How To Use OK Google on the Oppo A83

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OK Google is an intuitive piece of software that can act as your virtual assistant. Much like Apple’s Siri, you can ask OK Google anything you want and get instant feedback.

This piece of software is very good at setting your appointments and alarms. It can also give you directions, play music from your library, and take notes. On top of that, you can string multiple questions about one subject and OK Google will give you instant answers.

Activating OK Google

Before you start using this virtual assistant, you need to activate it first. Here is how you can do it:

1. Launch the Play Store

Go to your Home screen and tap on the Play Store icon to launch it.

2. Search for Google

You need to type Google in the Play Store search bar and select the first app that pops up.

3. Update the Google App

Tap on Update in the Google app menu and wait until the process is finished.

4. Open Google Assistant App

After you finish the update, exit the Play Store, navigate to the Google Assistant app, and tap to open it.

5. Browse the App

Once you’ve launched the Google Assistant app, you can browse it to get acquainted with its features. The Explore tab inside the app lists all the actions this virtual assistant can do for you.

Applying for the Beta Google Software

Since OK Google services are still in beta, you will have to apply for it before you update. Of course, only if you haven’t already applied. Take a look at how you can do it:

1. Launch the Play Store

In the search bar, type Google and open the first app that pops up.

2. Swipe Down the Page

You should swipe down the Google App page in the Play Store until you reach Become a Beta Tester.

3. Tap on I’m In

You should select “I’m In” to initiate the process. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decision. You need to tap on Join to proceed.

4. Wait for a While

Wait until the process is complete and then proceed to update Google and use the virtual assistant.

Using OK Google

Using OK Google is quite simple. Once you have this virtual assistant enabled on your phone, you just need to say OK Google to activate it and ask a question you are interested in. The software pops up from the bottom of your screen and is ready to take commands.

Cool Things You Can Do with OK Google

This piece of smart software is excellent for handling browsing and other tasks that you might find tedious, but it can do some other things as well. Let’s take a look at a couple of them:

1. Ask OK Google to Sing You a Song

Pick any nursery rhyme that pops into your mind and tell OK Google to sing it for you.

2. Ask OK Google to Predict the Weather

You can get very detailed and accurate weather forecasts from OK Google.


Once you get over the initial awkwardness of talking to your phone, this software can be quite helpful. OK Google can pick up some of the tasks you do on daily basis by offering you the option to deal with them hands-free. Remember, OK Google is still in beta, so you can expect it to improve even further in the future.

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