Unique Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

Posted by Andrew on July 10, 2018

The modern people (especially youth) are nomads. Travelling, tourism, the inability to sit in one place forever – these are the main characteristics of the contemporary free-spirited generations. It is quite a subjective opinion but it is based on the statistics and some personal experience. To be honest, it is impossible to survive in a highly dynamic world without such features and skills, so one should not judge such a way to live.
However, we are always struggling for a bit of stability, so even the most active travelers once bump into a place, where they want to spend the rest of their lives. They celebrate this event, as almost everyone wants to remember such an important day, as final settling (though the travels should not end – people just find their homes). If you are invited to such housewarming, we are happy that your friends or relatives have found their sweet home.
Though, we understand that you may be puzzled because of the total absence of ideas about what to present to your dearest ones for such a vitally important party. Someone advises asking the new homeowners what they really want, but… It is a boring way.
If you are a creative person and want to make a real surprise without all those stupid questions – meet our list of the top gifts for a housewarming! Here you will find cool, useful, and meaningful presents that will come in handy in any house.
P.S. Choose something for your own house too!

Good Housewarming Gifts Ideas

1. Tea Organizer

Everyone likes tea! Well, even if your friends do not, they surely keep some tea types in a house, for guests, for example. If the friends are the tea adorers, they know how stupidly the tea mess looks, if organized badly. We suppose that the people, who became mad with that mess, have created the tea organizers.

Lucy Loose Leaf Tea Organizer

Lucy Loose Leaf Tea Organizer
We offer you one of the best tea keepers on Amazon. Its holders provide airtight storage, so the taste and smell of your friends’ favorite tea will be kept strong, deep and wonderful. Additionally, the stainless steel holders with black lids will be cool compliments to the kitchen design.

2. Tea Infuser Bottle

We continue the tea story with a tea infuser! Well, it is a good thing for loose leaf tea, matcha powder, yerba mate, fruit, smoothies, ice water, coffee… What a multitasking thing! We could not get pass an infuser bottle and decided to include this in our gifts list.

Loose Leaf Tea Cup + Portable Teapot With Stainless Steel Filter

Loose Leaf Tea Cup Portable Teapot with Stainless Steel Filter
We were knocked down by the elegant design of this bottle. However, it is not the only one impressive feature of this huge teacup: it has metal infuser in it that can contain anything you want to infuse the water with, and is clear, what allows to control the strength of a beverage. Check it on Amazon!

3. Teapot

What can be better than a cup of something warm? We suppose that there are a few things in the world that can replace this. Present a nice teapot for a housewarming and make the life of the new homeowners free from cold days and evenings.

Teabloom Teapot Gift Set

Teabloom Teapot Gift Set
Clean, small, classic – we cannot demand more from an affordable and durable teapot. It is made of borosilicate glass can be put into a microwave – your tea will always be hot. The gift set includes two tea types, so you can immediately try this thing in action after presenting!

Perfect Gifts for New Homeowners

1. Canister Set

We can suppose that your friends or relatives (that are going to celebrate a housewarming) have several canisters for different things, but… They definitely have no similar stunning set that you can find below!

Cook N Home Glass Canister With Stainless Window Set

Cook N Home Glass Canister with Stainless Window Set
This set will look cool and classy in any kitchen. So nice and useful, especially taking into account their price!

2. Server Stand

Server stands can elevate any event. If you want to help the new homeowners to make a real housewarming party (and a lot of other parties with huge number of guests) – such a gift will come in handy!

3-Tier Server Stand With Trays & Bowls

Server Stand with Trays Bowls
Enhance your party with this beautiful 3-tier server! It can help not only showcasing, but also just an ordinary tier for the kitchen stuff. It is sturdy, comes with one-year warranty and dishwasher-safe. Present the saving of space to your closest ones with this stunning thing!

3. Knife Block Set

Every woman knows that there cannot be enough knives, especially if all the family adores cooking together. We advise you to check the knife block set that we supposed to be the most suitable and convenient in a house.

15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set
There is no surprise, why this set is #1 best seller on Amazon – it is of superior quality and design! Each knife guarantees comfort, gives perfect stability, and support during usage. We would be proud to use it at table, just like the producers promise.

Practical House Warming Gifts

1. Herb Savor

The herbs are constantly going to waste. You buy your favorite parsley – and it is dead after two or three days. Break this freaking chain of spending money every couple of days! The smart people have invented the herb savor!

Prepara Herb Savor

Prepara Herb Savor
It looks like a plant in a pot; though it is almost true. The BPA-free container will prolong the life of the herbs and will make it with minimal efforts from your side. Just put there the fresh herbs – any, from oregano to mint. Discover the world, where the herbs can live for three weeks!

2. Herb Scissors

It is such a simple and time-saving thing, although it rarely appears in a house. Just imagine how many time the herb cutting consumes… If the new homeowners are vegetarians or vegans – this would be a cool gift for them and their time.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Jenaluca Herb Scissors
You get five (!) extra sharp stainless steel blades for herbs in one item. Cut your favorite salad leaves above the dish with the other vegetables, and forget about the era of knives, boards, and green mess on the tables.

3. Seed Starter Kit

We were amazed by this item. Just imagine a little garden that is grown by your own hands! Well, by the hands of those, whom you are going to make a present. Just familiarize yourself with this beautiful thing, because there are no words in the world to describe a little but bursting with energy life.

Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit

Natures Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit
This is one of the most unique, meaningful and creative gifts ever. If your dearest people need a bit of sophisticated oriental atmosphere – give a bonsai to them. Do not want to spoil the sacred bonsai’s life with money? The guys from Nature’s Blossom has found a decision and offer you to get the seeds and give everyone the possibility to grow a little tree by one’s own!

Great Cheap Housewarming Gifts

1. Circular Rolling Knife

Every knives’ collection will not be full without a circular rolling knife! Complement the kitchen stuff of your friends’ house with one! Or with one more. It is still a cool gift.

2nd Generation Innovative Circular Rolling Knife

Cut everything easily with this knife, from beef to pizza! Ergonomic design will allow one to use minimal force and save the time when using. And it is as bright, as green hell! Awesome.

2. Salad Cookbook

It is not only for vegetarians, guys. Everyone adores the salads! One can hate making them, but he/she just can know nothing about the simple, yet cool recipes. A cool cookbook full of the best salad recipes can turn to be a great gift for any event.

Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Love

Generation Innovative Circular Rolling Knife
This is the complete guide for any cooking obsessed person. It can become a cool thing for all the family members, as everyone will enjoy the perfect salads with ideally complementing dressings every single day! Learn from an award-winning chef and become a “veggie warrior”!

3. Ice Mold Tray

Ice mold trays have touched our hearts long ago. We really want to shake the hand of the first creative guy, who has decided to make ice on different forms. Now everyone can enjoy the cold beverages with cute, rough, scary, and a lot of others ice forms!

Silicone Sphere Ice Mold Tray in Form of Death Star

Silicone Sphere Ice Mold Tray in Form of Death Star
This little set definitely stands out of the rest similar items! It is designed to satisfy the souls of the most passionate fans of the Star Wars! By the way, such a gift can be very actual because of the current releases of the new Star Wars films!

Cool Housewarming Present Ideas for Couple

1. Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla is a dish of Mexican cuisine. Someone call it “a heated tortilla with melted cheese inside”, as a quesadilla should be filled with a great amount of your favorite cheese. Unfortunately, everything tasty is difficult to be cooked. Fear not, our readers! Some technical marvels will solve all the cooking problems.

Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

Grilling of something – and this very dish too – can be a long and troublesome process, as there is sometimes to tool to grill, actually. And all those huge grills that can be kept only in a backyard. Happily, this small and stylish quesadilla maker will guarantee a tasty snack for your friends’ family, as it makes 6 pieces of this delicious dish simultaneously!

2. Wine Glass Set

A glass is easy to be broken, so be sure that a wine glass set will be suitable as a gift for any housewarming! Check the one that we have prepared for you.

Zalik Wine Glasses Gift Set

Zalik Wine Glasses Gift Set
With this complete wine tools set your friends will get everything that they need, and even more (corkscrew, wine stopper, and an aerator pourer). It goes in a light blue case all the set can be kept in. A sophisticated, classy and elegant present for the dearest ones!

3. Tabletop Fireplace

It is so nice to spend the evenings near a fireplace… Especially for couples. Present a tabletop fireplace to your close people and let them enjoy the cozy atmosphere every day.

Regal Flame Fire Pit

Regal Flame Fire Pit
This is a convenient decision for those who cannot put a huge fireplace in a house. Such a tiny fire pit can become a good alternative for the same needs.

Best Housewarming Gifts for First Home

1. Breakfast Station

To have a good breakfast means to have a good further day! Present a possibility to have a wonderful day start with a breakfast station!

Nostalgia Bset300aq Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station

Nostalgia BSET300AQ Retro 3in1 Family Size Breakfast Station
Nostalgia offers everything in one: the new homeowners will get a cup of coffee, a small grill and a multi-function toaster oven. Can be used by a large family!

2. Hot Dog Toaster

Hot dogs are still on top of the street food, in spite of the healthy life trend. It is tasty and fast, to have such a snack, so you will not go wrong with a hot dog toaster as a gift in any circumstances!

Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster

PopUp Hot Dog Toaster
This red colored retro hot dog maker is stunning! Cooks two hot dogs and two buns at a time, so two persons will enjoy a nice snack within several minutes after filling the toaster. Additionally, it goes with mini tongs for removing the hot dogs safely for hands.

3. Sandwich Maker

We apologize for our love to the junk food – we just adore saving time and efforts. And money. Sandwich makers save everything listed and look wonderful simultaneously.

Hamilton Beach 25478 Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25478 Breakfast Sandwich Maker
This is a really helpful tool in a kitchen. If your friends belong to the same group as we do – to the junk food fans – this would be a right gift for them!

List of Nice New Apartment Gifts

1. Hand Soap Dispenser

You may suppose a soap dispenser to be quite a simple gift; but for a housewarming, it is one of the best things to present, as it can be a cool addition and highlight to the interior – if chosen with taste.

Dwellza Mirror Janette Hand Soap Dispenser

Unlike the majority of soap dispensers on Amazon, this one goes with the metal top and impressively chic design. Help your friends to make their bathroom the embodiment of elegance with this little thing!

2. Succulent Planters

Succulent planters can be a stylish addition to a bathroom design. Yes, to a bathroom one, as these plants adore humidity and will feel perfect in such a place. You should only choose the most suitable design for the planters that will match the bathroom of your close people.

ORB Concrete Succulent Planters

The set of planters is always a good decision, as you do not have to choose matching colors, prints, and materials. This set is made of concrete – what is minimalistic and practical, and each planter has a wide golden line that makes it unique and special, though still clean.

3. Pillow Case

A good set of pillowcases will always come in handy in a house of a real host. Is your friends or relatives are obsessed with the home coziness – present them a nice pillowcase to make their house even warmer, than it is now.

Removable Knitted Decorative Pillow Case

Removable Knitted Decorative Pillow Case
Just look at this cutie! It looks like a soft toy and is so tempting! We are sure that your friends will adore this thing and will be grateful for such a present for a housewarming.

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

1. Whiskey Tasting Set

We saw a lot of the drinking accessories. However, this one is a bit… Outstanding. Whiskey tasting set is rarely met in life. Fortunately, there are a lot on Amazon, so such a unique thing can be presented for an important event.

Peugeot 266097 Impitoyable Whisky Tasting Set

Peugeot 266097 Impitoyable Whisky Tasting Set
This impressive set offers the best liqueur taste possible. It includes a glass, a unique metal cooling base that will chill a beverage for 30 minutes. Choose any type of rum, whiskey, and cognac and have a chilling evening with a glass of an ideal drink.

2. Wine Rack

Usually, the wine bottles are served one by one; it is boring, isn’t it? Wine racks are dedicated to the wine freaks, who adore not only drink with style but also serve with style. Add a bit of sophistication to the life of your friends!

Wooden Wine Rack by Bella Vino

It has a bit French atmosphere – at least, looks like those old racks for bottles that were used several decades ago (and even centuries). Though, this one is of modern design and looks quite clear – what is cool, because such a mixture of the message that it sends and its minimal design it will match any interior and event.

3. Wine Aerator

If your dearest people are sommeliers or just mad with the proper drinking procedures, a wine aerator will make them totally happy! If they do not have one, of course.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Omni Edition

Vintorio Wine Aerator Omni Edition
Chosen by Amazon, this aerator is the creation of gods! It looks stunning, especially in action. It will be a sparkling pearl in a wine collection of a true wine lover.

Thoughtful Gifts for First Time Homeowners

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Oils can create various atmospheres in a house and help cure the nasal and other respiratory illnesses simultaneously. A magic thing and a thoughtful gift, huh?

COOSA 100ml Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

COOSA 100ml Glass Essential Oil Diffuser
It not only looks elegant and unique, but can soothe and relax anyone within a huge room, as this oil diffuser is of 100ml capacity, so can guarantee a great smell for a big area.

2. Cute Night Light

There are a lot of people, who are scared of darkness, but we hope that your friends do not belong to this group. However, the night lights are used not only to ease the night time for those who are frightened by the “monsters”, but also for not to bump into a wall…

CPLA Lighting Night Light

CPLA Lighting Night Light
A night light that looks exactly like the Moon can be a perfect gift for both, romantic and practical people. Greet your closest ones with such a sophistication!

3. Rug

We hope that your friends adore the home coziness and warmth, and so everything to enhance these two things in their house. Think over an affordable thing to make comfort available every day – for those who you love.

Super Soft Indoor Modern Rug

Super Soft Indoor Modern Rug
Some customers say that it is the softest fabric that they have ever felt! We believe them, as it looks just like a blanket for a child – clean, fluffy and warm. A thoughtful and useful gift for families with children and just for those who care about the well-being!

Creative Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

1. Mortar and Pestle

We offer you a creative thing that will be definitely used before and even during Christmas! Just ground some spices and herbs in a mortar and… Feel the magic of the aromatherapy!

Fresco Granite Mortar and Pestle

Fresco Granite Mortar and Pestle
Aromatherapy is not the only thing that you can do with this item. It is very useful at kitchen, actually! Kill the two birds with one stone with such a gift!

2. Photo String Lights

The string lights with clips can make any house turn into a romantic nest! Or into a place sparkling with lamps and memories in Christmas. It would be quite a suitable gift, huh?

20 LED Photo String Lights

LED Photo String Lights
This can be a perfect festival, fun, love, cute touch… We can continue forever. You should know just one thing: it is suitable everywhere and every time.

3. Coffee Dripper

To get a flavorful and well balanced cup of coffee is really hard, in spite of the huge variety of the coffee types. Any substance should be properly prepared to consuming. A little coffee dripper will save the nerves and tongues of the true coffee lovers!

Coffee Dripper Starter Set

Coffee Dripper Starter Set
This construction looks weird but it works amazingly simple. The double-layered filter will do everything for a user, so now anyone can join the coffee culture with this dripper by Osaka!

Cute Inexpensive Housewarming Gifts

1. Small Dish Towel

This would be not the best idea as a gift for a housewarming… But if you have no money and still want to greet your close people – take a cute dish towel with a wit phrase and see the smiles of appreciation!

Cup of Coffee Dish Towel

Cup of Coffee Dish Towel
Small, black, simple… It does not look perfect, right? However, the whimsical saying on it makes all the work and turns a simplistic thing into a funny and cool one! Brilliant.

2. Wooden Wall Sign

You should not think that you have to spend a lot of money on a meaningful and warm gifts. You can easily make a present by your own, though some companies offer you beautiful and authentic things for little money. Check one of similar presents below!

Marla Rae Wood Wall Art Sign

Marla Rae Wood Wall Art Sign
This motivational wall sigh looks modern and cool and will be a beautiful and warm gift for those who are close to your heart and soul. Remind your friends that to appreciate the family is always important.

3. Hanging Terrarium

Your friends are obsessed with the garden staff? They adore everything green and want a green peace in their house too? Present an unusual terrarium to them!

Teardrop & Gourd Glass Terrarium

Teardrop Gourd Glass Terrarium
Indoor garden and patio décor – it will look ideal in any place. These glass teardrops were designed to impress, and we should say that they do!

Fun Housewarming Party Gift Ideas

1. Double Dish

A housewarming party should not be huge – we believe that such an event can involve just the closest people. If it is your case – some double dishes will come in handy during a relaxing watching the films with friends and relatives!

Extra Large Double Dish Pistachio Bowl

Extra Large Double Dish Pistachio Bowl
We do not know, whose hand to shake but we should say that this is one of the most ingenious thing that we have ever seen! It allows to say stop to all that mess in a guestroom, and have a snack without worrying about a further cleaning. And this bright yellow, tho…

2. Liquor Dispenser

Wanna make a party that will shake the whole district? Adore cocktails and hate the bottle mayhem? We suppose that a liquor dispenser will ease the party preps and will help during the whole event!

Wyndham House 4-station Liquor Dispenser

Wyndham House 4Station Liquor Dispenser
This is the perfect party asset. This very thing can dispense up to 4 different types of liquor – you should only choose the bottles and make the freaking party the best in the life of your friends!

3. Drinking Game Set

Let’s be honest: a lot of people consume alcohol. Some of them adore the drinking culture, some are just insane collectors… But the drinking games stand out all the drinking things that we have seen earlier and can become a perfect addition to any party, especially if it is dedicated to a housewarming.

Shot Glass Roulette

Shot Glass Roulette
It contains everything entertaining for women and men. A roulette, drinks, shots – and the party starts! Just make it spin and enjoy! Responsibly, of course.
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