How to Make Google the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Posted by Jim Tanous on July 14, 2015
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Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edge, a slick new Web browser that Microsoft hopes will reverse the company’s fragmented and declining Internet Explorer market share. Unsurprisingly, Edge uses Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing, as the default when searching in the browser’s address bar.
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Bing certainly has some advantages as a search engine, but many users prefer to search with a competing service like Google or DuckDuckGo. The good news is that Microsoft allows users to change the default search engine in Edge. The bad news, however, is that some search engines like Google and Yahoo still aren’t supported. While we hope that Microsoft and its search partners will have the situation remedied by the time Windows 10 launches to the public on July 29th, here’s how early Windows 10 adopters can add Google as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge.

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The Basics: Adding a New Search Provider in Edge

First, let’s look quickly at the basic steps that you need to take to replace Bing as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge. With Edge open, click the More Actions button (represented as three dots in a horizontal line) at the top-right of the Edge window. In the More Actions menu, find and click Settings.
microsoft edge settings
Next, scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu and click View advanced settings.
microsoft edge advanced settings
In the Advanced Settings menu, again scroll near the bottom of the list until you find an option labeled “Search in the address bar with.” By default, this option will be set to Bing. Open the drop-down menu and click <Add new>.
microsoft edge search settings
Here, you’ll see a list of all compatible search providers that have been added to Edge thus far (this list will be sparse initially, but we’ll discuss how to remedy that below). If your desired search provider is already listed here, simply click on it to select it, then click Add as default to set it as the default search engine when searching via the Edge address bar.
microsoft edge add search provider
Unlike Internet Explorer, which required specific “add-ons” to be created for each search engine, Microsoft Edge utilizes OpenSearch, which lets users directly search a variety of non-traditional providers, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, and even site-specific options like Intel. All you need to do to add a compatible search engine to Edge is to visit the desired search page in the browser. Once you do, it should appear in the “Add a search provider” menu list.

Workaround for Google Support in Edge

The steps above are simple enough, but the problem is that two of the most popular search engines, Google and Yahoo, aren’t yet compatible with the way that Microsoft has implemented OpenSearch and, with Windows 10 about to launch, they don’t yet appear as options in the “Add a search provider” list. There are several arguments as to why this is the case, and with which company the fault lies, but it turns out that it can be remedied by appending the requisite OpenSearch XML file to the Google search query.
As this solution may be a bit complicated for most Edge users, an easy workaround has been created by software engineer Sandeep Bansal. Simply visit this custom site in Edge, select your country, and OpenSearch will be enabled on many popular search engines, including Google and Yahoo.
add google microsoft edge
This workaround merely appends the appropriate OpenSearch XML data to the Google search query, letting Edge recognize Google and the other incompatible search providers as valid candidates for the default search engine; the content of your searches aren’t captured in the middle.
add google microsoft edge
After you’ve visited the site linked above, repeat the steps in the first section of this tutorial to return to the “Add a search provider” menu. You’ll now see Google, Yahoo, and other popular choices like Reddit and Ask, listed as available options. If you’re interested in using Google as your default search engine in Edge, just select it and click Add as default.
microsoft edge google search
Once you understand how Edge handles third-party search engines, changing your search provider in the future is a relatively quick and easy process. But while the workaround described here is safe and effective, we hope that Microsoft can work with Google and Yahoo to ensure that both search engines are available from the start once Windows 10 makes its public debut.

23 thoughts on “How to Make Google the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge”

mcrosoft suxx says:
It’s 2019… There is no “Advanced Settings” any more…. How can I add google.com to the list of the search engines. (Right now there’s only Bing on the list)
Satwant Yadav says:
This is very nice and useful information.
teresa says:
Thank you worked for me to use google search in edge
Admiral Stan Smith says:
If I would have known Microsoft controlled my settings I wouldn’t have purchased this crap.
Sheila says:
I tried this but it still will not let me make Google my default search engine. Ugh! I get this message: We couldn’t set Google as your default search engine. Try again later.
I’ve “tried again later” many times. Any other workarounds?
Ace hints says:
Use Chrome and don’t use Edge. the very simple way
Karl says:
It’s much easier than that. Open microsoft edge->typ your search engine in the address bar google.be (in my case) go to ‘more actions’->settings->scroll down to ‘view advanced settings’->’search in the address bar with’->scroll down to ‘add new’->your search engine will be listed now (if you don’t add your search engine in the address bar to begin with , it will not be there and ‘set default’, ‘add’ and ‘remove’ will be greyed out->select set default
RolloMartins says:
That didn’t work either. This really stinks.
Karl says:
@Dennis What if you would remove your specific homepage addresses, select ‘start with homepage’ and restarted microsoft edge
name says:
many thanks, works fine (Hungary, Win10-64bit) – http://www.google.hu setted
Rumman Mou says:
thanks a lot for this post.i have to type the url every time i want to go to google from Microsoft edge.that is very annoying.now i wont have to do that anymore.
sarav says:
hey guys heres the solution , go to settings – u would see the set page radio button checked in select specific pages in that and choose a custom page u need to set – close ur browser and open issue fixed
I had miccrsoft Edge buut now its disappeared,and can not get it back,only a lot of waffle about it,??
Mark Deshong says:
ok, so every time I open edge ( as soon as it opens) I want it to directly open Google. Right now, it opens a “Where to Next page” I have changed default search to google but it still wont open google first. I have to click the Home (house) icon to go to google. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advanced.
TekRevue says:
Hi Mark,
Great question, and probably one that many other users have, so we wrote up a quick tutorial: https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/start-edge-with-google-custom-start-page/
5iiiou says:
worx 4 me
Keith Peri Jr. says:
it does not give me an option to add a new one!!! it stays gray and can’t click on any of the 3!!!! please help….
Marti Christie says:
THANK YOU!!! Easy to follow instructions and I got my much loved Google back ( :
whocares says:
I tried the workaround to add google as my search provider, and it said “Could not add this provided because it did not meet our security policy”. What does that mean, and how do I fix it?
Simone M. says:
Worked flawlessly ๐Ÿ˜€
Antonio_lovy says:
Works very well. hoping that Google and others will support natively this protocol
XRedShark says:
thank you!
Joshua Shah says:
does’nt work
Kimmo says:
Works well.. except it has Google Australia listed as google.au instead of google.com.au
Christine Garner says:
I suggest you try again Kimmo because I had the option to either have it with .com.au or just .au … obviously I chose google.com.au … its just a suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚
Angel Cruz says:
It just worked!

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