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The Best Gmail Apps for Windows 10 [February 2021]

Whether you use your computer for leisure or for work, email is likely a significant way for you to keep in touch with people and manage your life. An email client plays an important role in that and is worthy of a place on your computer, especially if you use multiple accounts on Gmail, the most popular and most powerful free web email service. The built-in Google web interface leaves a lot to be desired, but fortunately, you aren’t stuck using that built-in interface, or Windows Mail or Outlook as your email client. Windows 10 users have a lot of viable alternatives for a Gmail client solution. Most of them are free, they all work pretty well, and all of them are an easy replacement for Mail or Outlook.

As a user of both Windows 10 and Gmail, I’ve tested a full range of apps for Windows 10, both designed from the ground up for Gmail and supporting other apps outside of Google’s own service. This makes these apps perfect for anyone working from both their own Gmail account and work email alike. If you’re ready to improve how Gmail works on Windows, you’ve come to the right guide.

Where’s Outlook?

Windows 10 includes a Mail app by default, as well as Microsoft Outlook. Since Mail comes with Windows 10 and everyone has at least tried Outlook, I haven’t listed those here. Neither have I stuck with just those apps available from the Windows Store as that would exclude what I think are the best mail apps available right now. Instead, we’ve listed apps from both third-party sources and the Microsoft Store alike. They all work great, all play nicely with Gmail, none of them create problems with Windows 10 and they all get the job done.

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