HEIC Not Supported by Shutterfly? Here’s How You Fix

HEIC is an image extension which Apple’s mobile devices use since iOS 11. However, Shutterfly doesn’t support this file type. That means that you can’t upload your HEIC files to Shutterfly directly. Luckily, workarounds exist, and we’ll cover some of the best options.

What to Do with HEIC Files?

Since Shutterfly doesn’t support HEIC files, you won’t be able to upload them. That means you’ll first have to convert them. Here are some online and offline solutions.

Online Converters

Well, there has to be a HEIC-to-JPEG converter somewhere out there, right? Of course, there is. And not just one. Here are the most popular options.


This site rounds up multiple tools in one place. Its HEIC to JPEG converter can take files up to 20MB in size, with a maximum number of 200 images per batch.


This website offers various conversion options for images, as well as everything from eBooks to software. Its HEIC to JPEG converter offers multiple conversion options.


Zamzar boasts the most straightforward document, image, video, and sound conversion. It supports over 1,100 file formats. Its HEIC to JPEG converter is very simple to use.

Other Solutions

Some people don’t like using online converter sites. If you don’t want to turn your HEIC files to JPEG that way, here are some other solutions.

heic not supported by shutterfly

Here are some of the best and the safest options.

iMazing HEIC Converter

You could go with a trusted piece of third-party software, such as iMazing HEIC Converter, for instance. This app is compatible with both Apple and Windows devices. The app is also free, and it runs offline. That means that you can convert the images without having to worry about your privacy.

This app allows the user to convert their HEIC files to JPEGs or PNGs.

It also allows you to adjust the JPEG quality. Once you’re done setting things up, click Convert, and that’s it. Now you can upload the converted files to Shutterfly or any other similar website.

The Automatic Transfer Feature

The automatic transfer feature automatically converts the HEIC files to Windows-compatible JPEG. It’s as simple as turning this setting on. Just go to Settings and then access Photos on your iOS device. Then, scroll down, and you’ll see the Transfer to Mac or PC section.

The reason why you see HEIC files on your PC is that the Keep Originals setting is on. Check Automatic. Now, your phone will automatically convert the photos and videos to a recipient-compatible format.

heic not supported by shutterfly - how you fix

This method is by far the best way to convert HEIC files to JPEG. Now, your photos will be ready to upload to Shutterfly. Keep in mind, though, that the JPEG files are larger than HEIC files, even though they are of similar quality.


Many services can automatically convert the HEIC format to JPEG. For one, uploading the photos to OneDrive will do this. Keep in mind, though, that downloading the JPEG photos from OneDrive to your Windows PC will save them as HEIC.


Did you know that emailing a HEIC photo from your iOS device to yourself will convert them to JPEG when you access them via a Windows computer? Yes, this is a very interesting way of turning a HEIC photo to JPEG, and it works like a charm.

Uploading to Shutterfly

It would be ideal if Shutterfly supported the HEIC file format, as this file format brings a ton of benefits to the table. It would make for better prints for a variety of objects that Shutterfly supports.

Until it starts supporting HEIC, all you can do is convert the photos to HEIC. You can use online converters, desktop apps, or even cloud and mailing services.

Did you find any of this helpful? Were you able to upload your photo to Shutterly? Do you know about a better way to convert HEIC to JPEG? Feel free to hit the comments section below.

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