Oppo A83 – How to Use Slow Motion

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You can create really cool and fun videos by applying a slow motion effect to them. The Oppo A83 has a 13MP camera that allows you to create decent videos, but it doesn’t have a built-in slow motion option.

If you wish to create beautiful slow motion videos, you should check out some of the free apps you can download from the Play Store. We have selected a couple of the most popular apps that allow you this functionality.

1. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

This free tool allows you to slow down any video you’ve taken with your Oppo A83 up to eight times. However, the tool doesn’t have the option to actually record clips in slow motion. But when you are done speeding up or slowing down the video you already have, you can export it to 5 different formats (asf, avi, flv, mp4, and wmv).

After you’ve installed the app, this is how you use it:

Select Videos

When you launch the app, you should allow it access to your Video Library and select the videos you want to process.

Select Speed Up Slow Down Video

After the videos you’ve selected have been processed, a pop-up window appears with different actions that you can select. Tap on Speed Up/Slow Down Video in the pop-up menu to bring up the editing options.

Make the Desired Changes

The editing menu allows you to make the changes you want by simply moving the sliders to change the playback interval or trim the video. You choose the desired playback speed and output file type by tapping on the drop-down menu next to the function name.

2. Slow Motion

This is one of the most popular apps that allow you to capture and manipulate your Oppo A83 videos. Unlike the Fast & Slow Motion Video tool, you can immediately capture slow motion videos from this app.

Tap on the Camera Icon

The home window gives you two options to choose from after you launch the app. You can tap on the Camera icon on the left to start recording or tap on the Videos icon on the right to import one from the Library.

Hit the Record Button

A Live View window appears after you’ve tapped on the Camera icon. Just hit the Record button to start recording and tap it again when you’re done.

Edit Your Recording

Once you are happy with your clip, you can edit the playback speed and trim your video. The layout of the Slow Motion editing tool is nicely designed and very easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it even if you’ve never used video editing software before.

Other Slow Motion App Features

The Slow Motion app comes with a few other options that let you add cool effects to your videos. You can choose different color filters to make your clips more visually appealing and add text with customizable fonts or color. Finally, you can add any tune from your Music Library if you are not happy with the audio.

To Wrap Up

The Oppo A83 has a time-lapse option and other useful built-in camera features that make it stand out in the budget-friendly smartphone market. And even though this smartphone doesn’t come with a built-in slow motion option, you can still create great slo-mo videos by using one of the apps featured in this write up.


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