How To Hide Games on the PS4

Posted by Arch on April 25, 2019
how to hide games on ps4

When you purchase a large number of games on Sony PlayStation 4, it can make your game library messy and hard to navigate. Fortunately, there is a feature that lets you hide all the games you don’t want to play at the moment.

It’s simple to remove them from the display and adjust your library any way that you want. You can modify your activity feed as well, so other users don’t see the games you’re currently playing.

This article will show you how to hide your games from both your library and your activity feed.

Hiding Games in the Gaming Library

If you don’t want certain games to appear when you list your gaming library, you can hide them in a few steps:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and wait for the Dashboard to load.
  2. Find the Library menu in your Dashboard and enter.
    ps4 library
  3. In the Library, go to the Purchased option to list all the games that you’ve bought on that PSN account.
    PS4 hide games
  4. Go to any game that you want to hide from this menu.
  5. Press the Options key on your PS4 controller.
  6. Find ‘Do not Show Content Item in (Purchased)’ and click on it.

hide games on ps4

Now all the games that you purchased from your PSN account will disappear, and only the games that you want to remain will be visible. But this only works for the ‘Purchased’ list. When you list your games with the ‘This PS4’ list or anything else, you will not be able to hide them.

How to Reveal Hidden Library Games

In time, you may change your mind about hiding some of your games. Here is how you can reveal hidden games:

  1. Press Options on your controller.
  2. Choose ‘Check Hidden Content Items’

Wait for the system to process it and you will reveal all your games again.

When you use this option, you can only reveal all the games at once. So, you may want to think twice if you’ve spent a lot of time hiding your unwanted games, and now you just want to reveal one. You will have to manually return each game back to their hidden status.

Hiding Games in Activity Feed

Your activity feed is a place where other users can check out which games you play, your scores, and your trophies. If you want to hide some games so other users don’t see them, you can use this method:

  1. Go to your profile menu.
  2. Choose Games.
  3. Pick any game on the list.
  4. Press the Options key on your controller.
  5. Pick ‘Hidden Games Settings’. A new window will pop up.
  6. Select ‘Hidden Games for PS4’.
  7. Choose all the games that you want to hide from your activity feed.

Keep in mind that when you hide a game from your activity feed, you will still be able to see it from your profile. The only change is that other users who visit your profile will not see any information about the chosen games.

Hide Activity Log with an Alternative Method

You can access your hidden games from your Privacy Settings too. You can access the Privacy Settings from the PS4’s settings menu.

There are two ways to access the settings menu. You can choose the Toolbox icon in the Main Menu, next to the Trophies, or select the Ellipsis icon by the Status menu. Before you can customize your privacy settings, you will have to re-enter your account password again.

ps4 settings

In the Privacy Settings, menu scroll all the way down until you see the Hidden Games option. When you select it, it will take you back to your Activity feed.

How to Reveal Hidden Activity Feed Games

If you ever want to unhide your activity feed games, you can do so easily.

  1. Access your Hidden Games menu. You can use either of the two methods previously explained in this article.
  2. Uncheck all the games that you wish to reveal again.
  3. Confirm changes.

This will return all the games you uncheck back to the activity feed. This means that all new information will be visible to everyone. That includes all your new scores and trophies that you earned, your playing time, plus all the data you acquired during the time the game was hidden.

You can always hide the game again if you wish.


You can either hide your PS4 games from yourself in your library, or you can hide them in the activity feed. How do you manage, hide, and organize your PS4 games? Leave a comment and let us know.

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