How To Block Calls on the Moto Z2 Force

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What’s the best way to get rid of unwanted callers?

Putting together a block list can give you peace of mind. Blocking helps you avoid calls from unpleasant acquaintances or pushy exes. They won’t know that they’re blocked, so you can avoid uncomfortable conversations about it, too.

Call blocking is also very useful to anyone who has to deal with telemarketing, polling calls, and other types of phone spam. It can save you from a lot of annoyance.

So how do you block a person if you own a Moto Z2 Force?

Adding Numbers to Your Block List

This is the most direct way to block an unwelcome caller when you know their number:

1. Tap on Phone

The Phone app is usually on your home screen.

2. Select More

Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.

3. Select Settings

4. Select Call Blocking

5. Tap on ADD A NUMBER

Now, you can simply insert the number you want to block. This person will no longer be able to call you or text you.

6. Tap on BLOCK

7. Tap on Back to Save Changes

What if something changes and you decide to unblock the person in question? Follow these steps to remove someone from your block list:

1. Tap on Phone

2. Select More

3. Select Settings

4. Select Call Blocking

5. Select the Number You Want to Unblock

Tap on the X next to the number in question.

6. Tap on UNBLOCK

Keep in mind that blocking a person won’t remove them from your contacts list.

Block Numbers from Your Contacts Screen

What if you want to block more than one person at the same time? You can perform blocking from the Contacts screen following these steps:

1. Open Your Contacts

You can open the Contacts app from your app screen. Swipe up from the home screen to see it.

2. Tap on the All Contacts Tab

3. Select the Numbers You Want to Block

4. Tap on Edit

5. Choose Menu

6. Turn on “All Calls to Voicemail”

When a blocked contact calls you, they’ll automatically go to your voicemail and you won’t be notified of their call.

How to Turn on Call Forwarding

Blocking forwards your call to voicemail. You can also forward unwanted callers to a different number.

Forwarding can be conditional or unconditional. Conditional forwarding applies to situations when you’re busy, you don’t answer a call, or you’re out of reach. But if you want to effectively block somebody, you should go for unconditional forwarding.

To make sure that a particular caller always gets forwarded to a number of your choice, follow these steps:

1. Tap on Phone

2. Select More

3. Select Settings

4. Tap on Calls

5. Select Call Forwarding

6. Select Always Forward

7. Add the Numbers You Want to Set to Forwarding

8. Tap TURN ON

You can always cancel forwarding by following the same steps. When you reach the Always Forward screen, tap on the number you want to remove.

A Final Thought

Blocking anonymous and unknown callers can also help you get rid of spam calls.

However, some users need additional measures of prevention. You can contact your carrier to find out if they can help you block callers. Or maybe the best option for you is to install a third-party blocking app and let it handle unwanted calls.

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