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Posted by Andrew on March 13, 2018
Funny I Teach Tiny Humans T-Shirt

Before writing this text, we looked through a lot of articles written by teachers or moms who used their personal experience to divide all possible gift ideas into two main categories: the presents that teachers really want and the stuff they are just tired of. It would appear that such kind of classification would make the choice easier, but in fact, it complicated the task. For instance, some mentors say that handmade postcards are adorable, while the others claim that they just have no place to keep them all. The only reasonable conclusion is that everything depends on a person, so we tried to select the wide variety of teacher themed as well as ordinary but useful goods for all tastes and occasions.

Best Teacher Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is time for miracles, so surprise your favorite teacher by getting him or her something really special! The list of goods below is approved by the teachers themselves, and you just cannot go wrong with any of these presents because they are best from the best!

Amazon Gift Cards

In the little intro above we mentioned that there are a lot of controversial views on perfect presents for teachers. However, it is generally agreed that gifts cards are not only acceptable but the most welcomed gifts! Really, they have a lot of various mugs and postcards. Get them something really useful, even it is only $5 or $10! Furthermore, they are so easy!

Print at Home Gift CardPrint at Home Gift Card

Most of the teachers share the opinion that gift cards are the most useful and the most welcomed presents. You do not have to choose $100 card; even $25 one will allow your mentor to buy something he or she really needs. Moreover, you can offer your classmates to make the gift together, so the amount will be bigger and your teacher happier! You can even print this one at home!

Fun School Supplies

Some may argue that school supplies are the worst presents for the teachers; however, they say that they are pretty good, especially if the gifts are funny. Check out the goods in this category – they will definitely make your mentor smile!

Teacher’s PetTeacher’s Pet

In fact, this awesome eraser was designed by a teacher who was tired to fight with the stubborn whiteboards. Undoubtedly, he had a good sense of humor – this product is not only highly functional but also engaging and fun!

Blank Note Cards

One could argue that note cards are not associated with Christmas, but teachers say that they have all the ornaments you can imagine. Thus, by choosing them you make really practical and cute present.

Hello Greeting CardsHello Greeting Cards

The big plus of these top quality cards is that they are universal and elegant. Moreover, they are not teacher-themed. Paradoxically, everyone who works at school considers this to be an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Thank You Teacher Gifts

It is hard to imagine the profession that would be more significant and impactful than the teaching one. We are raised not only by our parents but also by people who devote their lives to making the tiny humans better and smarter persons. Maybe now is the best time to say “Thank you”?

Thank You Teacher Keychain

Whatever people say, meaningful presents can make anyone’s heart beat a little bit faster. Keychain is not only the great accessory; it is also a touching present, especially if the engraving reflects all the gratitude you feel toward your dear mentor.

Cute KeychainCute Keychain

This nice souvenir will be a reminder that everything your teachers do in their professional life is more than important and that the sacrifices they make are notices. There is one more great thing about this product – it is perfect as for male, as for female mentors.

Thank You Teacher Books

Our teachers invest a lot of time to help us, to make us the better people. Undoubtedly, such a work deserves our respect, gratitude, and admiration, and the book is often the best thing to express them.

Thank You Book by Sandy GingrasThank You Book by Sandy Gingras

Check out this little cute book by Sandy Gingras! It is a perfect souvenir and a great reminder of the importance of everything that our mentors do! It will be a nice and touching present anyone who works at school, starting from experienced professional to the new teacher!

Customized Pens with Name

Do you think that a pen is a banal gift? Just remember about your own profession. If you are a painter, you adore high-quality brushes and paints, and if you are a programmer we will bet that you prefer to work with the best computers. Teachers, in turn, also love to use cool supplies, especially if they are personalized!

Personalized Ballpoint PenPersonalized Ballpoint Pen

Take a glance at the photo of this “classy” metal pen! Your teacher will have this beautiful thing for a long time, and the engraving makes it a meaningful, inspirational present. It well packaged, so your mentor will be impressed!

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

So, the end of the school year is coming. Your dear child became a little bit smarter and a little bit older. The teacher gave the class new knowledge and new, priceless experience. His or her efforts definitely deserve appreciation, and we collected the goods that will help you express it!

Thank You Teacher Pens

Though they can be considered as banal presents, you just can go wrong with the pens, especially if they are personalized or contain some heartfelt messages. Moreover, they are the things you can never find on your table, so in this case, the rule ‘the more the better’ is totally true.

Greeting Pens with Rotating MessagesGreeting Pens with Rotating Messages

Do you think that these are the ordinary pens with inspirational messages? You are partially true, but the best thing is that there are 4 nice and encouraging texts that switch every time you click the pen. Unlike the postcards, you see them every day and that is really nice!

Office Desk Name Plate

Among all teacher appreciation gifts, the desk name plates take a very special place. They are not only the signs; they are the symbols of a person’s significance. So if in your opinion, your mentor does not have the name plate he or she deserves, do not miss your chance to make things right!

Acrylic Teacher Office Desk BarAcrylic Teacher Office Desk Bar

This acrylic desk bar is the absolutely beautiful thing that will show your teacher how much you appreciate everything he or she does for you. Graphics and text create the awesome three-dimensional image, and the quality and size of the desk are excellent!

Journals for Teachers

We all need inspiration sometimes. Fortunately, nowadays, there is a lot of cool encouraging stuff, particularly journals that can cheer you up. Teachers are people who need it the most, so such a gift will be a perfect thing to keep in the class and open in the most stressful moments.

Positive Mindset JournalPositive Mindset Journal

This awesome journal is not a thing that can entertain you when you are bored, this is the must-have thing for every teacher! It will allow him or her to cope with negative emotions and always stay positive!

Good Preschool Teacher Gifts

The preschool teachers are the heroes, and no one can argue with that. They entertain, teach and, of course, care of the kids for the first year teacher to work with the inspired, loving, and hungry for new knowledge little people. They do the most difficult job, and that deserves admiration and huge gratitude!

Preschool Teacher Shirts

Unlike the most of so-called “teacher gifts”, T-shirts are useful, while the funny creative prints make them adorable! Make sure that you know the right size and make the excellent gift!

Funny I Teach Tiny Humans T-ShirtFunny I Teach Tiny Humans T-Shirt

One may argue that a T-shirt is a very personal present and you can never know the tastes of your teacher. However, this one is universal and really funny! Even if your kid’s dear mentor will hesitate to wear it in her daily life, it is still a perfect thing to wear at home, on a picnic, etc.

Personalized Aprons

Let’s set aside teacher theme and think what they really want. Everyone needs an apron in his or her daily life, and everyone wants a personalized one, so why not make a present like this? Such a gift will be appreciated simply because it is incredibly sweet!

Monogrammed ApronMonogrammed Apron

We did not choose this classic apron accidentally. In fact, we base on the words of the preschool teacher who received such gift and was absolutely happy. It is not just a present, it is rather a small but nice gesture that will never leave anyone indifferent.

Teacher Water Bottles

They say that they do not like presents with apples or other symbols of their profession. They say that they have no place to keep all this stuff. But we have Instagram and friends who do not miss the opportunity to post the photos of such gifts, so that is not exactly true! If you want to see your present in the teacher’s history, choose one of these awesome bottles!

A Great Teacher Glass Water Bottle

This water bottle has a great size. It cares the great message. It comes in a gift box. It is perfect! Really, it is the good present for any teacher on Earth because it is functional, super cute, and meaningful!

Daycare Presents Ideas

What features does the good gift have? Maybe it should be functional? Maybe it should bring joy? The answer is simple: the perfect gift has both of these qualities. This section contains the products that can be used in daily life and that will definitely make your daycare provider happy.

I-Tunes Gift Cards

We do not even have to describe all the advantages of such a present. It is impossible to go wrong with it, it fits any tastes, and, of course, it brings a lot of joy! So if you doubt that you can choose something personal, choose the universal I-Tunes gift card!

App Store & iTunes Gift CardApp Store & iTunes Gift Card

It is only one gift and a lot of ways to use it! The daycare provider can choose anything he or she wants, and this present is much better than money. Just choose the amount, order online and get it!

Saving Boxes

Everyone must have a saving box. Of course, we all have bank accounts and wallets, but such boxes create a special atmosphere, a special mood for us to save money to “achieve our dreams!

Change Box for Dreams FulfillmentChange Box for Dreams Fulfillment

We chose this very saving box because we consider travels to be the dream for a lot of people. There is a big chance that your daily provider is not an exception. Motivate him or her to explore something new by getting such a wonderful gift!

Handmade Candles

Some may say that they can hardly imagine more mainstream present than a candle. But still, they cannot deny that such things are just awesome! Moreover, you do not buy such goods for yourself very often simply because they are not the necessities. Such things should be given!

Frankincense and Myrrh CandleFrankincense and Myrrh Candle

This candle is just cool: it has the perfect design and the beautiful, strong flavor. Moreover, this handcrafted, original product is packed nicely and lasts for a really long time!

Gift for Male Teacher from Students

Well, it is not an easy task to find a cool, thoughtful present for a male teacher. It seems that there is a plot between manufacturers; seriously, they produce a lot of pink adorable goods that are great for women and look more than strange if given to men. We tried to solve this problem by selecting the things any man wants.

Personalized Note Cards

Do not doubt that your mentor will be happy to receive such a gift after dozens of cups and so-called “Pinterest” presents. The note cards are useful, and the very fact that you chose it carefully is also pleasant.

50 Personalized Note Cards with Initial + Full Name50 Personalized Note Cards with Initial + Full Name

These cards look very stylish, a style=”text-align: center;”re made of high-quality materials and have the astonishingly good price for a set like this. If you doubt that these cards are truly awesome, follow the link and read the rave reviews from the customers.


Oh come on, neckties are standard presents, but they are at least the things men really need! If you get a tie you can be always sure that it will be not left in the closets, of course, if you do not choose something extremely ‘beautiful’. So check out the goods in this category and get the teacher a practical and nice gift!

Math NecktieMath Necktie

We chose this particular necktie because it demonstrates that it does not have to be boring! This is the great gift for a math teacher, of course, if you did not see that he wears the similar ties every day.

Label Pins

If you want to get the teacher something interesting, check out the products from this category! The choice is great, and if you know his or her tastes or interests, you have a chance to make the most creative gift ever!

Tesla Label PinTesla Label Pin

What does your physicist think about this eccentric scientist? If he considers him to be a genius, you cannot find a better present! It is well-done and very detailed, thus, it will look great on your favorite teacher’s jacket!

Teacher Gift Ideas for End of School Year

So you are incredibly close to the freedom as the end of school year is near. If you really want to say ‘thank you’ to the people who made all possible efforts to shape your mind properly, check out the nice and creative products below!

Funny Teacher Mugs

Ok, here we have the most controversial gift teacher gift idea ever. Though the most of them say that they are tired of such gifts, the manufacturers are creating the new, awesome products that will not leave any mentor indifferent!

I Before E Weird MugI Before E Weird Mug

Most of the similar mugs have the inspiring and encouraging messages on them, and this one has the hilarious one! It is the wonderful gift for a grammar teacher with the good sense of humor. But before you get it, please, make sure, that he or she drinks coffee.

Nice Creative Socks

Sometimes something simple but nice makes our day or even days. Socks are the unique things: they can mean nothing to a person or make his or her day a little bit brighter. This category includes the goods from the second group. Do not even doubt that they are adorable!

Einstein SocksEinstein Socks

These socks are not only functional; they also provide a lot of fun, especially for a teacher! We chose the Einstein ones because we consider that he symbolizes the science as a whole but you can buy the model you like the most!

Flower Pots

We decided to “dilute” the teacher-themed goods in this section with the universal gift idea. Flower pots make a great gift for a female mentor who really likes various plants. All you have to do is to choose the one you think your teacher will like the most!

Livi Palm PotLivi Palm Pot

We just could not fail to notice this palm pot! It looks really stylish but, what is more important, unlike of the most of other pots, it allows creating masterpieces by turning the walls or windows into the growing wall!

Unique Gift for Female Teacher

This section includes only one thematic category and two categories that are not related to the teaching profession. However, all of the goods you can find below are unique, and sometimes it is the thing that matters the most.

Spoon Sets

Our life can become more beautiful due to the simple, small things. Wonderful spoons are just a caprice, a little detail that can make one’s day. So if you want your teacher to live in beauty, even when it comes to the morning coffee, choose one of these awesome sets!

Flower Spoon SetFlower Spoon Set

Your mentor will love these adorable spoons! They will make her feel like a princess early in the morning, and no one can argue that this can create a good mood that stays with you for the whole day!

Teacher Appreciation Necklace

These amazing necklaces are totally unique as the combine two things female teachers like the most: appreciation and beauty. Do not even doubt that a present like this will melt anyone’s heart, including the heart of those who consider teacher-themed presents to be banal ones.

Teacher Necklace and Thank You CardTeacher Necklace and Thank You Card

We chose this gorgeous necklace for several reasons. First of all, it looks really wonderful. Secondly, it does not tell everyone about the teacher’s profession. However, at the same time, the touching card reminds that the gift is the symbol of gratitude and appreciation.

Decorative Cactuses

Unfortunately or, in contrast, fortunately, not all women go crazy about taking care of the plants. However, the absolute majority of them like how the flowers look. That is why we offer you an idea of a win-win present, the decorative cactuses!

Artificial Cacti PlantsArtificial Cacti Plants

Just take a look at these nice small cactuses! We bet that they will look awesome in the classroom. And if your teacher decides to keep them at her own house, it is even better! It will show you that she really likes this adorable gift!

Great Gifts for New Teachers

Among the wide variety of various teacher gift ideas the products below take a very special place. We focused on the most creative, unique and beautiful goods that will definitely surprise and please your mentor!

Inspirational Organizers

How do you see the work of a teacher? Do you think it is full of joy and carelessness? Well, of course, it is a great job, but it does not exclude a lot of dif ficulties and stress. Motivate your new mentor by getting him or her one of these motivational organizers!

Inspirational Standing Flip CalendarInspirational Standing Flip Calendar

The biggest advantage of this calendar is that you do not have to change it every single year – you can use it over and over again. Moreover, every page has an inspiring message on it, so if your teacher decides to hang it in the class, it will motivate not only the mentor himself but also the pupils!

Coffee Tumblers

The manufacturers have shown that they can turn the ordinary coffee tumblers into the works of art! Though they can be considered as the very simple gifts, some goods in this section are extraordinary!

Hershey Kisses in Thank You Stainless TumblerHershey Kisses in Thank You Stainless Tumbler

If you have ever tried Hershey Kisses, you know that are the food of gods. And what would you say about them if they came with something useful? We would bet that it is the most wonderful combination ever! So choose this awesome set and you will make your mentor happy!

Desk Alarm Clock

Probably, teachers are the most responsible people on Earth. Like the most of other employees, they cannot say “Ok, I’m too tired to work now” but, what is more important, they should try to be always in a good mood. Morning is the rough time of the day, so try to make it a little better by getting a nice desk alarm clock.

Cube-Shaped Digital Alarm ClockCube-Shaped Digital Alarm Clock

If you want to stand out of the pupils and their parents making predictable standard presents, choose this interesting alarm clock. Believe us that it will be an unexpected and pleasant gift! It has the cool eco-fashion look and has a lot of useful functions that make the process of awakening at least more pleasant.

Cool Teacher Gift Basket

Some people think that a gift basket is given when the one who gets it do not want to make any efforts to find something personal or interesting. We, in turn, consider that such an opinion is at least controversial. Come on, the only function of a present itself is to please the one who receives it, and these cool products perform it!

Fruit Gift Baskets

It is very hard to find something great for a person without knowing his or her interests, preferences, and hobbies. However, fruit baskets belong to the category of goods everybody likes! Probably, the biggest advantage of such a present is that it is great for vegans or for people on the diet, so you can be sure that the gift will be enjoyed!

Just Right Fruit BasketJust Right Fruit Basket

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find a basket that would meet all the expectations. Choosing the first one you see on Amazon is not the best choice – there is a chance the set you get will be disappointing or just horrible. We looked through all the reviews on a lot of various goods produced by different companies and decided that this one is the best!

Food Gift Baskets

Before you follow the link try to remember everything you know about your teacher. Does he or she like sweets and chocolate or cannot imagine the life without salty snacks? This information will help you not to get lost in thousands of delicious offers from different companies and to make the absolutely right choice!

Biscotti Cookie Gift BasketBiscotti Cookie Gift Basket

This good is the perfect example of how the great food gift basket is supposed to look like! Undoubtedly, the pastry cooks did their best to make the desserts amazing! The secret of this basket’s awesomeness is the well-designed decorations, great taste, and nice elegant package.

Spa Gift Baskets


Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift BasketPremium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

A woman can never have too many lotions, shampoos, creams, and bath bombs. Do not listen to those who say that the stuff like this is useless – probably, they have never tried to take a bath with the really cool cosmetic products. They are better than meditation, and if you want your teacher to feel rested and renewed, get her this luxury set!

Good Kindergarten Teacher Presents

Dear parents, we know how hard to buy something really nice online, especially when it comes to a present to a kindergarten teacher. We tried to find the ideas you will hardly go wrong with: all of the goods in this section are universal, creative, and adorable!

Wall Clocks

Nowadays we do not look at the wall clocks really often. They are the decorations now, and it is not the good or bad trend – it is just a reality. However, such things create a special atmosphere and the nice and cozy accents in any room. Maybe, the wall clock is not the major essential, but we love them for a reason!

Sweet Pastel Agate Wall ClocksSweet Pastel Agate Wall Clocks

This gentle, pastel clock can become the perfect gift for a female kindergarten teacher. The design is more than stylish: it does not have any unnecessary elements, and the beautiful colors make it the piece of art. Without a doubt, they will look great in the classroom or at home!


As we have already mentioned, it is complicated to find something teachers will really like. For example, some of them collect cool mugs while some consider them to be the horribly stereotypical gifts for people of their profession. But everybody needs an umbrella, especially if it looks very creative!

The Original Starry Night Collapsible UmbrellaThe Original Starry Night Collapsible Umbrella

If honestly, we fell in love with this umbrella. You can never find anything better for a person who cannot imagine her life without art or for a person who has a good taste! God bless Van Gogh!

Teacher Bags with Organizers

Of course, you can easily go wrong with the design of the bag even if you give it to the close person. However, this category includes the universal models teachers will definitely like.

Motivational Work BagMotivational Work Bag

You can make not only beautiful but also meaningful present by choosing a bag with the corresponding, thematic design. The inspiring words on it will encourage the teacher to move further and will show her that you appreciate everything she does for your child.

Perfect Small Gift for Teachers Day

Teachers’ job is precious and extremely complicated, and it is worth appreciation. Small but lovely things given on the Teachers Day will show how that you are grateful for every effort they take!

Washi Tapes

Do you think that washi tapes are too boring to become a good gift? Well, here you can find the goods that will blow you away! There are no borders for imagination, even when it comes to the small, ordinary things!

Books Washi TapeBooks Washi Tape

Just take a glance at this tape! Is not it impressive? The cute design of this product makes it a wonderful present even for a high school teacher!


All people need something to guide them, so does your mentor. Get him or her the wonderful symbolic thing, a nice souvenir to remember that there is always a direction to go in!

Thoreau's Engraved CompassThoreau’s Engraved Compass

The phrase engraved on this beautiful compass can encourage anyone to do everything possible and impossible to achieve the goal! The good have the appearance of quality, and the message it cares is more than wise, so your teacher will be pleasantly surprised!

Pen Holders for Desk

Though mentors hardly need a pen holder at the end of the year, this small but cute thing can help them make a perfect beginning after the summer! Furthermore, this is what the teachers really need!

Mustard Pen Holder Desktop OrganizerMustard Pen Holder Desktop Organizer

This cactus styled organizer stands out from the classic, black, strict, and often boring organizers teachers usually get. It is the must-have thing for a middle school teacher who often shows the childishness and creativity always live in his soul!
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