Is HBO Max Free for HBO Subscribers?

When you think about HBO does the familiar intro sound and logo come to mind? It’s short but very catchy. And HBO is home to some major TV originals. Think Game of Thrones and Sex & the City. Come May 2020, HBO will bless everyone with a new streaming service, HBO Max.

But wait just a minute. Doesn’t HBO already have a streaming service? Yes, HBO Now is a standalone service, unlike HBO Go which is linked to your cable provider. Now HBO Max is coming on strong and looking to break some records. But will it be free for existing HBO subscribers?

HBO Max Pricing

When HBO Max’s arrival on the streaming service market was announced, one of the first questions asked was: “How much does it cost?”. Initially, it was expected to be in the highest price bracket, because it comes with all of WarnerMedia assets. This includes Warner Bros, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and the rest. The price is set for $14.99 – more than Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are asking from their viewers.

It’s all meant to be worth your while, though. But for those already subscribing to HBO Now, this announcement raises questions about their subscriptions. Out of 34 million HBO subscribers, an approximate 10 million will be able to upgrade to HBO Max free of charge. And this applies only to those who signed up through HBO.

For those who signed up via Apple or Amazon Prime Video, the situation is still uncertain. WarnerMedia is expected to make a deal with those companies, if that hasn’t happened yet. Additionally, it’s already been announced that HBO Max will be free for one year to HBO subscribers with AT&T’s services. This promo deal makes sense because they want to create a lot of talk about the new streaming service itself.

  HBO Max Free for HBO SubscribersWhat to Expect from HBO Max?

Whenever a new streaming service is unveiled, it’s fair to ask what to expect from it. After all, it seems like the rate at which they’re being launched nowadays is accelerating. Someone has to take down Netflix, eventually, right? Or maybe not. In any case, HBO Max is sure to be a worthy competitor.

Will There Be Ads?

Some of the streaming services like Hulu, come with both ad-supported and ad-free options. Others, like Netflix, are completely ad-free. This feature shapes the monthly fee and could be a deal-breaker for some people. When it comes to much anticipated HBO Max, for the first launch, the service won’t be supporting ads. But it’s to be expected, after the initial rollout and after gaining more subscribers, that they will offer an ad-supported version of the service.

What About Discounts?

HBO has a lot of users worldwide. And they aim to maintain their international way of operating. The company’s goal is that by the year 2025 they will have somewhere between 75 and 90 million HBO Max subscribers worldwide. With 50 million estimated to be in the US alone. It’s also expected that other AT&T customers will be offered promotional discount prices. Who knows, maybe even bundle options. HBO Max is surely going to try and attract as many viewers as possible.


What Can You Watch on HBO Max?

HBO’s library doesn’t need much introducing. They are, after all, famous for their premium and quality content. Subscription to any of the HBO’s services is a coveted item. HBO Max is everything HBO Go and HBO Now is but with double the content.


New Content

A streaming service has to come in with a bang. And that means delivering fresh and exciting content for viewers. A “Game of Thrones” prequel is expected on the new HBO Max streaming service. As well as a Stephen King adaptation. HBO Max promises 10,000 hours of content –a staggering number.

Viewers expect thrillers, comedies, documentaries, and everything in between. Almost everything HBO has delivered in terms of original content has been massively successful. So there’s a reason to anticipate something similar from HBO Max.

New Old Content

HBO Max has purchased the rights to stream hit 90’s sitcom “Friends” too. This was famously acquired by Netflix, where it streamed for a whole year. Now it’s HBO Max’s turn. Shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Doctor Who”, as well as ultra-famous “South Park” are also coming to HBO Max. Clearly, they’re trying to curate their program in a way to attract the largest viewership. And with all that’s under their umbrella, they’re almost guaranteed success.

HBO Max FreeHBO Max Free for Subscribers

HBO Max Is (Not) Free

Well, nothing is free, ultimately. If you are probably going to get a discount or a time-limited free subscription once HBO Max becomes available. It’s going to be really simple for existing HBO subscribers who subscribed to the service through HBO directly. They’ll just get to enjoy double the content for the same price. But some good deals are to be expected for everyone. Eventually, you’ll start paying a regular subscription and that will be that.

Are you going to subscribe to HBO Max when in May 2020? Let us know in the comments section below.

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