How To Block Text Messages on the Moto Z2 Force

Posted by Arch on October 31, 2018

While some smartphone users prefer online instant messaging, traditional text messages are still widespread and important. Blocking unwelcome texts makes it much easier to manage your inbox.

What are the best ways to block SMS messages if you have a Moto Z2 Force?

Block Messages from the Messages App

Here is the simplest way to block messages on this phone:

1. Open the Messenger App

You can open it from your home screen.

2. Find the Text You Want to Block

Scroll down to a message from the sender you want to block. Tap on the conversation to select it.

3. Tap on Menu

The Menu icon is in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Select “Mark as Spam”

After this, you will stop receiving messages from the number in question.

Unblock Messages from the Messages App

What if you want to see the full list of people whose numbers you have already blocked? Here is how you can access and alter the list.

1. Open the Messenger App

2. Tap on Menu

3. Select Settings

4. Select Blocked Contacts

Here you can browse your block list. If you want to unblock somebody, you can tap their number on the list and then select UNBLOCK.

Turn Off All Message Notifications

If you’re on a break or you are concentrating very intensely on something, you might want to turn off your message notifications. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open the Messenger App

2. Tap on Menu

3. Select Settings

4. Tap on “Get Notifications”

You can switch the toggle to off to stop getting notifications. If you want to keep notifications on but change the way they sound, tap on Notification Sound or on Vibrate.

Message Blocking with a Third-Party App

You can also look into various third-party apps that will help you block messages and calls. The aFirewall app is one of many good options.

This app has a few text blocking functions that the stock messaging app doesn’t. Let’s look into some of its features.

Separate Call Blocking and Message Blocking Lists

If you block a caller through your stock app, you’ll stop receiving messages from that person too. With this app, you can keep your two block lists completely separate.

Area Code Blocking Is Supported

aFirewall lets you easily block all numbers that share an area code. This can be useful if you have been receiving spam texts and calls from different numbers that all share the same location.

Block Texts Sent from an Email Address

While this app won’t block emails directly, it can block texts sent from an email address.

Block Keywords

This is one of the most significant upsides of the app. You can block messages by a keyword that they contain. For example, if you’ve been receiving promotional spam, you can avoid getting texts that contain the word “SALE”.

You Can Create a Whitelist as Well as a Blacklist

Like with your stock app, you can create a list of senders whose messages you never want to see. But aFirewall also lets you create a list of people whose messages you always want to receive, even if they were blocked by the phrase blocker or another blocking function.

A Final Thought

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to document your unwelcome messages. If you’re dealing with harassment or another illegal activity, take screenshots before you start blocking the texts.

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