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Posted by Andrew on March 26, 2018

All the little girls, even the shyest of them, always wait for plenty of gifts on an important day like birthday or Christmas. Be sure that they adore receiving gifts not only from the parents, but also from the other family members, such as aunt and uncle. These two often know how to make the real surprises even better than the girl’s parents, so you (if you are aunt or uncle, actually) should keep the name of “the best relatives ever” for a long time and prove this title. To help you, our reader, to cheer your cute niece we have picked the best things on Amazon that will be suitable as gifts for any occasion.
To pamper the beloved children is always pleasant. Unfortunately, to gladden a kid – especially a little girl – looks like an impossible mission, as you should take into account her interests, hobbies, the usefulness of a gift, her current mood and, of course, the trends. This article is designed for those, who struggle with their child’s character variability: here anyone can find something cool to present for an important event. We hope that you will find the information below useful. Everything that we make – we make for our dearest ones, and we make everything to help you, our dear readers, to keep the best possible relationships with your family members. With the smallest ones, in particular.

Annual Gifts from Aunt to Baby Niece

1. Toy

Probably, there is no person in the world, who does not like toys. These are too cute creatures, too soft not to touch them constantly and smile. God, save the people, who have designed the plush toys because they saved thousands of men and women from what-to-present struggle! We used this idea too, so many times…

Alpaca Soft Plush Toy

Alpaca Soft Plush Toy

This a must-have. Honestly. Just look at these shining bright, like the diamonds, eyes, and at this rainbow on its body! And this tiny smile, tho… A baby girl will be happy to play with this sweet alpaca!

2. Night Light

Night lights can be presented to anyone, because they function as interior details, tiny sculptures and useful things for those, who are scared of dark places. Pretty and helpful thing is always a good gift, especially if it is made in a unique style.

WOMHOPE Children’s Night Light

WOMHOPE Childrens Night Light

We have never seen something similar before. It looks like a dream that turned into reality! Just imagine, how happy your niece will be, turning on this fantastic night light. She will be sure that this cuteness will keep her in safety from the frightening darkness.

3. Puzzle Board

A game is the best way to develop the skills, any of them. A baby needs to develop the vital skills, such as fine motor and cognitive ones, and there are so many wonderful things to help a child to do this with fun – a puzzle board, for example.

Hape Color and Shape Wooden Block Sorter

This colorful board will be a perfect item to familiarize a baby with similar gaming and educating things. A good start means a good continuation, so this wooden puzzle can be not only a funny and entertaining gift, but also a vitally needed product for a baby.

Best Gifts for Toddler Niece

1. Stud Earrings

A little girl is still a woman and certainly adores the jewelry. Toddlers even tend to dig into their mothers’ jewelry boxes and put on every single detail from there. Sparkling and feminine earrings can be a stunning gift for such a lady and make her even prettier, because such things can provoke only smiles and happiness on the face of your niece.

Platinum Plated Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Platinum Plated Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

These earrings will serve for years, as they made of high-quality materials and have a stunning and classy design. The years will pass, your niece will grow up – and these fabulous things will look the same shiny and trendy, because classics and elegance will be fashionable even after centuries.

2. Bluetooth Earphones

If you want to show your attention to the hobbies and health of your niece – choose high-quality earphones that will both, look stylish and provide the proper sound. That youth cannot live without the music, so why do not we grant them a pair of cool earphones

Meizu Headphone Bluetooth

meizu headphones

To find the affordable noise-canceling earphones that will be made of metal is quite a difficult task. However, we dealt with it and offer you to check this awesome item that will meet any possible requirements and will work perfectly in any circumstances.
P.S. Sweatproof!

3. Book of Cooking

Books are not popular nowadays, as the technical progress allow us to buy the e-books and forget about the place that the paperback things occupy in our houses. Fortunately, the book that we offer to you now, is much more useful than the different romantic novels. It will teach your niece to cook some very delicious things (with her mother, possibly).

Pops!: Icy Treats for Everyone

Pops Icy Treats for Everyone

What can be better for a child than sweeties? Ice cream! This book teaches how to cook so many types of cold treats… Your niece will have a good experience of cooking and then taste the new juicy pops, as well as learn how cool cooking, actually, is.

Unique Birthday Gift for Niece

1. Motivational Poster

The trend of motivating things has captured the world many years ago. Motivation through reading, listening, and watching is quite a good way to become fulfilled with energy. Present an inspirational poster to your niece for her to always remember about positivity and going forward, no matter what.

Hakuna Matata definition – Unframed art print poster

Hakuna Matata definition Unframed art print poster

Say “Hakuna Matata” and forget about your worries! Of course, the problems should be solved, but only in an optimistic mood. This minimalistic, yet powerful poster will help your niece to calm down and get inspired in any situation.

2. Write-On-Fridge Kit

Everyone needs warm words. In the morning it is especially important. Some people leave the sticky notes everywhere to cheer up a close person; someone, in his turn, chooses the magnetic labels that can be put on a refrigerator.

Magnetic Poetry – Little Box of Encouragement Kit

Magnetic Poetry Little Box of Encouragement Kit

Magnetic Poetry offers a lot of sweet words kits; however, we supposed that it is too important to see some encouragement every day. Such kits can become a day-to-day inspiration and the source of a cheerful mood – and what can be better than a good mood as a birthday gift?

3. Crystal Growing Kit

Have you ever grown a crystal? It is so exciting and entertaining process! It teaches patience, attentiveness, responcibility… And so on. And crystals are just beautiful.

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Crystal Growing Experiment

Help your niece become a scientist and make her own experience with such a kit! She will be able to grow her own sparkling crystal and put it in her room after it. An interesting process plus a unique interior detail and voila – we have an impressive gift for a birthday!

Christmas Gifts for Nieces

1. Make-Up Brushes

If your niece is already a grown up lady, who is kin on make-up – grant her a good make-up brushes set. There are a lot of sets on Amazon, but if you want to make the little girl cry from happiness – present the brush set that is below.

CINIDY Wizard Wand Potter Makeup Brushes set with Gift Bag

harry potter brush

These metal brushes look solid and durable – unlike the magic wands in books about Harry Potter. These wands will serve your niece for years, starting from the Christmas you get her these brushes for. Add some magic in the life of your dear girl.

2. Pajamas

A soft and warm pajama can make a cold winter night turn into a fairytale. Transform the days and nights of your niece into unique events with a cool home clothes’ piece!

Aoibox Adult Dinosaur Plush One Piece Pajamas

Aoibox Adult Dinosaur Plush One Piece Pajamas

Aoibox company offers us an interesting thing – pajama that makes anyone look like a dinosaur! Like a very adorable and plush dinosaur, actually.

3. Catch Ball Game Set

An interesting game can involve all the family members into action and warm them up! This is the activity that is highly heeded in cold evenings. Well, it is always needed; just imagine summers that will be spent running and jumping in attempts to catch that freaking ball!

Funsparks Paddle Catch Game – Ball Toss Toy with 2 Adjustable Disc’s and 1 Ball

ballcatch game

It is quite an old and special game. Your niece can play this with anyone, as paddle games do not need the special skills or trainings. They need just the desire to have a good warming and plenty of laugh and fun!

Gifts for Niece from Aunt

1. Desktop Planter

Aunts usually pay a lot of attention to the health of their nieces and nephews. Well, if you are an aunt, who really cares about young family members – a plant can be quite a right option as a gift. Plants, oxidizing a room atmosphere and just pleasing an eye, are the embodiments of a true life – your niece will see by her own what is it – to grow up, to have a proper care, to burst with colors, and to live, actually.

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

This minimalistic and elegant desktop planter that is made of grey concrete can wow any adorer of interior things. It can complement any design, especially modern one; and if your niece likes such items – get her this very planter. You will not go wrong.

2. Fund Bank

Any person should know the value of money – so your niece should. Even if she is a smart girl, she should remember that money come only after making the efforts, and only then one really can enjoy a rest or a thing the money will be spent on. Assure your niece that she is already independent and can save her own money – get her a creative thrift-box.

SKAVIJ Wooden Piggy Bank


Made in a form of a suitcase, this fund cannot be left without attention. Your niece surely will be inspired by its look and message: travels attract, probably, anyone. Such a thing will be a good motivation for her to save money to see the whole world!

3. Toy Musical Instruments

A lot of children dream about such a thing – bright, remarkable, and… loud. It is so exciting, to make a house live with the musical sounds! If you are afraid of the ears of your niece’s parents – check the toy piano below, it has some additions that will save everyone from constant improper noise.

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano with 25 Keys and Color-Coded Songbook

Melissa Doug LearnToPlay Piano with 25 Keys and ColorCoded Songbook

This piano just slays! We are sure that any kid will be happy to receive this thing. The detail we talked about above (the ears savior) is a small illustrated songbook that will teach a child some easy-to-play melodies. Of course, you cannot avoid noisy practice, but… A happy face of your niece is much more valuable, isn’t it?

Personalized Gifts for Niece

1. Personalized Name Book

Children often dream to become a character of their favorite story or fairytale. One can say that, unfortunately, it is almost impossible. We say that all is possible and offer you to check an amazing book that will be all about your niece.

Goodnight Little Me Personalized Name Book

Goodnight Little Me Personalized Name Book

This book is a thing of a beauty – just look at this shining bright cover! A calming story that will lull your niece is supported by the detailed and enriched with colors illustrations. She will sleep well and see the fascinating dreams at night. Such a gift will touch her and her parents, who will be grateful for such an intent care.

2. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

With the growing cosmetic needs there came the need to keep all the make-up and care products in one place. If parents can buy a dressing table, an aunt can present a small cosmetic bag that will help a little lady to carry a part of her pretty stuff and feel confident anywhere and anytime!

The Cotton & Canvas Co. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

The Cotton Canvas Co. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

It is one of the various cosmetic bags on Amazon, but this item is universal. It is of minimalistic style and has lovely italics type on it – what adds a bit of femininity to the white design of this capacious and neat bag. It should match almost all the demands of a girl, even if she has quite conservative fashion taste.

3. Personalized Necklace

One can suppose that personalized jewelry cannot be a unique gift anymore; however, we believe that it is still a very gladding thing. Touch the heart of your little niece with a necklace that will perfectly match any dress or suit.

Heart Personalized Necklace

Heart Personalized Necklace

To write the full name on a jewelry seems to us really unfashionable. Happily, there are necklaces like this one – it has a tiny heart with initials, comes in three colors (gold, silver and rose-gold plated), and thin sophisticated chain, that will highlight the femininity of your beautiful niece.

Special Niece Present Ideas

1. Funny Pillow Case

A decorative pillowcase can be put on any favorite pillow of your niece – she will decide it on her own. Well, she can pin a pillowcase to a wall, if she is a really creative person. If she is from another timber, check out the item that we have decided to be the most suitable for a younger generation!

Fjfz I Am Not a Morning Person Funny Quote Cotton Decorative Pillow Case

Fjfz I Am Not a Morning Person Funny Quote Cotton Decorative Pillow Case

Let’s be honest: kids and youth really do not belong to the morning birds group. They adore nightlife, cold light of personal computers, the silence that comes only with darkness… If you read these lines and see your niece – the pillowcase with this sincere, yet funny quote will be a perfect gift for her.

2. Flower Bracelet

Bracelets can be wonderful additions to a girl’s jewelry collection. We have chosen the flower look, because the spring is here and everyone wants to feel the warmth and light of the new Sun. Your niece can feel it just by putting a beautiful bracelet with floral details and feel herself a part of this charming spring.

Ann Tarry Gold Plated Orchid Flower Bracelet + Beautiful Gift Box

Ann Tarry Gold Plated Orchid Flower Bracelet Beautiful Gift Box

This thing is so gentle and sophisticated that we could not pass by this. Your niece will look like a nymph in this stunning bracelet, full of pink blossom and fresh atmosphere that it creates. You can buy the full set – earrings, bracelet, and necklace that are made in the same style; however, even one item will cheer up your beloved little lady and bring her an amazing mood!

3. Scooter

Youth needs to move – and it is perfect, as signifies about a healthy and active physical body. However, even the most active children get tired. If you want to ease the life of your niece – present a little scooter to her.

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter


Fuzion company assures that their scooter will provide only smooth and fast moving! Aluminum frame is lightweight, so your girl will have no problems with its control and carrying. It should perform extremely well – and it is for the extremely fantastic price!
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