Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge – How to Change Lock Screen

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Lock screens have changed a lot since the first smartphones rolled out. Added security, shortcuts, the impressive amount of widgets – they all make the lock screen a versatile function.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones come with plenty of customization options for both your Home Screen and the lock screen. Here’s what you can do to personalize this feature on your phone.

Changing the Lock Screen Settings

Galaxy S6 How to Change Lock Screen

  1. Access Settings
  2. Tap “Lock Screen and Security”

You can make changes from the path Settings > Lock Screen and Security. Select the screen lock type by tapping on the “Screen lock type” option.

Galaxy S6 Change Lock Screen

This opens up a panel which lets you make changes to the following:

  • Swipe
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password
  • Fingerprints

Samsung Galaxy S6 Change Lock Screen

You can use this to customize the level of security on your phone to make sure that nobody gets access to your personal data if you lose your S6 or if it gets stolen.

Changing the Lock Screen Notifications

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap “Lock Screen and Security”
  3. Select Notifications

From this panel you can choose whether or not to show notifications and how much information they display. You can choose to see basic app notifications by selecting the “hide content” option.

This displays an app notification on the lock screen when you tap it. However, it won’t reveal any details except where the notification is coming from. For example, if you were to receive a message, it won’t display the text of the message.

What Can You Add to Your Lock Screen?

There are two very cool shortcuts that you can choose to show on your lock screen.

  • Camera
  • Dial pad

Being able to take a quick photo without having to input your PIN code and draw a pattern is very convenient. By default, this option is enabled on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

You can also dial out without unlocking your screen which is also quite convenient. The chances for these features to turn on by accident are slim, as they only activate if you drag the respective icons upwards. The dial pad icon is in the bottom left corner, while the camera is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Change the Wallpaper

  1. From the Home Screen swipe with two fingers diagonally towards the middle of the screen
  2. Tap on Wallpaper
  3. Tap on the options list in the top left corner of the screen
  4. Select Lock Screen
  5. Select the wallpaper you want and set it as default

You can use the same swipe pattern to open up the menu and select widgets, themes, and so on.

A Final Thought

Using the lock screen function can make it time consuming to access certain phone features if you’re using multiple layers of security. At the same time, it keeps your personal information protected.

It’s a matter of personal preference whether you want to use it or not. But, given the customization options and the quick shortcuts for the camera and dial pad, a secured lock screen is something you should strongly consider if you own this phone.

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