Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge – How to Factory Reset

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Do you need to give your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge a fresh start? Doing a factory reset does exactly that and deletes all personal information. Resetting your phone is very easy. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

Factory Reset via Device Commands

You can perform a factory reset by accessing a few simple commands on your device. There are many reasons to perform a master reset, but if you are doing it to sell your smartphone, you need to do one extra step.

Step 1 – Disable FRP (if selling device)

The FRP, or Factory Reset Protection, may prompt you to sign in to your Google account using previously synced information. Since you don’t want a stranger to have access to this, disable this feature by going to your Settings menu.

Select “Lock screen and security” and make sure to remove all of your passwords, patterns, and pins. Next, go back to your Settings menu and tap on Accounts. Make sure to remove all of your Google accounts before doing the next step.

Step 2 – Access Backup and Reset Settings

After you’ve performed the FRP disable (if needed), return to the Settings menu. This time you want to scroll down until you see “Backup and reset”. From there, tap on the “Factory Data Reset” option near the bottom of the screen.

After tapping on this button, you may receive a warning that all your data will be lost. If you haven’t already done so, backup your data as needed before confirming the action. When you’re ready, confirm the rest and tap on Reset Device.

Because all your information will be erased, you will receive one final warning. Tap Delete All to proceed with the factory reset.

Factory Reset via Recovery

If you need to perform a factory reset but you don’t have access to the factory settings, you can use recovery instead.

Step 1 – Turn Off Device

First you want to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge is switched off.

Step 2 – Perform Manual Reset

Next, press the following buttons simultaneously: Volume Up, Home, and Power. Keep holding the buttons down until you see the Android logo on your phone screen.

Step 3 – Boot Menu

A few seconds will pass until you see your smartphone’s boot menu. Use the volume buttons to navigate your options and the Power button to select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.

Next, use the Volume Down button to scroll down until you get to “Yes, delete all user data”. Press the Power button to select this option.

Step 4 – Reset Device

Wait while your phone completes the deletion. You may see script across the bottom of your phone screen. When the operation is finished, you will see the script end with “Data Wipe Complete”.

Finally, press the Power button on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge to reset.

Final Thought

There are many reasons why you would want to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. However, keep in mind that the reset is forever, so backup your data before performing any of these steps.

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