How Do Tik Tok Gifts Work

Posted by Arch on May 24, 2019
Tik Tok Gifts Works

Everyone has heard of social media influencers and how they make a lot of money online, either advertising certain brands or through donations. Tik Tok, previously known as Musical.ly, is another great platform where you can make money online via donations known as gifts.

Being an online marketing entrepreneur is a dream job of pretty much every teen or young adult, and many of them are successful at it. We have seen many examples of successful entrepreneurs on Instagram, and Tik Tok has some as well. Mostly, these people advertise on multiple platforms to get the most out of it.

You can earn money on Tik Tok through sheer talent as well; it is a music video app after all. Many young singers got recognition using this app to break the ice.

How to Get Tik Tok Gifts

Gifting on Tik Tok can be a little confusing because there are several types of in-app currencies. In order to get Tik Tok gifts, one must purchase Tik Tok coins first. These are available in different bundles, the bigger the bundle the bigger the discount.

tiktok wallet

Different payments options are available through Google or Apple services. When you make a purchase you will receive coins on your Tik Tok account. These coins cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. The use of third-party services here is strictly prohibited and it can get your account banned.

Once you have obtained the coins you can exchange them for different kinds of virtual gifts. These gifts are used to reward your favorite contributors on the platform. If you enjoy their content, you can reward them by sending gifts in various amounts and forms, e.g. emoji. All you need to do is select Give Gift below the video. Everyone watching the video and the person who put it up will see your ID and the type of gift you gave them.

tiktok gifts

How Gifts Convert into Diamonds

Same as coins, gifts cannot be exchanged for any currency. Once you give a gift to somebody, it will disappear from your account and appear on theirs, in the form of a diamond. Diamonds are used to measure the praise and popularity a content creator gets on Tik Tok. They cannot be bought with money.

How to Exchange Diamonds for Cash

Though they can’t be bought, received Diamonds can be exchanged for cash. You can see the diamond count on your user account. Their value varies based on the standards made by the maker of Tik Tok, ByteDance. When you make enough diamonds, you can collect the cash via PayPal or another verified payment service. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. The maximum amount you can withdraw weekly is $1,000.

Note that none of these in-app currencies can be traded with other users and the owners of the app can change your balance if they find it fitting.

How to Earn Money Using Tik Tok

Think of people who post videos on Tik Tok as entertainers. It can easily be compared to Twitch where viewers support their favorite streamers by subscribing, making donations, and cheering for them. Of course, Twitch is mostly related to gaming and Tik Tok is more of an entertainment app.

Tik Tok Gifts Work

There are various methods of gaining popularity on Tik Tok. You can sing, dance or make memes and funny videos. The platform has over 500 million users around the world which can all be your potential audience. You just have to come up with a niche, something you are good at.

Remember that you have to be creative and engage your audience. Patience is a virtue; know that fame will most probably not come overnight. Then again, maybe you put out a viral video and become recognized right away. Who knows?

Most of the top influencers on Tik Tok use other platforms as well, like YouTube and Instagram and generate traffic across all of them. Some big companies have turned their heads toward Tik Tok and made ads inviting people to join them on this app and record themselves doing something using their hashtag.

Besides companies, one of which is Coca-Cola, some celebrities are on Tik Tok as well. This draws attention to the app and makes it grow even faster.

Sharing Is Caring

The so-called Diamond Program on Tik Tok is a little complicated, but hopefully reading this helped you figure it out. Remember that the coins and gifts you purchase are non-refundable.

Good luck with earning your diamonds and becoming an Internet celebrity, if you choose to do so. Keeping people’s attention these days is very difficult, so try to be imaginative and fun.

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