How To Change Wallpaper on the Galaxy S8/S8+

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Choosing the most appropriate wallpaper has always been a major part of personalizing your phone. With the Galaxy S8 and S8+, you have a wide selection of stock wallpapers to choose from. Using your photos or theme store downloads is also straightforward.

Here is what you need to know about setting wallpapers on your S8/S8+.

Home Screen Wallpapers vs. Lock Screen Wallpapers

One of the great things about having a Galaxy S8 or S8+ is that you can set two different wallpapers.

It’s a good idea to choose a simple image for your home screen wallpaper. After all, your home screen is filled with app icons and you want to be able to see them clearly. But for the lock screen, you can choose something more eye-catching. If you like to keep things simple, it’s also easy to use the same image for both screens.

Changing Wallpapers from the Home Screen

There are many different ways to set new wallpaper. Here is how you can do it starting from your home screen.

  1. Tap on an Empty Area on Your Home Screen

Find an empty spot, then tap and hold. This takes you to home screen customization. Here, you can edit your wallpapers, widgets, and wallpaper settings.

  1. Tap on Wallpapers

Here, you can scroll through the wallpaper options that come with your phone. Samsung chose wallpapers that make full use of the crisp 2960×1440 display. The images are all intricate and look professional but engaging.

It’s also possible to access your gallery from here. Choosing one of your photos or downloads as a wallpaper is a popular choice. But you want an image that looks good in a Quad HD+ resolution. If your gallery images are the wrong dimensions for a wallpaper, you can crop them to size.

When you find your favorite wallpaper, tap on it.

  1. Tap on Apply Wallpaper

  1. Choose Where You Want to Display the Wallpaper

You can choose your home screen, lock screen, or both.

Setting Your Wallpaper from the Gallery

You can choose your wallpaper from your gallery. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open Your Gallery

  2. Select the Image

Tap on any photo or downloaded image. You can also edit your image extensively before you apply it as a wallpaper.

  1. Tap on More

This option is in the top right corner of your screen.

  1. Tap on Select as Wallpaper

Again, you can choose between your home screen, your lock screen, and both screens. Pick your favorite choice and then tap SET AS WALLPAPER.

What About the Theme Store?

If the stock options don’t appeal to you, you might enjoy browsing the theme store instead. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select Wallpapers and Themes

You can access your gallery from here too. But to see what the store has to offer, select the Wallpapers icon or the Themes icon at the bottom of your screen. Now you can browse the theme store for images that reflect your personal style.

  1. Choose a Theme or Wallpaper

  2. Download It

  3. Tap on Apply

Once again, you get to choose where to apply the wallpaper you downloaded.

A Final Thought

It’s a good idea to keep changing your phone’s wallpapers periodically. It can brighten your day to see a new image on your screen.

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