How To Turn Off Autocorrect on the Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime

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If you’re in a hurry and/or typing with just one hand, autocorrect checks your spelling and corrects it as you type. In theory, this should make typing on your smartphone easier. But more often than not, this feature rewrites words that don’t need rewriting, thus resulting in awkwardly phrased messages that can cause embarrassment to both the sender and the recipient.

Anyone who’s ever used auto correct knows how frustrating this feature can be. Thankfully, turning it off on your Samsung Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime is fairly easy.

Turning Off Autocorrect

To disable autocorrect on your Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to Keyboard Settings

From your Home screen tap on the Settings icon to enter the corresponding menu. Scroll down until you see the Language and Input option, then tap on it. Under Keyboards and Input Methods, look for the link to your Samsung keyboard and tap the Gear icon next to it.

Step 2 – Turn Auto-Correction Off

Once inside the Samsung Keyboard Settings menu, look for the Auto Replacement option in the Smart Typing category. When you find it, simply turn the toggle next to it off to disable autocorrect. From now on, your phone will no longer replace words as soon as you hit the space bar or enter a punctuation mark.

You will notice, however, that the Predictive Text option is still turned on. As such, your Samsung keyboard will keep suggesting replacement words as you type. But rather than replacing the words in question itself, the keyboard will ask you to tap on one of the suggested words to do so.

If you want your Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime to stop suggesting replacement words, you will need to turn off Predictive Text, too. While inside the Samsung Keyboard Settings menu, just switch the toggle next to Predictive Text off and you will stop seeing word suggestions above the keyboard as you type. If you want to reactivate either of these features in the future, just switch the toggle next to them on.

Additional Features

As explained above, turning off autocorrect will only disable the feature from replacing the words you type with those it thinks are correct. But as you’ll notice when you open the Samsung Keyboard Settings menu, there are a few more features similar to autocorrect that you can turn on or off.

These features include:

  • Auto-Capitalization – As its name suggests, this feature automatically capitalizes the first letter of each new sentence you write. While this can be useful if, say, you’re typing with one hand, you may want to turn this feature off if you prefer typing in all lowercase.
  • Auto-Spacing – If for some reason your finger misses the space bar while typing, this feature will automatically insert a space between two words.
  • Auto-Punctuate – Rather than looking for a full stop on your keyboard every time you want to finish a sentence, you can just tap twice on the space bar and this feature will enter a full stop automatically.

The Final Word

Disabling autocorrect is an easy way to take back control of your own messages. The Samsung Galaxy J5 and J5 Prime allow you to turn off autocorrect entirely or leave some of the features on. This might be a good idea, as features like Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Punctuate can be quite convenient, especially if you often type with one hand.

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