Oppo A83 – Not Receiving Calls – What to Do

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There are a few possible reasons why you are not receiving calls on your Oppo A83. As such, it might take some time to pinpoint the exact cause of this issue. On the upside, the solution to this problem can be found in your phone’s settings.

Namely, you might have accidentally turned on some of the silent modes or diverted all of your calls to a different number. Here is the list of the most common problems and how to deal with them.

Diverted Calls

Your calls might be forwarded to another number, so you should disable this option to start receiving calls again.

1. Launch the Settings App

When inside the Settings app, select Call to enter the menu.

2. Select Operator’s Call Related Settings

You should tap on Operator’s Call Related Settings in the Call menu and then choose Call Forwarding.

3. Select Always Forward

After you’ve entered the Call Forwarding menu, tap on Always Forward to get more actions.

4. Select Disable

Tap on the Disable button to stop the calls from being forwarded.

Possible Connection Error

A connection error might have occurred, disabling your phone from receiving incoming calls. A simple solution would be to restart your phone by turning it off and back on.

Inspect Your Settings

You should also make sure that your SIM card is enabled. To enable it, you need to do the following:

1. Launch the Settings App

2. Select Dual SIM & Cellular

3. Enable the SIM If It’s Disabled

Also, the network you selected might not have local coverage, so you need to take these steps to ensure that’s not the cause of your problems:

1. Launch the Settings

2. Select Dual SIM & Cellular

3. Set the Preferred Network Type as 4G/3G/2G (Auto)

Disconnect a VPN Connection

If there is a custom VPN connection, it might be the reason why you are not receiving any incoming calls. Here is how to deal with it:

1. Launch the Settings

2. Select Dual SIM & Cellular

3. Tap on SIM Card Info

4. Reset the Access Point Name to Default

Airplane Mode

Sometimes the reason you are not receiving any calls might be because you accidentally turned on Airplane mode. This is how you can check if the Airplane mode is on:

1. Swipe Down from Your Home Screen

This brings up the Control Center of your Oppo A83, where you can find the Airplane mode icon.

2. Tap on the Airplane Mode Icon

If the icon is white, it signals that the Airplane Mode is activated, so you need to disable it.

Inspect Your SIM Card

You should take your SIM card out of the tray and inspect it for flaws and damages. You can also gently clean the card with a dry cloth to remove any dust or other particles. Then you can reinsert the SIM card to see whether this method solves the problem.

Contact Your Carrier

The issue might not be on your side, so if none of the previous steps worked, it is wise to contact the carrier. They might be experiencing network problems or other issues that are affect the incoming calls. You should make sure that there are no limits on your account.

The Last Call

If none of the above methods help, you might need to do a hard reset on your phone. Before you do that, check to see if some third-party app you installed is causing the problems. If an app is indeed blocking incoming calls, a soft reset should fix the issue.

But in case your phone cannot receive calls even after the resets, you should take it to a repair shop.

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