Moto Z2 Force – How to Move Files to PC

Posted by Arch on May 4, 2019

The Moto Z2 Force comes with 64 or 128 GB of free space. If you suspect that this isn’t enough for you, you can start backing up your files to an SD card. This can give your phone up to 512 GB of extra memory.

However, SD cards aren’t the most secure data backup option. If your phone gets stolen or lost, your SD card will disappear along with it. While this is a fairly durable phone, the SD card may get damaged over time.

So the most secure option when it comes to backups is to transfer your files to your laptop, your desktop, or another device. If you own a Moto Z2 Force, the simplest way to do that is to use a USB connector.

A Step-by-Step Guide to USB Transfer

The Moto Z2 Force comes with a type-C USB connector.

1. Connect the Phone to Your Computer

This may give you a pop-up. If not, you should swipe down from the status bar, which is on the top of your home screen. Touch it and swipe down to extend it.

2. Tap on USB Charging This Device

3. Tap on Transfer Files

4. Open Your File Manager on Your Computer

Depending on your OS, your PC may be using Windows Explorer or File Explorer. You can also use any other file manager you are comfortable with. If you’re a Mac user, you will have to download additional software before you can make this transfer.

5. Open the Folders on Your Phone

From your computer, find the following folder: Portable Devices > Moto Z2 Force > Internal Shared Storage.


If the files you want to move to your computer are already on an SD card, you can find them under Portable Devices > Moto Z2 Force > SD Card.

Now you can go through the files on your phone and select what you want to move. Keep in mind that you can’t move files with DRM protection.

After you have selected every file you wish to move, click on Move or Copy on your computer. Wait for the transfer to complete.

6. Safely Remove the USB Cable When the Transfer Is Done

This is a straightforward way to move your files to any PC. But there are a few more file transfer methods that could work for you.

Use Cloud Storage for File Transfer

In addition to your PC, you can store your personal data on any online data storage platform. For example, you can save or upload your files to Google Drive. You can open the Google Drive app on your apps screen.

But free online storage platforms all have a limit on storage space. At the moment, Google Drive only gives you 15 GB of storage, unless you want to pay for an upgrade. So it’s a good idea to periodically download the data from your Drive to your PC in order to free up space.

A Final Word

For easier file selection on your Moto Z2 Force, you can also download file transfer apps. Backup apps can be useful for this purpose too.

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