Oppo A83 – How to Backup

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Performing regular backups on your Oppo A83 is very important. Each time you do a backup, you protect the data on your phone and ensure that you can easily restore it in case of hardware or software issues.

You can store this data on your computer or choose to upload it to a cloud drive. For the most part, backups are free and easy to do, so you should make them part of your routine.

Let’s take a look at a couple of easy ways to protect your data on Oppo A83.

Backing Up to an Account

You can choose to back up all your app data, passwords, and settings to an alternative Google account. That way, if you lose access to your default Google account, you can easily restore your data from this backup account. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Swipe Left on Your Home Screen

When you unlock your phone, swipe left from the Home screen and tap on Settings to launch the app.

2. Select Backup & Reset

Tap on the General tab in the Settings menu and then select Backup & Reset.

3. Turn On Back Up My Data

Once inside the Backup & Reset menu, toggle on the switch next to the Back up My Data. Then select Back up Account to choose the destination for your backup.

4. Select the Preferred Account

After you’ve tapped on Back up Account, a pop-up menu appears asking you to choose the preferred account or add a new one.

5. Launch Accounts & Sync

When you select your preferred backup account, go back to Settings and tap on Accounts & Sync to enter the menu.

6. Choose the Backup Account

Tap on Google in the Accounts & Sync menu and then choose the Google account you’ve linked to backups.

7. Select Checkboxes

Make sure you tick all the checkboxes next to the data you want to backup and then tap on Sync Now. This initiates the backup process. You should wait until it’s complete. You need to have a stable internet connection to ensure that none of the data is lost or damaged.

Doing a Local Backup

You can also do a local backup on your Oppo A83. This will save backup copies of your personal data and settings to your phone’s internal storage or an SD memory card. These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Launch the Settings App

Once inside the Settings app, swipe down until you reach Additional Settings and then tap on it to enter the menu.

2. Select Backup and Reset

Tap on the Backup and Reset at the bottom of the Additional Settings menu to launch the extra options.

3. Select Local Backup

When you tap on Local Backup, you’re taken to a window that lets you initiate a new backup.

4. Tap on Create New Backup

After your Oppo A83 calculates the size of backup data, you will enter the menu that allows you to pick and choose the data for the backup. You can bring down the menu and select individual pieces of data you wish to save.

5. Tap on Start Backup

When you tick and select all the data you wish to save, hit the Start Backup button to initiate the process. Depending on the amount of data you selected, this might take some time.

Final Thoughts

Backing up your Oppo A83 is not as difficult as it may seem right off the bat. You don’t even need to connect the phone to a computer or use some additional software. If you regularly apply both methods described in this article, you shouldn’t have any problems restoring the information from your phone in case of an emergency.

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