Oppo A83 – How to Turn off Autocorrect

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The autocorrect option might deal just fine with your spelling mistakes and other typos. But more often than not, it tends to correct the words you don’t really want it to correct. If you want to avoid sending embarrassing messages, it might be a good idea to completely turn this feature off on your Oppo A83.

Disabling the autocorrect feature on your phone is quite easy. Without much further ado, here is how to do it.

1. Launch Settings App

Tap on the Settings app on your Home Screen to enter the menu.

2. Open Additional Settings

Once inside the Settings menu, swipe down until you reach Additional Settings and tap to open it.

3. Open Keyboard & Input Method

When you enter the Additional Settings menu, tap on Keyboard & Input Method.

4. Select TouchPal for OPPO

Tap on TouchPal for OPPO under Installed Input Methods to enter the TouchPal menu.

5. Choose Smart Input

Tap on the Smart Input inside the TouchPal for OPPO menu to enter the settings screen. There you can disable the autocorrect feature.

6. Uncheck Auto-correction

Auto-correction is turned on by default on your Oppo A83. If this feature is causing trouble when typing, you should uncheck the box next to it to turn it off.

Other Text Correction Features

In addition to Auto-correction, your Oppo A83 comes with a few other text-correction features that may come in handy. You can also enable or disable these features by simply tapping on the checkbox next to the feature in the Smart Input menu.

Curve – Word Gesture

This option might be really useful if you need to type with one hand. Curve – Word Gesture allows you to type your text by sliding across the letters. Admittedly, it might take some time for you to get used to this kind of text input but once you master the Curve, your typing skills should improve.

Wave – Sentence Gesture

Wave – Sentence gesture is another TouchPal feature that works in a very similar way to Curve. When you slide your finger across the keyboard, suggested words and phrases will appear in the bar above the keyboard. If you wish to use any of the given words, just pull them down to the Space key and move on to the next one.

Contextual Prediction

This feature can be quite useful, especially if you type a bunch of messages every day. The Contextual Prediction is designed to guess what the next word in your sentence is going to be. As a rule, the more you use this option the better it will become at guesstimating what you want to type.

Auto Space

The Auto Space feature automatically puts a space after each word you type. This kind of functionality is also quite useful if you need to type on the go using only one hand.

Auto Capitalization

Each time you start a new sentence, the Auto Capitalization feature will capitalize the first letter of the opening word.


Android devices usually have a very simple procedure to disable Auto-correction. However, the latest Oppo A83 software update might require you to take a few more steps to actually locate this function. Still, if you follow these guidelines, you shouldn’t have any problems turning off autocorrect.

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Avatar Zara says:
I using oppo a83 from few days auto correction key is dis able please guide about this………..becuse its just not working
Avatar muhammad yaseen says:
in my oppo a83 auto correction in checked and this option is not working i want to unchecked this option but its not working so how could i resolve it please guide
Avatar Shabia khan says:
In my oppo auto correction option is hanging its not working anymore.. How could i resole.. Kindly guide

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