How to Hide Apps from the Apps Menu on Galaxy S9

Posted by Desmond Andrada on March 12, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung has been making TouchWiz cooler in the last few years and has made significant changes on its Galaxy 9. One of the changes is that it allows you to hide app drawer and put all the apps on the home screen. You have an alternative if you don’t like clicking one more time to launch an app drawer. In today’s post, we’ll show how you can avoid using two different locations to save apps.

Anytime you hide an app, it’ll no longer show in the Apps menu and note that you won’t receive software updates. Another thing to note is that you can’t hide all the apps on your phone, some of the pre-installed apps will always be visible.

How to Hide Apps Through the Apps Tray on Galaxy S9

  • Open the Apps menu from the home screen
  • Tap the three-dot icon
  • Click on Edit
  • It’ll display your list of apps; you can hide the app that has the minus sign at the top right corner
  • Click on the minus sign of the app you want to protect
  • Click on Turn Off


How to Display the Apps Previously Hidden

  • Click on the apps menus
  • Tap Settings
  • Browse to Applications
  • Launch the Application Manager
  • It’ll display the list of your apps. If the one you want to make visible isn’t there, click on More. Then select Show System Apps
  • The apps you hide will show Disabled on the name field of the app
  • Select Enable


The option above can provide you with more flexibility when arranging your apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. You can also use the Galaxy Labs as an alternative if you want to hide apps.