Google Pixel 2/2 XL – How to Block Calls

Posted by Arch on July 2, 2018

We all know how indispensable mobile phones have become. We rely on them for so many aspects of our everyday lives that they practically never leave our side. And while it is great to have so many features available at our fingertips at a mere moment’s notice, this also means we can’t help but pay attention whenever our phone does something. Consequently, this bond we have with our smartphone can become detrimental when we start receiving unwanted calls.

Blocking Calls

Fortunately, your Google Pixel 2/2 XL offers an easy way to resolve this issue. While it is true that nothing will prevent that first annoying call, there is no need to suffer through any additional pestering. Simply follow these easy steps.

The first stop is, as expected, the home screen. Begin by starting the Phone app. You do this by tapping its icon.

Now you need to open the phone menu. That’s the icon in the top right corner of the screen with the three vertical dots.

This will make a new menu pop up. Go into the settings.

Once here, you need to look for the item called “Call blocking”. This is what’ve been looking for and it will allow you to put an end to the aggravation.

Now, all you need to do is tap “Add a number” and type in the phone number you wish to block. It’s as easy as that and you’ve just saved yourself from a lot of future annoyance.

If you accidentally enter the wrong number or you change your mind, undoing this process is very straightforward. Come to the same menu and you will see the list of all the numbers you’ve blocked. Simply press the little “x” on the right side and that number will go back to normal and you’ll receive calls from it as usual.


Now that you know how to block calls from a specific number, we’d like to quickly go over what is likely the most frequent use of this function. And that’s telemarketing.

We are confident it’s very easy to relate to this problem and we doubt there are many people who haven’t had at least a couple of brushes with telemarketing. It can be a salesperson asking for a “minute” of our time and offering supposedly free stuff in return. Or, it can be a prerecorded sales pitch informing us about the opportunity of a lifetime. Either way, these intrusive phone calls have two things in common: we don’t care about whatever it is they are selling and they tend to happen at the most inconvenient of times.

The reason for this is that your mobile phone number is a valuable commodity for some. A telemarketing company had to pay to obtain it and they plan to get their money’s worth. This means you can be subjected to repeated calls no matter how vigorously you protest. Therefore, you should not hesitate to use call blocking.

Final Words

Whether you’re avoiding telemarketers or dealing with a person intent on harassing you, call blocking is a very useful tool. It’s both easy to do and, should the need arise, undo. And even though it only takes a minute, it can help you avoid a lot of bother.

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