How To Block Text Messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Receiving unwanted texts can be annoying. Many of them are a total waste of your time, such as the ones from telemarketers. Blocking the sender can give you peace of mind, among other things.

How do Galaxy Note 8 users deal with unwanted text messages? Here are a few ways to block texts on this phone.

Use the Samsung Messages App to Block a Number

To block a sender using the Messages app, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Messages Icon on Your Home Screen
  • Select the Menu Icon (Three Dots)
  • Go into Settings

  • Select Block Messages
  • Select Block Numbers
  • Tap on the + Icon

Here, you can manually add the number that you want to block. You can also select the Contacts icon and choose a number from your contacts. There’s also an option to go to your Inbox, and from here you can block a sender by tapping on the conversation.

How to Block Numbers from Your Inbox

There’s another convenient way to do the same thing.

  • Go into Messages

From the home screen, select the Messages icon.

  • Find the Conversation that You Want to Block

Then, select the Menu icon next to the conversation.

  • Select Block Number
  • Switch the Message Block Toggle to On
  • Tap on OK

Using a Third-Party App to Block Numbers and Phrases

Another option is to use a third-party app to manage your messages. These apps can do a lot to rid you of spam. Let’s look into some free options.

Reos SMS

Reos makes message organization considerably easier.

This one uses machine learning to go through your messages. It scans the text used in the message and then sorts the message into one of three folders.

One folder is for personal messages, one is for notifications. The third folder contains promotional messages. This is where spam messages end up.

SMS Blocker with Clean Inbox

This app is available here. It’s designed to let you block messages based on certain words. Why is phrase blocking useful?

It’s because some spammers keep changing numbers so they can continue to reach people after they get blocked.

But with SMS Blocker, you can filter out messages that contain a particular phrase. You can choose commons words found in promotional texts and other unwelcome spam.


This Swedish app has two great features that can help you get rid of unwanted SMS messages:

Identifying Unknown Numbers

The Truecaller database is extensive and you might be able to identify the source of unidentified messages. This can be useful if you’re dealing with harassment and telemarketers.

An Option to Report and Block Spam

The app blocks spam based on the reports of other Truecaller users. If an unwanted promotion does slip through, you can report it.

A Final Word

The Note 8 is a great phone for users who enjoy texting, and you can even send handwritten messages. Blocking unwelcome texts makes it much easier to enjoy your phone’s features without any stress.

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