How To Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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It’s easy to get creative with the Galaxy Note 8. This phone makes it easy to add doodles or hand-written observations to images and videos. When you take a screenshot, you can draw on it with the S Pen before you send it to someone or share it online.

But screenshots have some other uses too. They can be helpful if there’s a software issue that you want to resolve. Taking screenshots of conversations can also be important in legal disputes.

So how do you take a screenshot with this phone? Here are a few different methods.

Use a Button Combination

You can take a screenshot by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. When your screenshot is successful, you will receive a notification.

After the notification, the screenshot toolbar will appear briefly. If you want to take a scrolling screenshot, you should tap on Scroll Capture. What is a scrolling screenshot?

Web pages and conversations might not fit on your screen entirely. Instead of having to scroll down and take a screenshot for each new segment of your page, you can use Scroll Capture to take a screenshot of the entire page, including the parts that don’t fit on your screen.

Use the Palm Swipe Option

You can also use the palm swipe option to capture an image.

To perform a palm swipe, use the edge of your hand. Swipe horizontally across the screen.

Again, you can turn on Scroll Capture after the phone creates a screenshot.

But what if the palm swipe option isn’t enabled on your phone? Here is how you can turn that function on or off.

  1. Go into Settings

Swipe up or down from the home screen to find the Settings icon.

  1. Select Advanced Features
  2. Find Palm Swipe to Capture

Here, you will see a toggle. Make sure it’s switched on.

Use the Screen Write Function

The Galaxy Note 8 gives you another easy way to make screenshots. You can use the Air Command function to draw directly on your screen. Here is how you can take a screenshot with your S Pen.

  1. Hover the S Pen Over Your Phone
  2. Press the S Pen Button

This button is on the side of the stylus. Pressing it opens Air Command.

  1. Select Screen Write

The Screen Write option takes a screenshot. But it also gives you the option to draw on the screenshot right away.

You have various pen settings to choose from, as well as an eraser. This editing panel also lets you crop the screenshot that you took.

Use Ok Google

Ok Google is the phrase you use to activate the Google Assistant on your phone.

To set it up, tap and hold the Home icon. After you agree to some notifications, you set up this function by saying “Ok Google” three times. When you’re done, your phone will recognize your voice whenever you speak the phrase.

This virtual assistant is sophisticated and responds to a wide selection of commands. So if you want to create a screenshot in a hands-free way, you can simply say “Ok Google, take a screenshot.”

 A Final Word

Which of these methods is the most convenient to use? It depends on the situation. But all four approaches are easy to remember. All of them respond quickly enough to capture important moments.

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