Galaxy J7 Pro – How to Turn Off Autocorrect

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The autocorrect option on your smartphone can be quite helpful when you are typing text messages. This feature is usually great at dealing with spelling mistakes and typos – if you know how to use it. But sometimes autocorrect may annoy you because it either corrects a word that doesn’t need any correction or uses a word that doesn’t fit your message.

Luckily, if you don’t like the autocorrect option, there is a way to completely turn it off on your Galaxy J7 Pro. Take a look at the following steps that will help you disable this feature on your smartphone.

1. Launch the Messaging App

Launch the messaging app or any other app that uses a keyboard. Usually, it doesn’t matter which app it is as long as it features a full QWERTY keyboard. Then tap on the message bar to bring up the keys.

2. Press the Dictation Key

Once you have the keyboard active, you should tap and hold the Dictation key. This option is located on the left-hand side of the space bar on your keyboard.

3. Select Settings

The menu that pops up from the Dictation key offers you a few different options to choose from. Here you should select the small gear icon to enter the Keyboard Settings. The icon should be third from the right.

4. Find Smart Typing

When you enter the Settings, you should search for the Smart Typing section within the menu.

5. Go to Predictive Text

Here you’ll see the Predictive Text option that enables or disables autocorrect on your Samsung J7 Pro. Simply tap on the toggle switch to disable autocorrect and you won’t be bothered with word corrections and spelling suggestions anymore.

Other Features You Can Disable

Apart from Predictive Text, the Smart Typing section features three more automatic correction options. These options are usually not as intrusive as the Predictive Text and they help you with general punctuation. Let’s take a brief look at these options and see how you can disable them if needed.

Auto Capitalisation

This feature capitalizes the first letter in your sentences. It usually comes in very handy, especially if you are used to typing messages with one hand. However, you can simply disable this option by unchecking the box next to it.

Auto Spacing

As the name suggests, the Auto Spacing feature adds spaces between the words you are typing. This option is also very helpful for the same reason as the Auto Capitalisation. And if for some reason you are bothered by it, simply uncheck the box and the spaces won’t be automatically inserted anymore.


If you tap twice on the space bar, the Auto-punctuate option will insert a full stop after the word you typed. It is very useful when you are typing with one hand and, similar to other options, it can be disabled with a simple tap on the checkbox.


As you can see, turning off autocorrect is not that difficult. But if for some reason you decide to turn the option back on, just go back to the Smart Typing menu on your Samsung J7 Pro and toggle the Predictive Text option back on.

However, if you are using a custom keyboard downloaded from the Google Play Store, the Settings menu might be hidden elsewhere on the keyboard. Visit the official Play Store app page to learn where it is.

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