How To Grow Your Periscope Audience & Get More Followers

Posted by Will on February 4, 2016

Periscope is a live video streaming app developed in 2013 by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein for Android and iOS. Twitter eventually bought the app in 2015, even before Periscope was formally launched to the public. Around that time, Twitter developed their own video livestreaming app, very similar to Periscope, called Meerkat.


By the middle of 2015, statistics showed that Periscope is one of the most popular video livestreaming app on the market: Periscope has a reported 10 million accounts with more than 40 years of videos being watched daily. By the end of 2015, Apple awarded Persicope the “iPhone App of the Year” and the app got a ton of media attention from TV shows and online media.

Why Use Periscope?

In business, using the right tech tools can uplift your operations and improve the connection you have with your market. Last year, social media made a gargantuan impact on business, land-based and online, because social media apps are able to reach the consumers quickly, easily, and with the highest acceptance ratio compared to any other media platform.

Periscope is one such tool businesses have at their disposal. Users of Periscope have the option of tweeting about their video on Live Stream, making their videos public, limiting viewership, disallowing comments, blocking viewers, and receiving “hearts” from viewers. Hearts refer to the positive emotion viewers can send back to the broadcaster. The latest feature to be added to Periscope waqs the AppleTV app which allows live broadcasting in landscape mode. This is an amazing way to broadcast live using your mobile device anywhere, anytime. And with a maximum of 8,000 users able to follow you – your reach for one live video is extended tremendously. What does a wide reach mean for your business? Well, it means your video has the greatest potential to go viral, the crowning achievement for any a social media marketing campaign. Periscope allows for a high level of interactivity with your customers, so this kind of event is hard to duplicate with other apps.

The only downfall to Periscope is the 24 hour time limit on broadcasts meaning that,after a day, the feed is removed permanently. Of course, you can always re-post the video and share it as many times as you want.

  1. Conduct a live Q&A session with users – A powerful way to connect with your users instantly.
  2. Show your skills – Audition or product launches? Not a problem if you have the Periscope app but you have to make sure that you create a good video that isn’t boring, on point, and entertaining.
  3. Feature behind-the-scenes broadcasts which are almost always a big hit. People love to feel like they’re getting an insider’s peek at the companies and brands that they love.
  4. Share updates and news.
  5. Introduce yourself, your business, and allow others to get to know you –making it easier to love you and your products!
  6. Get feedback and see comments from people viewing your broadcasts.
  7. Collect geographic analytics – You can see the location of the people viewing your broadcasts (if they allow it) which should give additional insight about your market and the demography you want to attract

How to Use Periscope

The app is really easy to use. It has only 5 main features: Sign in, Tabs, Settings, Watching Videos, and Sending Videos.

  1. To sign in, you must first have the app on your device, which you can open using your phone number or Twitter handle. For business owners, it’s a good idea to have a business Twitter handle first and then use this to open your Periscope account.
  2. Once you’ve opened the app, there are 4 main tabs inside. The first tab has the list of people you follow who are on live and the list of videos (or broadcasts) you have watched in the past 24 hours. The second tab shows the list of all public broadcasts worldwide.Peri2
  3. The third tab is the broadcast booth, where you can create your own stream.
  4. The last main tab has the people you can follow, your profile tab and settings. On your profile, which is imported from Twitter, can be edited easily from this tab. This tab also shows the number of hearts you’ve received, number of users you are following and following you. It also has the blocked list, notification controls, language choice, and priority of broadcasts.

To Use the Broadcast Screen, all you have to do:

  1. Enable all 3 options that pop up : video, audio, and location.Peri3
  2. Provide a name for your broadcast.
  3. If you like, you can opt to turn off location if you don’t want to reveal your location. You can also select public or private broadcasts, as well the persons you want to view whatever broadcasts you choose to make private.
  4. Next, you can toggle the chat feature. So, if you turn it off, everyone can chat and when you turn it on, only those following can chat with you (Please note there are a limited number of people are allowed at any given time.)
  5. Finally, you have the option of sending out a Tweet to let your followers know about your broadcast

After your broadcast, Periscope shows you a few metrics such as number of viewers, retention percentage, broadcast duration, hearts received, and time watched.

Is Periscope worth using for business? Any way that successfully allows you to connect with your market and client base is worth taking on. So, yes, in that sense, Periscope is definitely worth investing your time in. Periscope amplifies your presence on Twitter and beyond, and with Twitter turning into one of the hottest social media apps of the century, you have a higher chance of getting noticed and appreciated by the people who can make the biggest difference in your business’s bottom line.

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