Can Grubhub Take Cash Tips?

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery services in the US. It works through a mobile app or website and enables the user to order food without making an actual phone call. This brings a number of benefits to the table.

In fact, the only in-person part of the entire Grubhub experience is greeting the delivery driver at your doorstep. Like most delivery drivers, those who work for Grubhub earn a part of their salary through tips. Therefore, stiffing them isn’t very nice (unless you have good reason to). Here’s more about Grubhub tipping.

Do They Take Cash?

First of all, Grubhub doesn’t accept payments in cash. On occasion, the delivery driver will tell you to contact the restaurant you ordered from to settle a cash payment. However, this is in no way their official policy. What’s more, this only further complicates things for Grubhub.

So, no, Grubhub doesn’t accept cash payments. You’re going to have to pay using your card.

With that said, as a conscientious citizen, you know how important tips are for people who work in the service industry, especially delivery drivers. Keep in mind that they deliver your food in adverse weather conditions, regardless of how many flights of stairs they need to take. So, tipping your delivery person goes without saying.

But do the delivery employees from Grubhub accept cash? They most certainly do. You’re actually expected to tip them in this way. But how do you do it?

grubhub take cash tips

Tipping with Grubhub

Every tip that a Grubhub delivery driver receives needs to go through their manager. If it doesn’t, it isn’t official and, therefore, of questionable legality. However, the entire tip that you set aside for the delivery person will go to the delivery person in question. So don’t tip them any less because of this.

All a delivery driver needs to do is highlight the tip line on the document after the transaction. Sometimes, they’ll highlight this option before coming to your doorstep. This is a light insinuation that they’d appreciate you giving them a gratuity.

Don’t think that this is being pushy, however. You have to realize that being a delivery driver isn’t an easy job and it definitely isn’t paid well. In large part, delivery drivers rely on your tips. So, be sure to tip them well.

Delivery Fees Aren’t Tips

Some people think that tips fall under the delivery fees category. Well, if you’re paying for a delivery fee, you don’t have to add an extra tip on top, right?

Completely wrong. Delivery fees aren’t tips and the delivery drivers don’t see a penny out of these fees. This goes for minimum delivery fees and any other type of fee.

A tip can only be paid in cash and isn’t part of any additional food delivery fee.

How to Tip

As a rule of thumb (as is the case with most tips in restaurants), 20% is the standard. Although you aren’t obligated to pay this, it’s pretty much the minimum sum that you should cash out for your delivery person’s troubles.

If it’s business as usual and you aren’t crazy happy about the delivery performance, 20% will probably cut it. Well, not in every scenario. If the 20% is less than $5, you should pay $5 instead.

grubhub cash tips

If you’re dissatisfied with the delivery service (it was late, or the driver was rude), you should opt out of the tip altogether. If they were especially rude, you should call the Grubhub customer service and report the matter. This, fortunately, rarely happens with Grubhub employees.

If you’re really satisfied with the delivery service, don’t just offer the 20%/$5. Give them an extra bonus on top. Keep in mind that delivery isn’t an easy job. If someone excels at it, you should reward them.

How Much to Tip

Sure, you got it, at least 20% ($5), plus something on top if the delivery was exceptional. But there’s an unspoken standard here, as well. Although no delivery driver will complain about a 20% tip, as long as it’s more than $5, they’ll appreciate a bonus for a job well done. Here’s how to deal with these bonuses and how much money to set aside, in accordance with the situation.

Cargo Weight

If you’re throwing a large party and have just ordered more than 20 pizzas, acknowledge that this is a big load. The delivery driver, unless they’re a superhero, will have to go back to the delivery vehicle a couple of times. Consider the fact that they also had to make a couple of trips when loading the delivery.

So why not add an additional 3-5% to the 20% if you made a big order? Your delivery person is going to love it and it will certainly put a smile on their face.

Weather Woes

It’s easy to say, “I don’t care, it’s their job,” but delivering food in bad weather isn’t easy. This calls for at least $3-5 on top of the 20% tip. If your food arrives quickly, despite the horrible weather conditions and the delivery is intact, this warrants an even bigger bonus.

Lots of Steps

You’ve taken those flights of stairs before. If you live in a building without an elevator, you do it every day. Keep in mind that your delivery person is going to have a hard time climbing up all those stairs. Therefore, they deserve a proper reward. Add $1-2 for any considerable walkup that your delivery person will have to make.

Grubhub and Tips

Tipping your Grubhub delivery person should go without saying. They do a lot of hard work to bring food for you to enjoy. Unless they’re incredibly late without any excuse or are very rude, a 20% cash tip is the default. Of course, use the above-mentioned guidelines to increase the sum, with regards to any difficulties your delivery driver had to go through.

How much do you tip for delivery? Do you often go past these amounts? Hit the comments section below and feel free to share your thoughts on tipping delivery drivers.

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