moms

Robot vacuum cleaners
All robot vacuum cleaners:
Meet the robot vacuum cleaner — perfect gift for all women (especially for the pregnant ones). The thing is, they all wash the floors and they all hate doing it!
But along with unwillingness, there is another problem: pregnant women and those who gave birth recently don’t have enough time to do all these cleaning stuff. That’s why we highly recommend to look at the robot vacuum cleaners — they make the life much, much easier and that’s what moms-to be need.
We’ve decided to choose the Eufy RoboVac 11 — it isn’t too expensive, but it has thousands of positive reviews and it works very well. The future is here and who deserves to benefit from it more than future moms? Take a look!

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