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Receiving unsolicited phone calls is never a pleasant experience. Whether they’re from telemarketers, secret admirers, or people who keep calling the wrong number even after you’ve repeatedly told them that you’re not the person they’re looking for – unwanted calls are a nuisance that can disrupt your day.

One way to deal with unsolicited phone calls is to block them. Thankfully, that’s very easy to do on your Samsung Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime. In this article, you will learn about a few common methods to block specific phone numbers from getting through to you.

Blocking Calls from Known Numbers

If you want to block incoming calls from one or more numbers, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Go to Phone Settings

First, tap on the Phone icon on your Home screen to open the Phone app. Once there, tap on the More link in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear with two options – Speed Dial and Settings. Tap on Settings and move on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Add Numbers to Your Block List

Once you’ve entered the Call Settings menu, you will need to tap on the Call Blocking option. Depending on your carrier and/or your location, this option can sometimes appear as Call Rejection. A new menu screen will appear where you’ll have to tap on Block List. Like Call Blocking/Call Rejection, this feature can sometimes appear as Auto Reject List.

When the Block List/Auto Reject List opens, you can enter the number you want to block in the “Add Phone Number” field on the top of the page. Simply type in the number with the country code and then tap on the “+” sign next to the field to confirm.

Alternatively, you can also add numbers directly from your Call Log. This is especially useful if you’ve just received an unwanted phone call and want to block further calls from that number. Just tap on the Log button on the top of the page, select the number you want to block, and tap on Add.

The process is pretty much the same if you want to block numbers from your Contacts list, but instead of tapping on the Log button, you should tap on the Contacts button.

Blocking Calls from Unknown Numbers

Sometimes you may receive spam calls from unknown numbers. If you want to block these calls, find the Block Anonymous Calls option in the Block List/Auto Reject List and switch the toggle next to it on.

Removing Numbers from Block List

If for any reason you no longer want to block calls from certain numbers, you can remove them from your Block List in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Access Phone Settings

Once again, you need to tap on the Phone icon on the Home screen to enter the Phone app. Once inside the app, tap on the More link. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 – Enter Your Block List

From the Call Settings menu, tap on Call Blocking/Call Rejection and then on Block List/Auto Reject List.

Step 3 – Tap to Remove a Number

Below the options to add new numbers to the Block List, you’ll see a list of numbers you’ve already added to the list. Swipe down until you find the number you want to unblock and then tap on the red “-“ sign next to it to unblock it.

The Final Word

Whether you’re receiving unsolicited calls from a known or an unknown number, you can block them all very easily on your Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime. And if for whatever reason you decide to unblock one or more numbers, all you have to do is to remove them from your Block List.

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