A Few Fun Google tricks and Easter Eggs for 2016

While often being accused of trying to take over the world, Google does have a sense of humor. There are currently hundreds of Google tricks and Easter eggs accessible from within its browser or through the search engine. Some are better than others and some are serious. What I’m after is the most fun Google tricks and Easter eggs of this year.

That’s what this list is all about. Highlighting the little aspects of the Big G where it shows a real sense of humor and where we can have a bit of fun too.

The most fun Google tricks and Easter eggs I could find

I won’t pretend I know all of the tricks and Easter eggs out there in the wild. I doubt even Google themselves know all of them. So what follows is ‘the most fun Google tricks and Easter eggs of this year that I could findTM’.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity has to be one of the most popular Easter eggs. Do a Google search for ‘Google gravity’ and select the ‘mrdoob’ link or ‘I’m feeling lucky’. You will be taken to a page where gravity takes on new meaning. As an added bonus, anywhere you search within that same session will also subject to gravity. It’s a bit of harmless fun that is quite amusing at the same time.


If you have ever watch the Brit show Dr. Who, you will know that the TARDIS is a blue police phone box that the good Doctor does his time traveling in. If you perform a Google Maps street view outside Earl’s Court in London, you will see the TARDIS parked outside. You can click on it to get a tour of the interior which really is bigger than it seems on the outside!



Yes I know Pac-Man has been a Google Doodle forever, but it’s still a bit of fun. Type ‘Pac-Man’ into the search engine and you are presented with a Google Doodle of the same name. Click it and a small Pac-Man game appears which you can play to your heart’s content. First released in 2010, it’s still a firm favorite online.

Zerg rush

The Starcraft Zerg rush is a term familiar to any PC gamer and wreaks the same kind of havoc on our favorite search engine too. A Zerg rush in Starcraft is where massed aliens all attack at once causing a chaotic mess while you try to cope with the sheer numbers. Type ‘Zerg rush’ into Google and see what happens.


Askew is not for those with OCD or for whom everything has to be neat and in straight lines. Type ‘Askew’ into Google and see what happens. While simple, it’s amazing the disconcerting effect it has in a medium that is built with straight lines and boxes!


Flip a Coin

Flipping a coin has been a decider ever since there were such things as coins. Even though they are becoming rarer by the day, we still use them to make decisions or choose who goes first. Type ‘Flip a Coin’ into Google and it will help you make that decision.

Google in 1998

Anytime you think you’re taking technology for granted, type ‘Google in 1998’ into the search engine. You will be presented with a snapshot of how the internet used to be. While subtle, the differences are stark and are a helpful reminder that things have come a long way in just 18 years.

Pirate Google

While being a pirate doesn’t mean quite the same thing today as it did a couple hundred years ago, it isn’t all bad. Click this Google Pirate link and see that the traditional home page has evolved slightly. Now you have ‘Google Searrrch’, ‘I Be Feeelin’ Lucky’ and ‘Engravin’s’ at the top. The search engine works as it should it just takes on a pirate twang that can be quite amusing.

Use the Force Luke

Finally, type ‘Use the Force Luke’ into YouTube. The page will immediately start moving around and can only be controlled by the force, of your mouse. This one works best if you are a Star Wars geek like me. A couple minutes fun nonetheless.

There are lots of other Google tricks and Easter eggs around but I think these are the most fun. Many earlier Easter eggs no longer work but I have personally checked all of these are as of November 2016, all are working and are delivering a bit of levity to your desktop.

Have any cool Google tricks and Easter eggs you want us to know about? Tell us below if you do!

Posted by Jamie on November 17, 2016

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