HTC U11 – How to Change Language

Posted by Arch on February 10, 2019

Whether you want to text in a foreign language or want to configure your brand new HTC U11, modifying the system language settings may be a good idea.

Changing the language on the HTC U11 is easy. There is a great choice of languages, too, and you are just a few taps away from all of them. Keep reading to find out how to do that.

Changing the Language in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Go to Home screen, swipe up, and then tap Settings.

STEP 2: Tap Language & Keyboard.

STEP 3: Tap Languages. Note that the first language in the list is your current default one.

STEP 4: Tap Add a Language and then select the preferred one.

STEP 5: Tap OK to set the newly added language as your default one. Alternatively, you can tap No to just add the language without making it your default display language.

If at any point you want to change your default display language, you just have to enter the Languages menu and drag your chosen language to the top of the list.

When you wish to remove a language from the list, all you have to do is to tap Remove from the corresponding More Options menu (“three horizontal dots” aka “more vert” aka “vertical ellipsis”).

Changing the Keyboard Language

The HTC U11 also allows you to change the keyboard language without having to switch your whole phone to another language. This is a great option if, for example, you work with international clients and need to correspond with them in a foreign language but want to keep English as your default one.

STEP 1: Tap the space bar, then the keypad icon, and then open Settings (represented by the cog icon).

STEP 2: Tap Language & Keyboard.

STEP 3: Tap Languages.

STEP 4: Tap Add a Language.

STEP 5: Pick the languages you want to use with your keyboard and exit the settings menu.

STEP 6: While typing on your phone’s keyboard, swipe the space bar either left or right to switch between your chosen keyboard languages. Alternatively, tap on the globe icon and manually choose the language that you want to type in.

Additional Languages

Even though the HTC U11 provides you with a decent choice of languages, there is still a chance that your preferred one is missing. In such case, you could try to solve the issue with a free popular app like MoreLangs. It provides an easy way of switching the device to one of 550+ languages it currently supports.


Changing the language to your desired one is easy on the HTC U11 and it only takes a few simple steps. The device has a great selection of preset languages to choose from. But if it still isn’t enough and your preferred language isn’t there, a reliable free app like MoreLangs can come to the rescue.

Have you tried changing the default display language on your HTC U11? How about the keyboard language? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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