Xiaomi Redmi 5A – Internet Is Slow – What to Do

Posted by Arch on December 19, 2018

You’re a busy person. And you’re always on the go. The last thing you want to see is slow loading times on your smartphone.

But that’s exactly what happens sometimes. There may be a lot of reasons why your internet is running slow. It could be a network issue or problems with your device.

However, there’s no need to put up with slow internet connections. Check out these tips to get your Xiaomi Redmi 5A running the way it’s supposed to. After all, who has time for lags and buffering?

Reason #1 – Wi-Fi Proximity

Sure, your phone may say you have an internet connection. But it may not be the best if you’re far away from the router. Aside from proximity, other things may affect your connection such as:

  • Floors between you and the router
  • Stone, brick, or concrete walls
  • Other devices giving off their own wireless signal

If you can, try getting physically closer to the router. It may improve your internet signal if there are fewer obstructions.

Reason #2 – Background Processes Running

If you’re downloading updates in the background while trying to stream a video, you know that your internet speeds may slow down. But some apps are sneaky and may run in the background.


Try helping your internet speed along by stopping unnecessary tasks. Use the MI Boost app to make room for more RAM if you have it on your device.

Alternatively, you may want to try Lite versions of your favorite apps. Social media apps are the worst offenders when it comes to bogging down your phone. So, if you have the option, try to download the Lite versions instead.

Otherwise, Power Off your phone and turn it back on. Refreshing your phone this way is like a clean slate for your processor. And it has the added benefit of shutting down those background processes that slow down your browsing

Reason #3 – Clear App Cache

Sometimes you simply have too many temporary files. And that may result in a sluggish app. Try clearing your app cache:

Settings>App Manager> Launcher>Clear Cache

In addition, try closing apps you aren’t currently using. That can also help boost your device speed.

Alternatively, you can also use MI Security to clear out your app caches in bulk. Simply tap on the MI Security icon and select Boost.

Reason #4 – Refresh Wi-Fi Connectivity

Another simple trick is to simply toggle your WiFi connection on and off. This little trick works for most Android devices and helps refresh your connection.

To try it, pull down your notification menu by swiping down from the top of your screen. Next, tap on WIFI to switch off the connection. Wait a few seconds and tap on it again to turn it on.

Reason #5 – Power Saver or Airplane Mode Enabled

You may also want to check your Settings menu. Make sure that Power Saver mode or Airplane mode is toggled OFF. Both can restrict WiFi access on your device.

Reason #6 – Crowded Bandwidth

Too many people downloading on the same bandwidth can also slow down your browsing. This is usually a carrier-specific mobile data issue, but it may affect carriers, such as if you’re at a very crowded sporting event.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do if that’s the case. You may also notice that your internet becomes slower during certain peak hours.

Final Thought

If you find that this is a persistent problem, you can also try a Factory Reset. But remember that doing so will erase all your data. So make sure you create a backup of everything you want to keep first.

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