Happy Birthday Husband Messages to Text

Any warm words said by the people you love are priceless. However, when it comes to the birthdays of our closest ones, we’re trying to say something wonderful, something that will show how deep our feelings are. There’s nothing more beautiful than the feelings between the loving wife and husband, and if your dear hubby’s B-day is coming, you’ll need a perfect greeting. We collected the most heartfelt sayings, messages, and quotes as well as the beautiful images and funny memes to help you show your beloved husband that he’ll always remain the one for you.

The Best Happy Birthday Messages for Husbands

The big day it’s coming, and it’s a perfect chance for you to say how much you appreciate his presence in your life. Of course, true love is something that can’t be put into words, but still, it doesn’t matter that you shouldn’t try. These wonderful bday messages for husband are aimed to make this task a little bit easier: just choose the best one and send it to the most beloved man in the world!

  • If you’d asked, I would have married you the day we met. I knew from the start you were the man of my dreams. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • My married still seems like a dream to me. We have passed so many wonderful days together and all I want to tell you is that – I love you so much. Wonderful bday.
  • Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and comforting me. Thank you for always finding joy in making me happy. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • Not only are you always on my mind, but you will forever be in my heart. A husband as loving as you is hard to find, and I plan on spending the rest of my days being grateful I found you.
  • Life is so precious and should be treasured. I treasure every moment with you and I’m so grateful for another year to spend with you. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Thank you for being the best partner and companion in my life. I can’t wait to have more adventures and memories with you. Happy birthday to my husband who I love with all of my heart!
  • The day we met, our fates were sealed. From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I would become your wife. We wouldn’t stand a chance trying to fight the love that was there from the beginning. Happy Birthday, Hubby!
  • You do so many things to make life more full of smiles and love. And I appreciate every one of them.
  • Life is an incredible journey, and there is no one I’d rather have by my side during it than you. Every moment we’ve had together is as irreplaceable as you are. Happy birthday, husband.
  • Tearing a smile is my number one goal today. You’re everything for me. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.
  • Happy birthday to my better half, marrying you was the best thing that happened in my life. Stay blessed.
  • May your heart be full of joy, may it sing a song of happiness. Congratulations on your special day, my husband, I love you so much.

Cute Ways to Say Happy Birthday to My Husband

There are a lot of completely different ways to say happy birthday to a person. Some people choose humor as the most powerful tool, some prefer saying something really touching and personal, while some write a cute little message. Everyone wants to feel loved, and your dear husband undoubtedly is not an exception. Tell him that you love him, tell him how handsome and strong he is, and you’ll make him happy!

  • I’m so glad to have you as my husband. You’re an important part of my life. Let’s make this year’s birthday just as monumental as the ones that came before!
  • Husband, you are like a box of crayons, you bring color into my life. When I met you I had no idea how vibrant my world would become. Here’s to a lifetime of always coloring outside the lines together.
  • Through the good and bad times, you continue to be by my side. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Happy birthday honey and thank you for all that you do.
  • You’ve given me so much more than I ever hoped for. Thank you for making me feel loved, thank you for sticking with me. Happy birthday husband.
  • Happy birthday to my number one ally, my best friend, my husband! You are everything to me!
  • Every moment of my life is so special for me, because I have a wonderful, caring and truly special person by my side. I am so happy that you are my husband, happy birthday, my sweetheart!
  • I know how lucky I am to be married to you. You’re an amazing husband and father, and I love you.
  • Dear Hubby, you mean everything to me. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You make me feel like I’m falling in love with you for the first time, over and over again. I love you so much, happy birthday my love.
  • Happy birthday to the person who makes each morning brighter for me. I am fond of your my dear husband.
  • You are attractive, generous, smart and so on and on… I could list to infinity. Happy birthday my perfect man!
  • Babe, when I asked God for love, I didn’t know he’d add handsomeness, charm, and cuteness to the package. I’m so blessed to share my bed every night with someone as special as you. Happy birthday.

Special Bday Wishes for the Best Husband

There is a win-win way to make anyone feel special. Just tell your husband what you really feel, describe your emotions, add some personal details, and you’ll get a perfect greeting. However, mixing this cocktail is not that easy for some people, and that’s why we collected amazing B-day wishes for the best hubby ever! Don’t spare the sentiments – today they are exactly what you both need!

  • Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up. You make me feel special every day. Today, I want to take the opportunity to make you feel extra special.
  • “Thank you” would never be enough to express my gratitude for all the love you’ve given me. You are an extraordinary husband, and I intend to envelop you in love and devotion for your birthday.
  • Never in a million years did I think I would be this happy to have the perfect man standing behind me, supporting me with my silly ways and making me laugh all the time. I enjoy every moment we share together. Love you and Happy birthday!
  • The best times I have on this earth are with you. The greatest memories I have in my mind is with you. Happy birthday my husband, I love you!
  • Happy birthday to my husband who always makes me feel confident and strong. Thank you for always believing in me. May you feel as cherished on your birthday as I do by you.
  • I’m wishing you every dream in your heart, because I know you have it in you to make them all come true.
  • My sweet husband. I have no complaints about life with you. I imagine it just doesn’t get any better than this. Happy Birthday.
  • When I was a child, I always dreamed of finding a prince. That dream came true when I found you in my life. I wish a happy birthday to my wonderful prince!
  • I cannot explain how lucky I am that I get to share all your happiness together. Happy birthday to my loving husband.
  • Darling, you are the reason I wake up each morning and start my day with a smile on my face! Sending you best wishes from the bottom of my heart!
  • Your love and care is tender morning, noon and night. With you, every day is like a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Spending each day in your arms gives me a heightened sense of protection, love, and warmth. You are special in that way, my dear. Have a blessed birthday.

Amazing Husband Birthday Quotes and Greetings

Sometimes we all can’t find the words that would express what we really feel. Fortunately, this very occasion is a happy one, and even if you have some difficulties with putting your love into words, you can solve this problem without any effort. Just choose one of these husband birthday quotes, customize it, and get a truly fantastic greeting!

  • On this special day I want to remind you all the lovely moments we shared across the journey of our life. Take this special hug from me.
  • I know you work hard and you’re always finding new ways to make things work for your family. That’s why you are the best! Happy birthday to my best friend, my husband.
  • I know that people say that nobody’s perfect, but I really want to dispute that sort of thinking. Clearly, people must not have met you because you are an absolutely perfect husband.
  • No matter the age you are, nor if a white blanket covers your head, you will always be the man who wanted to share my life. You have a beautiful day, love!
  • My world sparkled when you came to my life. Marrying you is the highlight of my life. I love you forever and always.
  • Thank you for supporting me and cheering me up when I am down. You are a true gift of God to me. I love you more and more with every passing year. Happy birthday to you, dear hubby!
  • Words to describe my husband. Wonderful, amazing, unique, incomparable, handsome, strong, incredible. I could go on forever. Wishing you a blessed birthday.
  • Even though the world is very fast and most things change often, I know I can count on you. I wish you a fantastic birthday!
  • Happiness is celebrating your birthday together every year like a ritual. Happy birthday loving husband.
  • Sending lots of love, kisses, hugs and much thanks to my husband for always being with me when I needed him the most! Love you from all my heart…
  • Happy birthday to the one true love of my life. My true soul mate.
  • Sweetheart, thanks to your phenomenal love, I cannot envisage any other meaning for real love. Thanks for your commitment. I hope your birthday celebration is as fabulous as your presence in my life is.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband on Facebook

As we have already mentioned, some people use humor to greet their closest ones, and this strategy definitely has the right to live. What can be more precious than a smile of a man who always does everything for you, a smile of a man who makes life worthwhile? Check out these funny birthday wishes, choose the most hilarious one and share it with your friends and a birthday boy on Facebook!

  • I am so excited for you to get home so that I can treat you to an extra special day full of things like your favorite dinner, kisses, affection, a massage, and who knows what else!
  • I’m going to really enjoy giving you your birthday present…and I think I can promise your satisfaction will be guaranteed!
  • Hubby, you’re like chocolate. Yummy, sweet and completely irresistible! Happy birthday, lover!
  • You hold the key to my heart and soul. Let’s unlock our love for a night of passion! Happy birthday!
  • My mother and father may have disapproved of us getting married, but that didn’t stop me! Now that you know how stubborn I can be, you best prepare yourself for a lifetime of not getting what you asked for! So you can guess my answer to that “special” birthday request you had. Happy Birthday!
  • I am the best thing that ever happened to you. Happy birthday husband.
  • Who needs superheroes when you have a super husband? Happy birthday my Superman!
  • I thought, on your birthday, I should make you aware,
    That species of good husbands are getting quite rare.
    I’ve approved you as the perfect specimen:
    After all, my husband loves me 24/7!
  • I didn’t get you a fancy gift this year, instead I thought it best to go with something sentimental. Remember that time you told me how happy it makes you when I wear red? Well, I’ve bought a whole new outfit and accessories in lush red colours. Just for you! Happy Birthday!
  • Goosebumps. That’s what I wish for your birthday. Of course, due to excitement about all the celebrations, gifts and surprises that come your way. Although when you start overdoing things, I think a little fear of me will be good too… Yeah, Goosebumps.
  • Happy Birthday from the one who endures your farts and still loves you anyway.

Romantic Happy Birthday Husband Quotes

Marriage is considered to be the happiest and at the same time the toughest decision in the life of every person. Not all couples can face all the difficulties, overcome them, and save the feelings they shared. If you two could do it, you’re lucky people. What’s your secret? Most of the happy couples note that they tried to be romantic no matter what. Why not send your dear husband a nice happy birthday quote that will remind him how much you love him?

  • I thought our wedding day would be the happiest day of my life but somehow each day with you just gets better and better.
  • Maybe I’m the most favorite child of the God, that’s why he has given me the best husband in the world. Happy bday, darling.
  • Thank God for giving me the most handsome, loving, and smart husband in this world. Happy birthday!
  • I am at peace with you, I am beautiful with you, I am perfect with you. You are sun that shines so brightly to my universe. I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Husband, I hope you never change in life, because you are absolutely perfect the way you are. I am so grateful I married a man as wonderful as you. Wishing you lots of wonder and love for your birthday.
  • Your presence in my life has made it colorful and given it a new dimension. My friends feel jealous when they see our romantic and happy life. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • To my husband on his birthday…All my appreciation, all my gratitude, all my heart, and all my love.
  • My love for you grows and grows forever. I am always discovering new reasons to love you. You’re an amazing husband and I feel so lucky. Have a great birthday, dear.
  • You are my world. You are my sun that shines every morning. You are my breeze blowing in the afternoon. I love you and wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • On your birthday, I wish you, my dear husband, a life full of both health and wealth. Much love, happy birthday.
  • You showed me what kindness, passion and love are from the first days we met… I hope that you will always stay that kind of wonderful person you were then and are now!
  • I love you much more than words can ever say. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy Bday Message to My Wonderful Husband

Meeting a wonderful partner that will never leave you is a blessing. We all need someone who will love and support us in good times and in bad, and if your husband is exactly this kind of person, if he’s the one you’ve been looking for, tell him how happy you are. A cute Bday message will make your relationship even stronger and add another bright moment to the album of your family memories.

  • When people say that “no one is perfect,” I can’t help but grin because I’m positive that they haven’t met you!
  • Your kisses may be sweeter than candy, but it’s your love that genuinely sweetens my soul. No amount of cake could ever be as sweet as you! Happy birthday to my sweetie pie!
  • Your presence in my life has made it colorful and given it a new dimension. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • You are the king of my life and the father of my children. Thank you for being the rock of our family.
  • Whether it is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thirty days a month or twelve months a year – one lifetime will never be enough to drool over a man as handsome as you. Happy birthday to the man.
  • Wishing wonderful birthday to the man, whom I love most. This is for giving me so many wonderful memories and I believe that there are more yet to come.
  • Words are not enough, you have to look at my eyes to understand how much I love you. I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my dear husband, I want to thank you on this special day for encouraging me and supporting me.
  • Our marriage is like a beautiful dream for me, it is an amazing feeling to be your wife. I love so much, honey, happy birthday to you!
  • Dear hubby, you are all a wife could ask for in a husband. And I feel incredibly spoiled to be your wife. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • You are an awesome incurable romantic who deserves an awesome romantic date. And I promise to make that happen for you. Happy birthday!
  • Just like your day doesn’t begin without a hot cup of tea, my life doesn’t mean a thing without your tender touch and your sweet nothings. Thanks for being the best husband ever. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

Sweet Happy Birthday Hubby Quotes from Wife

“My husband is the best” and “I love my husband” are the phrases that a happy wife always says. Don’t hesitate to say these sweet words to your love, even if he hears them for the hundredth time. Read these sweet birthday quotes for a hubby, maybe one of them will inspire you to be even more romantic on this special day.

  • I don’t mean to exaggerate, but I must say that I have the best. Husband. Ever.
  • Darling, can you imagine our lives before we got married? I guess that you can’t. I’m really so lucky and glad that you are in my life. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.
  • Darling, tonight will be your night. Me, with our kids are decorating the house, making some delicious foods and waiting with a wonderful cake. Hope you are coming quickly from the office. Happy bday.
  • I can’t count how many times in a day I think of you. You’re always on my mind and in my heart. For your birthday, I want to make it known that I love you more than life itself.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you in it. We are picture perfect. Happy birthday wishes for my husband!
  • You are the only person for whom I can forget all the pains and sorrows of life. You mean a lot in my life.
  • There is no problem that can put me in trouble when you are next to me. You are the one that makes me feel strong and confident in every situation. Best wishes for a happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear husband. You are my secret keeper and guide. May this day be as happy as you always stay.
  • Hubby, I am sending you white vanilla kiss with pieces of strength, glaze of joy and sincerity filling. I wish you sweet sweet life! Congratulations!
  • Honey, you know that I seldom fall, but when I do, it’s always in love with you. Spending time with you is always a heavenly experience. Enjoy this day to the max.
  • You’re the tune, I love to hum over and over. You’re the movie I can never get bored of. You’re the novel I can read again and again. You’re the lover I can love forever. Happy Birthday, mi amor.
  • I know it’s your birthday, but I’m sorry, I wish something for myself today. I wish to be the woman you deserve, because you have been more than the man I wished to be with. I love you. Happy birthday.

Love Quotations for Husband’s Birthday Card

There are a lot of sayings, poems, novels, songs, and quotes about love. Why? Because everything people do is inspired by this fantastic feeling. If you want to send your husband the most heartfelt and cute birthday card ever, don’t hesitate to use the wonderful quotations that can perfectly describe how big your love really is.

  • Being with you has taught me to live life to its fullest. Each day, each month, each year with you is a treasure.
  • You took my breath away when we first met, and today you still leave me breathless every day! Happy birthday to a wonderful husband!
  • You are a treasure to me, to our family and to the world. You are special. Happy birthday my rock!
  • Thank you for knowing exactly what makes me smile. You’re more than a husband to me. And I will tell the whole world what an amazing husband you are and how much you mean to me. Happy birthday to my one and only!
  • Even though we have gotten older, I am still discovering new reasons to love you. You are a loving father and an incredible husband. I hope your birthday is filled with many moments of love and joy.
  • My love for you grows continuously. I am discovering new reasons every day to love you. You’re an incredible husband and I feel so lucky. May your birthday be full of joy and happiness!
  • Dear husband whenever u think of you, I cannot help but fall in love with you more and more. Happy birthday, may God bless you.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beloved person in my life! Love you to the moon and back, and always! Lots of kisses for you, honey!
  • My dearest husband, when the world is turbulent, I know that I can find peace and rest on that spot on your shoulders. May it be there for many more years to come. Happy birthday.
  • It is only in your arms that I feel safe, only your eyes make me feel beautiful, only your touch makes me feel wanted, and it is only your birthday that I wait all throughout the year. With many surprises waiting ahead, Happy birthday, my darling.
  • The first time I met you, I was enthralled by your calm disposition and wide smile. Guess what, I still am. Long may you remain a calm, smiling gentleman. I love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetheart, you are such an amazing romantic that I can never stop myself from falling for over and over again. Sending you lots and lots of love. Cheers!

Heart Touching Birthday Sayings for Husband and Father

Husband and father is a rock, not only for a loving wife, but also for kids that are happy to be born in a strong family. On his birthday, it’s really important to show your hubby that everything he does never goes unnoticed. If you’re not sure that you’ll find the right words with no effort, take a look at these touching birthday sayings and quotes and choose the most beautiful one!

  • When people say they love chocolate or love the outdoors, I know they must be using a different word than me when I say I love you, my darling husband.
  • It seems that without your presence the worth of my life would have been nothing. All these years we passed were amazing. Best bday to my lovely husband.
  • Take love, multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depths of forever…and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you. I love you and I hope you have a deliriously happy birthday.
  • I am your leading lady and you are my leading man. I am your Jane you are my Tarzan. I am your wife you are my perfect 10 husband. Happy birthday darling!
  • Every time life has been tough and every time a storm tried to blow me away, you have been my rock and you have always saved the day. Every time I look at you and every time I see your handsome face, I feel lucky to be your wife and I feel glad that no one else took my place. Happy birthday to my greatest husband.
  • There is no doubt that you are the best husband in the world. Do I doubt your directional abilities, cooking, or laundry skills? Yes, but never your love. Happy birthday to my darling husband.
  • Since you became my husband, I never asked for anything from God because he gave me the best life partner I could ever wish for. Happy Birthday Greetings love!
  • My happiness begins with you and ends on you. Happy birthday dear husband. You are indeed the best I could ask for.
  • Hope that your life will be filled up with miracles, bright expectations and delightful moments! Happy Birthday, my biggest treasure!
  • You outperformed the competition and won my heart, but didn’t stop there; you continue to win my heart each day in our marriage. Here’s to many more years of winning. I love you.
  • Your birthday is undoubtedly a special day, but more than you, it’s special for me. It makes me realize my purpose in life, which is to take care of thee. Many many happy returns of the day, my darling husband.
  • I don’t blame the women who envy me for having such a perfect life and an amazing husband. I have no one else to thank but you. Enough about me, let’s make this day special by celebrating like there’s not tomorrow. Have a superb birthday, dear hubby.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images

Heartfelt message on his birthday is good, but a message and a beautiful image is even better! We live in the era of the Internet and social networking, so why not use this cool communication channel to say how much you love your dear hubby one more time?
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 1
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 2
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 3
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 4
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 5
Beautiful Happy Birthday Husband Images 6

Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme

If you’re lucky to live with a husband that has a good sense of humor, don’t miss your chance to bring a smile to his face on this significant day! Maybe memes don’t belong to the category of traditional greetings, but we personally consider them to be a perfect option for the couples that are never tired of laughing together.
Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme 1
Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme 2
Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme 3
Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme 4
Funny Happy Birthday Husband Meme 5

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