How to Open a Red Envelope in Gwent

When the Witcher trilogy ended back in 2015, fans had two options, bar watching the hit Netflix show. They could replay existing games before the next-generation follow-up landed. Or they could channel their inner Geralt in a round of Gwent.

CD Projekt Red does a lot to keep Gwent exciting, with new card sets, game boards, and other engaging content.

And at the beginning of 2020, the team kicked off the Lunar New Year Festival, where players got a chance to win Red Envelopes full of in-game gifts. If you received one, you might be wondering what to do with the Envelope and how to access it.

How to Open a Red Envelope

Same as the kegs that you receive while playing the game, the Red Envelope can be found in Shupe’s Shop. When you enter it, you’ll see the Open Goodies button at the top of the screen.

Open Goodies

When you click on the button, you’ll see all of your kegs, along with the red envelope that you won on the left side of the screen. All you have to do is click on the envelope, and you’ll receive some amazing gifts for playing during the Lunar New Year Celebrations.

Shupe's Shop

What Can You Get?

You can find all sorts of things in a Red Envelope – portraits, borders, player titles, card backs, and resources like Scraps and Ore. You can enrich your deck and the overall Gwent experience with all of these goodies.

As the event ended on February 7th, playing more now won’t increase your chances of getting new Envelopes. So if you played enough during the Celebrations, you should see some Red Envelopes in Shupe’s Shop.

Is That All?

The Lunar New Year Celebrations brought all sorts of interesting things to players aside from Red Envelopes. Players could celebrate the season with many new-year-themed additions and changes.

First of all, the Lunar New Year Bundle was packed with ornament-rich content for players to enjoy. It included:

  1. Golden Coin Border
  2. The Lucky One Title
  3. Lucky Avatar
  4. Lunar Premium Card back

Then there was the Prosperity Pack, featuring 25 ultimate premium kegs filled with all sorts of stuff that players could use to upgrade and strengthen their collection. The kegs contained stunning animated cards, a bunch of Meteorite Powder, and a powerful legendary card. There’s no doubt that players who went with the Prosperity Pack found a ton of valuable things for their deck.

And finally, players got a chance to get faction kegs at a 30% discount. Each day, a different faction keg was at a discount, so players got a chance to purchase those that they needed the most.

If you missed the above goodies, you might still have some nice stuff in your Red Envelopes. So go ahead and open them to see what’s there.

Missed Your Chance? Don’t Worry!

If you weren’t very active during the Lunar New Year Festivities, and you need more ways to upgrade your deck, CD Projekt Red has got you covered. In case you don’t find enough goodies in your Red Envelopes, there are more than enough ways to make up for this.

Aside from the rewards that you’ll get by playing, a Flaming Pack and Flaming Bundle are currently available at the store. The Flaming Pack can get you thing like:

  1. Aminated Flame Border
  2. Irfit Avatar
  3. 400 Meteorite Powder
  4. “Fire Acolyte” Title

At the same time, the Flaming Bundle contains an Inferno Board along with the Ardent Orator Skin. Aside from the fun cosmetic changes to the game, the Flaming Pack and Bundle can make gameplay even more exciting.

Gwent Lunar

All Those Goodies

Now that you know how to open your Red Envelopes, go ahead and see what they have to offer. You might find some amazing things that will let you step up your Gwent game.

As mentioned, CD Projekt Red regularly pushes out new and exciting content. So even if you haven’t participated much in the Festivities, you’ll have more than enough chances to build a powerful deck.

What did you find in the Envelope? What else would you like to see added to Gwent? Go ahead and share your ideas in the comments section below.

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