Galaxy S9/S9+ – Device Is Charging Slow – What to Do

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The Galaxy S9 battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, which means a talk time of around 31 hours. Since the S9+ is designed to provide you with afternoons of carefree media consumption, it comes with even better battery life. This model’s capacity is 3500mAh, with a talk time of 35 hours.

If you dislike dealing with cables, it might be worth it to invest in a wireless charger. These are sold separately by Samsung.

The S9 and S9+ also come with a Fast Charging feature, which increases charging power if the phone or its screen is turned off. You can use Fast Charging with both wired and wireless charging.

In general, keeping the S9/S9+ charged is an easy routine. But if something goes wrong, your charging time can go up a great deal. Let’s look at the best way to handle that situation.

What to Do If Your Phone Isn’t Charging Correctly

1. Start by Checking Your Power Source

Before you do anything else, try using a different outlet to charge your phone.

2. Take a Moment to Check Your Charging Equipment

If the cable or the prongs of the charger are noticeably damaged, stop using it immediately. Contact Samsung for a replacement.

While some third-party chargers can get the job done, sticking to the original Samsung charger is a good idea if speed is important to you.

3. Try Charging Your Phone in Safe Mode

You probably know not to use apps while your phone is charging. It slows down the charging process and puts your phone at risk of overheating.

But some apps can drain your phone even if you’re not using it. To see if this is the case, consider charging your smartphone in safe mode.

To switch to safe mode, do the following:

  • Press and Hold the Power Off Button – The option to Power Off will appear on your screen.
  • On the Screen, Touch and Hold “Power Off”

After a while, you can restart the phone in safe mode.

If charging your phone like this is significantly faster, your next step is to figure out which app is messing up your phone charging. Consider removing the last app installed.

4. Consider a Software Update

Occasionally, the automatic software updates get interrupted. This can slow down your phone’s performance and cause charging issues. To solve this, do the following:

  • Enter Settings
  • Select Software update
  • Tap on “Check for updates”

Choose the most recent update, and then tap on it and confirm the installation.

A Final Word

If the above solutions didn’t work for you, you have a few more options left.

You can back up all your data to another device and then go for a full system reset. This will restore your phone to the way it was when it arrived. If the problem comes from malfunctioning software, this will take care of it.

The other solution is to contact Samsung or your carrier for a local service center. There’s a chance the battery health isn’t 100%. To keep the new battery in top shape, avoid leaving the phone to charge overnight. You should also make sure it never runs out of charge completely.

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