Some Good Username Ideas for Online Games or Chats

Some Good Username Ideas

A username is similar to a brand name. It is the name by which the members of the community you’re speaking to will recognize you. That’s especially true if you’re aiming to achieve success and prominence on a particular site or platform. It has to reflect what you and your channel are all about.

Therefore, having a lame or boring username might as well kill your chances of success before you’ve even started. Luckily, there are many ways to come up with cool, cute, funny, and thought-provoking usernames. Let’s see how it’s done.

A Cool Username

Sometimes a good username might make it easier for users of a site to stumble upon your content or channel. Cool usernames tend to be very popular and you might have a hard time coming up with one that’s not already taken if you’re aiming at a large site like YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram.

A cool username

To give you a hand, you might want to think about significant people that shaped our history and create a username based on their name. Also, you can use an athlete’s name as an inspiration. If you have a famous role model or a favorite actor or actress, that might be a good place to start.

Also, you might want to look at the most popular channels on the site you want to create a profile on and see how they’re named. Are they cool or are they funny? Maybe they’re cute? Try and find a pattern or something in common these channel names have and use it to your advantage. If it worked for them, it might work for you, too.

A Cute Username

Cute usernames are very popular across the board. Many successful YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and Instagram profiles have cute names. If you intend to post content that appeals to people who like cute stuff, a cute username is the way to go. A YouTube channel filled with videos of kittens and fluffy dogs shouldn’t be named KingSlayerz, NightCity RockrBoy, or IronFistsIronWill.

Instead, you might want to combine words like sweet, cute, fairy, angel, bubbly, rainbow, unicorn, glitter, puffy, lovely, sparkly, and similar to your name. Here are some examples:

  1. RainbowUnicornJenny
  2. SnowflakePrincess
  3. MissHannahSparkles

If you’ll be posting about your pets most of the time, you might like these cute usernames:

  1. HoneyPaws
  2. MrMittensTV
  3. AngelKittens

Misspell It, Spell It Backwards

Many people want to use their names as their usernames. However, the first JohnSmith that registers on the platform has rendered the username unavailable for all subsequent John Smiths. What to do then? Mix it up and come up with something cool.

For example, you might want to misspell your name. If your name is Marcus, you might become Markkus or MarrrCus. Jordan can spell his or her name as Jorddan, Jorrrden, or Jordn. If that’s not enough, you can combine your given and second names. If you’re named Howard Philip, you might do something like this – pHhOiWlAiRpD. Here, Howard is written in capitals, while Philip is in lower-case letters.

You can also use the “spell it backwards” tactic. In that case, the said John Smith might become htimSnhoJ. Likewise, Howard Philip might be pilihpdrawoh. Feel free to play with the various combinations of lower and upper-case letters.

Add Numbers, Dashes, and Underscores

If you include numbers, dashes, underscores, and special characters, the possibilities for username creation are endless. However, before you proceed, check whether the site you want to register at allows the use of numbers, punctuation marks, and special characters in usernames. If these characters are allowed, here are some ideas.

For example, you might add the year of your birth to your user name. Troy McCarthy might become Troy95McCarthy, 9Troy5McCarthy, or TroyMcCarthy95. You can also add other numbers that are significant to you.

If you’ve thought up a great username and found that it’s taken, you can add underscores and dashes to it. For example, JohnSmith might become John_Smith or htimS_nhoJ. Likewise, if someone’s already taken the MasterChief username, you might become Master_Chief, Master-Chief, or _master_chief_.

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A Movie and TV Show-Related Username

Usernames based on movie and TV show characters will never go out of fashion. They’ve been around since the dawn of internet and they’re here to stay. If you opt for such a username, you should make sure to pick a show, movie, or character that’s both popular and very dear to you.

Referencing an obscure horror or sci-fi film will likely not draw much attention. Black_lagoon_creature, StrangeCircus, and paperhousegirl don’t seem too popular or eye-catching usernames. If these are your favorite movies, then, by all means, go for it.

On the other hand, basing your name on a cult classic is a much better idea. AnddyDuffresne, Morp_heus, and Danger-Maverik-Zone sound much cooler.

A Video Game-Inspired Username

If you’re an avid gamer, you might want to take inspiration from your favorite games. As with movies and TV shows, you can give a nod to your childhood favorite and go with such names as occarinaoftime86, rondo-of-blood, or DaBluHedgehog.

Usernames based on timeless classics are also popular. For example, PaynetotheMax, Oblivion_Awaits_89, and stalkernation might be good ideas.

You can also pick something inspired by contemporary titles, such as Mark-Ezio-Jones, Sylvannas_Windrunner, or yoshimmitsu.

Username Generator

If all else fails, you can put your fate in the hands of a username generator. This should be the last resort, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get a good name. Many free generators have a rather small pool of names.

Also, you’ll have to check whether the names generated by a certain generator can be used on the site you want to register at. Finally, some generators are narrowly specialized for certain sites like Instagram or Snapchat.

username generator

What’s My Name?

Ideally, your username should already give the site user a good idea as to what to expect from your channel or profile. They should have an idea what type of content you post. While comprehensive, the list of username ideas presented in this article is by no means definitive or all-encompassing.

How do you come up with usernames for your channels or social media profiles? How important is it to have a good username? Do you think that different strategies should be employed for different sites or that it doesn’t really matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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