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You can add a personal touch to your Oppo A83 by changing the wallpaper. You can use the default images that come with your smartphone or download some from the internet. Images of your loved ones can also look really cool when you see them on your Lock or Home screen.

No matter what your preference might be, it is quite easy to set a new wallpaper on the Oppo A83. We have created simple guidelines to help you do this.

Changing Wallpaper with the Settings App

The easiest way to change your default wallpaper is via the Settings app. To do it, you need to follow these steps:

1. Launch the Settings App

Swipe down to Homescreen & Lockscreen Magazine and tap to open it.

2. Enable Lock Screen Magazine & Wallpaper

When you are inside the Homescreen & Lockscreen Magazine menu, toggle on the switch next to the Lock Screen Magazine & Wallpaper option.

3. Select Set Wallpaper

Once the Lock Screen Magazine & Wallpaper option is on, you need to tap on Set Wallpaper to choose one from Oppo Stock Library or your Photos.

4. Choosing the Wallpaper

As previously stated, there are two destinations where you can select a new wallpaper. Here is how to use them:

Get Wallpapers from the Online Library

Tap on Wallpapers

If you want to use one from the Oppo Stock, tap on Wallpaper to enter the menu.

Select Download More

Tap on Download More to choose the wallpapers you want to get. In the Oppo Stock menu, you can choose the Wallpaper category and download A83 themes as well.

Get Wallpapers from Photos

Tap on Photos

When you tap on Photos, you will be immediately taken to the Photo Library to choose the desired image.

Select the Desired Photo

Swipe until you find the photo you want to use and tap to select it.

5. Applying the Photo

After you’ve selected a photo from the Library or one you downloaded from the Oppo Stock, you need to tap Apply to use the image.

6. Adjusting the Image

Once you’ve applied the image to your screen, you can make additional adjustments. Drag it around to find the optimal position or pinch to zoom so that the desired section of the image would be displayed.

7. Tap Set As

When you are happy with the positioning, tap on Set As to choose the screen for your wallpaper.

8. Select the Screen

The pop-up window that appears after you’ve tapped Set As allows you to set the image either as your Lock screen or Home screen wallpaper. It would have been nice if the software allowed you to choose to apply it to both screens at once, but it doesn’t. If you want to use the same wallpaper on both screens, you will have to repeat these steps.

Changing Wallpaper from the Home Screen

You should be able to access Wallpapers on your Oppo A83 from the Home Screen menu. You need to do the following:

Unlock Your Phone

Tap on the Menu Button

Select Wallpapers from the Pop-up Menu

Swipe Left Until You Find an Image You Like

Tap on the Image to Choose it

The pop-up menu also allows you to tap on More if you want to select an image from your Photos or get access to more options.


Changing wallpapers on your Oppo A83 is very simple. If you want to customize your phone to your personal preference, don’t hesitate to give the methods presented in this article a try.

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