HTC U11 – How to Clear Chrome and App Cache

Posted by Arch on February 9, 2019

There are several types of data storage on your phone. While most of them are vital as they hold important information. Your browser’s cache data is among them. It is meant to speed up your browsing experience, and improve overall browser performance. As you browse and warm the cache up, frequently used websites’ loading times are reduced and so is the time you spend waiting.

But what about those pages that you visited only once or twice? They are cached as well, but when barely used again, they become nothing but a waste of your HTC U11’s precious resources. As time goes by, there’ll be more and more data cluttering your Chrome’s cache, which eventually leads to performance issues and may even cause general system instability.

What Is App Cache and Why Does It Matter?

Your HTC U11 is equipped with either 64 or 128 GB of internal storage and it also supports memory cards up to 256 GB. While it seems to be enough, external memory cards aren’t as robust as your phone’s own memory. Also, due to much slower access times, they can only be effective for certain types of data. That’s why you want to have your internal storage as tidy as possible at all times.

When you run out of space for new apps or multimedia files, clearing your app caches is the way to go.

Besides that, your cache can break at times and that will have a bad impact on your U11’s operating system. Many common system issues are related to buggy app cache. That’s why you want to clean it up first when any unexpected error appears.

Let’s Clean It Up

It is important to wipe the browser and app cache on a regular basis. Clearing the Chrome and app cache allows you to free up storage space on your HTC U11, restore its performance, and even fix some unexpected system issues.

Clearing App Cache on Your HTC U11

Performing this procedure is useful when one of your apps crashes, freezes, or behaves in a way that isn’t quite expected.

Follow these easy steps to clear the application cache:

STEP 1: Open the “Apps” drawer.

STEP 2: Launch “Settings”.

STEP 3: Scroll to “Phone”.

STEP 4: Tap “Apps” and select the desired application.

STEP 5: Tap “Storage” and then “Clear cache.

Important: There is also the “Clear data” option available. While it can help where clearing app cache doesn’t, you will lose all of your personal data stored within that app when you use this option.

To avoid losing any personal data of a particular app, only clear the app’s cache.

Clearing Chrome Cache on Your HTC U11

Using Chrome on your smartphone causes the browser cache to fill up with lots of junk data. Cleaning this cache from time to time is important to ensure the best browsing experience.

Let’s clear your browser’s cache with these easy steps:

STEP 1: Tap “Chrome” icon and launch the browser.

STEP 2: Tap “Menu” in Chrome.

STEP 3: Tap “Settings.

STEP 4: Tap “Privacy.

STEP 5: Tap “Clear browsing data.



Keeping both Chrome and app caches on your HTC U11 tidy will not only ensure fast and flawless browsing but can also help in case of slow page loading times or unexpected behavior in one of your apps. Learning how to clear junk data from the cache will help you to get the most out of your phone.

How often do you clean your browser and app cache? Do you have some useful tips for easy cache maintenance? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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