How To Get a Hacked Account Back in Snapchat

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Social media accounts like Snapchat are a blast to have until someone gets hold of your password somehow and hacks into your account. When a malicious user takes control of your online identity on a social media platform hijacked, it can be scary. They can destroy your reputation and steal your personal information, and it may seem like you’ll never get your account back. However, making your social media accounts more hacker-resistant IS possible, and if you’ve already fallen victim to a hacker, there are ways to get your accounts back again.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to make your Snapchat account (and your other social media accounts) more secure, and how to recover a hacked Snapchat account if you’ve already been victimized by a hacker.

How to Avoid Hacking

First, let’s talk about how you can prevent this from happening to you in the first place. Account protection starts with a strong password. Consider the following tips for creating one.

  • Make it at least 8 characters long
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Use a combination of upper case and lower case letters.
  • Do not use any common words or phrases (hackers can use programs that can quickly guess every word in the dictionary)
  • Do not use a birthday or other personal information as it is possible the hacker has personal information about you before they attempt to hack your accounts
  • Do not re-use passwords across multiple accounts because that will enable a hacker to hack more than one of your accounts at once

Once you’ve come up with a strong password, be prepared to do it again…and again. In fact, you’ll want to change your password regularly.

If that sounds daunting, consider getting a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password. Password managers make it easier to organize and remember complex and highly-secure passwords, so you do not have to memorize any passwords. Most security experts now recommend a password manager for managing secure passwords for all your accounts.

Another approach is to have “modular” passwords that you can rotate through on an easily-remembered, but not easily-guessed, schedule.

How to Tell If You’ve Been Hacked

It seems like it would be easy to tell if you’ve been hacked, right? After all, wouldn’t the hacker just change your password and permanently lock you out? However, it doesn’t always happen that way. Hackers don’t always want people to catch on that their account has been hacked, at least not right away, so you may have a window of opportunity to change the password before the hacker does.

The sooner someone realizes what happened, the sooner they can do something about it, thus interfering with the hacker’s agenda. Many hackers prefer to quietly get access to the account and then continue to collect information about you while you continue to use the compromised accounts.

Here are some signs that your Snapchat account might have been hacked.

  • Your friends tell you that they are receiving spam snaps and messages from your account
  • Your friends tell you that they are receiving messages asking for money or personal information from your account
  • You receive an alert that someone has logged into your account from a different location
  • You receive an alert that account information has been changed
  • You notice that the mobile number or email address associated with your account has been changed.
  • You notice other account settings have been changed
  • You have new contacts in your friends’ list that you don’t remember approving
  • You’re asked to re-login every time
  • You suddenly are unable to login to your account

If you suspect that you’re account had been hacked, take immediate action to recover your account from the hacker.

What to do If You Suspect Your Account has been Hacked

Don’t waste time trying to confirm whether your account was hacked. If you suspect it was, then go ahead and take action immediately. It won’t hurt to take action one way or the other. If you suspect hacking, perform the following steps to secure your account.

  • Change your password immediately
  • Make sure that your account recovery contact information is accurate
  • Notify your friends that you might have been hacked in case the hacker is using your account to get to them

Of course, you may know for a fact that you’ve been hacked and be unable to login to do anything about it.

What if You Can No Longer Access Your Snapchat Account?

If you can’t log in to Snapchat, don’t worry. There are a couple of things you can do to get your account back. First, try to get it back the old-fashioned way by going to your login and tapping Forgot My Password. There’s a good chance that if the hacker thought to change your password, then he or she also changed your account recovery information. However, there’s a chance they didn’t think to do that, and you’ll be able to reset the password using your email or phone number.

If that doesn’t work, contact Snapchat Support to plead your case using the following steps.

  1. Go to the Snapchat support page at
  2. Select Policies & Safety                                                                    
  3. Select Report a safety concern                                      
  4. Select I think my account was hacked                       
  5. The support team will first direct you to try Forgot My Password. Assuming you’ve already tried that and it didn’t work, select Yes next to Still Need Help
  6. Select No when Snapchat asks, “Were you able to reset your password or log back in?”
  7. Fill out the form that appears as accurately as possible the Send it

The Snapchat Support Team might grant you access to the account again, allowing you to create a new password. However, they will only do this if they are satisfied with your answers in the form. They need to be certain that the account you’re trying to access is actually yours.

30 thoughts on “How To Get a Hacked Account Back in Snapchat”

Avatar Julian says:
I just want to get my account back I have all of my memories and colleagues on my Snapchat. If any body has had any luck please reply. Also if somebody has found a hacker that was able to help I would also be opened to that.
Avatar angelique says:
hi I got hacked by a friend he changed my email and phone info n all my memories were on there I need help.
Avatar Christine says:
My account was hacked. I’ve submitted several tickets for help and I have not heard anything back besides the automated messages. This is really serious to me all my memories were there. I need to recover my account back. Did anyone have luck in getting their account back and how long did it take you?
Avatar الأمير says:
My account is hacked
Avatar demi says:
my snapchat has been hacked and i need to get back into it but i don’t no how to? i use this app u talk to distant friends and family and need to get into it as soon as possible
Avatar Christine says:
We’re you able to get back into your account ?
Avatar Andrea Price says:
Snapchat Hacked
Avatar Sarah says:
Has ANYONE had any luck with recovering their hacked account? My account was hacked and they changed the email, password and phone number! SnapChat Support hasn’t been any help. They will ask me to reply to their email verifying that my email is still accessible and then I get no replies after that. I’ve sent at least 10 messages by now and their Twitter sucks for support, too.
Avatar Justin says:
As you are the most recent victim I’ve read so far, after scrolling through the comment section. I am currently a hacked victim too. Who filled out at least 5 forms from the Snapchat support. It’s been multiple days now with no reply . I truly feel this is a chance of luck unfortunately, in order to gain recovery of a hacked account
Avatar Christina Goodrich says:
I’ve had this same problem. And there going through my eyes only and spreading my pictures around and there hacking my friends accounts and do the same thing
Avatar Angie says:
I had my snapchat account hacked, the password changed, and then deleted. This is important because I have pictures in memories with a family member that recently passed away. The hacker did not change my email, phone number, or any other info associated with it. When I try password reset it says that my email and phone number are not associated with any account and when I try logging into snapchat it says that the username is invalid. I’ve tried contacting support and they say they’re unable to reset the password for a deactivated account. Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue?
Avatar jayla t says:
i was just hacked as well and i have had no luck with support, i need my account back i have all my family memories in there.
Avatar Nancy says:
My Snapchat has just been hacked too and my memories are filled with my fiancé who had just passed away. Is there anyway to get it back? Snapchat support isn’t helping at all and I want my memories back
Avatar Kyle Forgues says:
My Snapchat was hacked about two weeks ago. I created a new Snapchat account with all my old information from the previous one in order to warn others. Although it is my old snap for some reason Snapchat doesn’t recognize my old email I suspect it’s because it is tied to my new account
Avatar Christine says:
We’re you able to get your account back? If so how long did it take?
Avatar Yuliya Belden says:
My account was hacked as well. They changed my email and phone number! They are now asking all my friends for their information and I keep receiving messages from people, saying here is the code.
Avatar Gabe says:
Did Snapchat support ever get back to you? How long was it till they got back to you if they did?
Avatar Lamees says:
My account is hacked
Avatar Jacob says:
My Snapchat was just hacked today and the hacker changed my password along with my phone number and my email address so I’m completely locked out of my account. I have so many memories that I just can’t afford to lose and I hope that Snapchat support will grant me my account back. 🙁
Avatar Charlie Russ says:
same it happened with me to
Avatar molly says:
Have you got any updates? my hacker is texting people and has change the phone number email and password. HELP
Avatar Cesar Sierra says:
I got hacked and snapchat wont help and the link they send originally is useless I’ve only hit dead ends.
Avatar Queen says:
My snapchat just got hacked and I emailed snapchat twice already and their website did not redirect me to fill in a form after i could not log in
Avatar Elizabeth says:
My friends Snapchat got hacked tonight. They changed her number and email so she can’t reset the password. What should I do, I’ve tried contacting Snapchat support. Please help!!
Avatar Kylie says:
That happened to me too! I don’t know how to get it back yet but hoping to figure it out soon
Avatar Raven Trevino says:
These steps honestly helped me out and I was able to recover my account! I was beginning to lose hope after reading all these comments about SnapChat Support not helping but they emailed me within 10 minutes and I got to reset password, phone number and etc. I am beyond happy! If you get a text claiming to be “snapchat team” about sending out verification codes DO NOT send them by text or etc. ONLY SUBMIT them when you are logging into Snapchat, that is how I got hacked.
Avatar Joalma says:
How long did it take for them to reply to you and what they say so u got it back
Avatar Lyric Reyes says:
what exactly did you do bc this happened to me today and i really want to get back ino my acocunt
Avatar Lucy says:
Recently my account hacked!! Hacker changed my phone number and password. Got emails about the changes and apparently the hacker logged In from Georgia. Reached out to support team, I got a case ID already. Had to send them my previous number, DOB and last device used. Hoping it gets resolved soon! Also messaged SC support on Twitter
Avatar Sally says:
Did it get resolved?
Avatar Kourtney Jackson says:
Mine just got hacked and they changed my number and email
Avatar amani says:
same thig happened to me hoiw do I get
I back
Avatar Alexis says:
someone texted me asking for my verification code and i gave it to them bc they said they were my cousin…. now i’m locked out and they set up a verification code for the snapchat so i cannot get back in i need help asap i’m so stressed about it! snapchat support is giving minimal effort to help and i’m so beyond frustrated!
Avatar Fatima Reynoso says:
This happened to me to
Avatar Gabby Buensalido says:
Were you guys able to get back into your account? It just happened to me, and he changed the phone number in which it would send verification codes to. And I’m so stressed out.
Avatar joe says:
account hacked. tried all the steps, but its as if the snap support page is hacked or something. when I say send to my e-mail it sends to a number that is not mine because hacker changed it. when I try to do as advised here, the do you still need more help “yes” button does not work. it will not send me on to the next page. Snapchat’s own support page is broken. anyone else find this or know of any other way to fix this?
Avatar Sx says:
My account got hacked last night and I just sent Snapchat using these steps. My recovery email and my phone number were verified but it kept saying it’s invalid when I tried Forgot Your Password. It even said my username doesn’t exist. Then I went on the Snapchat support page gave them the details and got my account back in just an hour and this happened today. This works
Avatar Caitlynn says:
This has never worked both times this has happened to me
Avatar Brendon says:
To all it may concern, I looked at this wall and it didn’t help at all honestly. But my snapchat was hacked and the email, phone number, and password were all changed by the hacker. Thankfully i got it all back. I sent several messages to the support center on their website last night telling them the situation and this morning they change the email back to mine and sent me a simple password reset. Hope this helped
Avatar Beckky Diaz says:
Omg the same thing has happened to me right now 🙁
Avatar Samira kately says:
I been emailing them no reply yer
Avatar Elizabeth says:
Same thing happened to me. I need my snaps back. And cant get it back…..
Avatar Candi says:
Avatar Niya Slaughter says:
Brendon could you contact me please? The same thing happened to me and I need it to be shut down.
Avatar Ilona says:
My snapchat is hacked ok i tried everythinv anf you know how I foumd out by my ex bestfriend that is now threatning to expoes me what are you going to do about it
Avatar Mrahhal10 says:
Hacked my acount snapchat change my password and email and change number
Is it possible to send my ID to identify my self
Avatar Jennifer Lopez says:
That hAppened to me
Avatar Jackeline says:
My account had just been hacked I have tried all these steps I have personal thing in my Snapchat memories and I really want to get it back into my account
Avatar victoria says:
did you ever get back into your account? someone changed the password on mine and deleted it and i can’t get back in. there’s a ton of personal memories i’d like to keep as well and i’d be so upset if i can’t get them back. i need to talk to someone who can help me. snapchat support just sends me the same email over and over.
Avatar faith ann says:
did you get yours back?? the same thing happens to me
Avatar mho_183 says:
l forgot my password in snapchat
I do not have an email account
Only l have the phone number
Avatar Becca says:
use u phone number then obviously
Avatar moza says:
someone hacked my snap chat accoount please can someone get it back to mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”(
Avatar Sarai Montano says:
They hacked my account and now their threatening me ! WHAT ARE YA GONNA DO ABOUT IT
Avatar Brittany says:
Yeah so bascially a hacker hacked my friends account and messaged me on that one asking if i could help recover her apple ID account for her, so she asked for my number and than it send a code to me and i sent it back to them. Than from there they changed my phone number and email … they than hacked my facebook and email as well thankfully i got those back. But snapchat said they could not help me. And i have so many embarassing snaps on there… and now they have all of that and are still opening my messages and doing whatever on there. Im never getting snap again… its bullshit how the security is so unsafe… they should of never got a change email setting on there. Facebook doesnt have one and you wonder why its so secure than.
Avatar Fatima Reynoso says:
Girl whatever did happen! Im going through this now!
Avatar viviana says:
hey my snap chat has be hacked , they changed the email and phone number anyone knows how to fix it , I would really appreciate
Avatar Neeq says:
Did you get any help ? Please reply.
Avatar camila says:
that same thing happened to me and i still haven’t gotten my account back, they literally changed the email and phone number so i could verify my login
Avatar Sandra says:
Someone hacked me and now I lost everything please help me

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