Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime – How to Backup

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To prevent loss of data, it is important to back up your smartphone on a regular basis. Backing up data from your Samsung Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime is very easy. In addition, there are several ways to do it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the two simplest ways to back up your data without using USB cables or connecting your phone to a computer.

Backing Up Data to Your Samsung Account

When you first set up your Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime, you were asked to create a Samsung account for it. Although your phone can run just as well without it, a Samsung account gives you access to certain perks. These perks include access to specially designed apps for Samsung devices, a variety of phone health tools, and the ability to back up your data to your account.

If you have a Samsung account, here is how you can use it to back up your data.

Step 1 – Go to Your Samsung Account

Tap on the Apps icon on the bottom of your Home screen and then tap on the Settings icon. In the Personalization section of the Settings menu look for Accounts. Tap on this option and scroll down the accounts list until you see Samsung Account. When you do, tap on it.

Step 2 – Choose Data to Back Up

From the General category of the Samsung Account menu, tap on Backup. Now choose all types of data you want to back up. Depending on the services you use, options may include phone logs, calendars, contacts, messages, wallpapers, memos, and keyboard settings. Also, depending on your version of Android, you will either have to check the boxes next to each option or switch the toggles on.

Step 3 – Back Up Your Data

Once you’ve selected all the data you want to back up, simply tap on the Back Up Now button on the bottom of the page. Your phone will need a stable internet connection to perform the backup, so make sure that your WiFi is working beforehand. Also, this may take a few minutes, so don’t abort the backup until it’s complete.

Backing Up Data to Your Google Account

If you haven’t created a Samsung account, you can back up your phone to your default Google account. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 – Go to Your Google Account

Tap on the Apps icon on your Home screen and then select Settings. To access your Google account sync settings, tap on Google in the Accounts category of the Settings menu.

Step 2 – Choose Data to Back Up

Similar to backing up data to your Samsung account, you once again have to select all types of data you want to save. Options include a variety of Google apps, your contacts, as well as app data. The latter is particularly important because you can use it to restore your preferred settings if you decide to reinstall an app you’ve previously uninstalled.

Step 3 – Back Up Your Data

After you’ve checked the data you want to back up, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select Sync Now. Again, make sure that your internet connection is working and be patient until the backup process is complete.

The Final Word

No matter how careful you are, your phone might get damaged, lost, or stolen. To ensure that you still have access to your data, you need to back it up on a regular basis. Depending on your preferences, either of the two methods described here is a good way to keep your data secure and easily accessible.

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