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Wifi Not Working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – How To Fix

The Galaxy Note 8 uses adaptive Wifi . This means it can automatically switch from using Wifi to mobile data. So if your Wifi becomes weak or disappears, you won’t have to go completely offline for any period of time.

But mobile data is costly. Adaptive Wifi can cause problems, as you might not notice that your phone has switched to mobile data. Unfortunately, Wifi connectivity issues are a frequent concern for Note 8 users.

Hence, it might be best to keep adaptive Wifi turned off and instead just fix your Wifi problems as soon as they emerge. What are the possible reasons behind wireless connectivity issues? And what steps do you need to take if your Wifi ’s down?

  1. Reset Your Phone

As simple as it is, this might be the solution to your problem.

  1. Reset Your Router

Even if other people using the same router have Wifi , your router or modem might be causing your connectivity issues. The solution is to unplug them. Pressing the reset button on the router isn’t as effective as unplugging it.

First, unplug both the router and the modem from the power source and from each other. Then it’s important to wait a few minutes. Your phone needs time to register that the Wifi isn’t working, and the router needs time to cool down.

Then plug the modem back in, and wait a few minutes. After that, plug the router into the modem and then the power source.

  1. Delete Established Wifi Connections

Here is how you can make your phone forget the Wifi networks that you’ve used before:

This option has an on-off toggle. Turning the Wifi off for 10 seconds might be helpful. If it doesn’t reestablish your connection, tap on “Wi-Fi” and then hold.

From a list of available connections, choose the network that you want to fix.

This will remove that connection from the list. After you’re done, you can re-establish the connection. If it’s password-protected, you’ll have to reenter the password.

If your Wifi is still down, there are further steps that you can take:

This option forgets all of the automatically saved Wifi connections. It also resets your Bluetooth.

  1. Refresh Your Software

If the above options didn’t work, your phone might need a software update. Here’s what you need to do:

To download updates, your phone will use mobile data.

  1. Look into Recent Apps

If you have a new app installed, it might be the reason behind your Wifi issues. Uninstalling it might help. Updating your apps can also be of use.

  1. Try a Phone Repair Shop

There are many other software issues that can impact your phone’s Wifi connection. Or maybe your phone has a hardware problem. Asking for a professional opinion is a good idea.

A Final Word

If you can’t figure out how to fix your Wifi problems, you may need to do a factory reset. But this deletes all your data, so you should exhaust all other options first.