How To Screenshot on the Oppo A83

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Screenshotting is a neat feature that most of us use on daily basis without thinking too much about it. The 16.7 million colors supported by the IPS LCD display of your Oppo A83 allow you to take great screenshots from any app. You can also easily share the screenshots with your friends or upload them to your favorite social media account.

There are two methods to capture screenshots on the Oppo A83. This simple guide will help you learn how to use these methods.

1. Screenshots with Physical Buttons

Probably the simplest way to take a screenshot is by using physical buttons. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the Desired Page or App

Open the webpage or the app you want to capture. You can swipe up or down to make sure that all the information you want in the screenshot is actually displayed on the screen.

Press the Buttons

Simultaneously press the Volume Down and Power buttons. You should hold the buttons a little until you hear the shutter sound. This signals that you’ve successfully taken the shot.

Take a Look at the Notification

A notification should appear in the Notification Bar informing you that you’ve successfully taken the screenshot. You can tap on the notification to get to other actions associated with the screenshot or view it from the library.

2. Screenshots with Gestures

Your Oppo A83 allows you to take screenshots with a simple three-finger gesture. But before you can utilize this function, you have to enable it. Follow these steps to do it:

Launch Settings

Once inside the Settings app, swipe down until you reach Gestures & Motion and tap to open it.

Open Quick Gestures

You should tap on Quick Gestures in the Gestures & Motion menu to enter the settings.

Toggle on Gesture Screenshot

Tap on the switch next to the Gesture Screenshot option to toggle it on. You will now be able to take screenshots by quickly swiping three fingers up or down.

Where to Find Your Screenshots

Your screenshots will always be stored in the Photos app regardless of the method you use to take them. However, there is another way to access all the screenshots you’ve taken with your Oppo A83. These are the steps you need to take:

1. Open File Manager

Tap to open the File Manager app on your Home screen and then open Pictures.

2. Select Screenshot

Once inside the Pictures folder, swipe until you reach the Screenshots subfolder and tap on it. From here you can open any screenshot by simply tapping on it.

Long Screenshots with Oppo A83

Oppo A83 has another cool feature that lets you take very long screenshots that extend beyond the length of your screen. This is what you need to do:

1. Open the Page You Want to Screenshot

After you’ve opened the website or the app you want to screenshot, press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

2. Increase Screenshot Area

A menu will pop up prompting you to choose one of three options: Screenshot Area, Next Page, and Save. Tap on Screenshot Area and pull the round button that appears all the way down to the bottom of the screen. Once you’re at the bottom of the screen, tap on Next Page and then keep pulling the round button until you’ve reached the bottom of the webpage.

3. Save Your Screenshot

Once you’ve expanded the screenshot area to include the entire webpage, tap on Save to create your long screenshot.


It is quite easy to take quality screenshots on your Oppo A83, especially if you use the gesture method that requires only one hand. Additionally, the long screenshot functionality allows you to take full snaps of very long web pages or social media threads.

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