Google Sitemaps XML WordPress Plugin

I recently became a little annoyed with trying to find a Google Sitemap.xml plugin that wasn’t overly bloated, didn’t require a button to be pressed to regenerate, and just worked. I couldn’t find one, although I’m sure there’s got to be one out there. Anyway, long story short. I wrote my own instead as it seemed easier, as I can’t count the times this has annoyed me over the years over 100s of WordPress installations.

All you have to do is activate the plugin, go to Tools->TJ Sitemaps and select the post types that you would like to appear and it will take care of the rest. Just visit to view the results. Please make sure there are no other sitemaps plugins active as that could cause conflicts.

I’m trying to get it approved in the official WordPress Plugin Repository, but its not approved yet. Here’s the code on GitHub:

A follow up post will be coming soon about the development

Posted by Will on November 14, 2012

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