Apple iPhone 8/8+ – How to Unlock for Any Carrier

Posted by Arch on May 15, 2019

Changing to a new carrier can be useful for a number of reasons.

However, your iPhone 8/8+ might not work with a new SIM card. This usually depends on the contract you signed with your carrier.

If you have a carrier-locked phone, you can’t use it with a different carrier. When you insert a new SIM card, you will need to insert the unlock code. The unlock code is a short string of numbers that lets you use your phone with any SIM card. On the upside, you won’t have to unlock your phone more than once.

Not every phone is carrier-locked. For example, if you got your iPhone 8/8+ in an official Apple Store, it’s definitely not locked. But if your phone needs unlocking, there are several easy and legal ways to do it.

Contact Your Carrier

The first step is to call your carrier or to go over your contract. It is possible that you have fulfilled the terms of your contract already. In this case, you could get your phone unlocked for free.

The most important condition is to settle any debts you might owe to the carrier.

In order to unlock your phone, your carrier will ask for your IMEI number. You need this number for any unlocking method.

IMEI Numbers

Your phone’s IMEI number is a unique 15-digit code that you can find on the box your iPhone 8/8+ arrived in. But if the box isn’t at hand, there are other ways to find your IMEI number.

For example, you can follow these steps:

Go into Settings

Select General

Tap on About

Now you can copy your IMEI code for future use.

The code is also printed on the SIM tray. This is useful when you need to find your IMEI while your phone is unresponsive.

Using a Third-Party Unlocking App

If your carrier refuses to unlock the phone, you can pay for an unlocking service instead.

Some phone repair shops do phone unlocking, but you can also do it from home using an online unlocker.

There are many unlocking websites you can choose from. In this example, we will use

Load the Website on Your Computer

Select Your Country

Select Your Current Carrier

Tap on Unlock

Now you have to enter some identifying information.

Select Your Phone Model

If your chosen unlocker doesn’t support your phone model, look for a different unlocking website.

Enter the IMEI Number

Click on Unlock Now!

Select Your Preferred Payment Method

You can use various online paying methods. If the service is unsuccessful, this unlocker will refund your money.

Enter Your Name

Enter Your Email Address

In one to three days, the unlocking service will send an unlock code to your email. You should thus use a real email address when filling out the form.

A Final Thought

There are many reasons why phone unlocking is useful.

After a move, you may need a different carrier due to coverage issues. Some people change carriers for financial reasons, as they may find a better monthly deal with a different carrier.

Switching carriers is crucial to anyone who travels a lot. After all, buying an affordable new SIM card in the country you’re visiting is a better investment than paying steep roaming fees.

Finally, unlocking is useful if you’re planning to sell your phone, as the new owner will naturally want to use a new SIM card.

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